cyber victorian


A couple of months ago I decided to try the Gothic Outfit Challenge. It was really fun! I didn’t *actually* do all of them within a week… but I wear a uniform at my day job, so that wasn’t really an option anyway. Unsurprisingly my favourite outfit is the Victorian one, since I gravitate towards that style normally. But all of them turned out pretty well, with the possible exception of my tragic Trad eyebrows (they just look weird on me, for some reason). For anyone wanting to try it, here’s the lineup:

Monday - Nu Goth
Tuesday - Dark Mori
Wednesday - Deathrock
Thursday - Trad Goth
Friday - Cyber Goth
Saturday - Military Goth
Sunday - Victorian Goth

anonymous asked:

Is there an option for men suitably gothy while still being soft and cute? The romantic/victorian/metal/cyber varieties of mengoths are all too severe and don't appeal to me but are all I see. Whats the mens allegory to "nu" or even "pastel" style?

Toxic masculinity has wrapped choking tendrils even around goth fashion. Personally, I would love to see more goth guys experimenting with “nu” or “pastel” goth styles.

… now that I come to think of it, I can’t call to mind ANY men’s clothing style that embraces someone being soft and cute. Which is dumb and frustrating. Okay folks: help this anon (and me!) come up with some soft & cute menswear!

dangerousqueencrusade  asked:

what type of goth do you fall under. Or would call yourself? I think you are still cyber/victorian quassy goth. I love the victorian, Lolita types. I have always loved anime and the way some of the girls dress, like shiki, gothic lolita's are pretty kewl. There was the go sick anime which was victorian lolita then you've black butler gothic type dressing.

I do not have a type of goth, its impossible to put me into one category, I combine too many different styles and I will look COMPLETELY different one day than I do the other and its just.. not possible lol

Like, just a few of MANY examples (I hate the first picture of me so god damn much though omg)