cyber renaissance

More on this Techno Transcendence

Hell, even some sort of Open source Magic Programming Language, (MagiPro?) developed by some person sick of all the ritualistic candle, ingredients and book thing with magic (It’s Unsanitary) and just messes around with some sort of magical core with artificial ley-lines (imitate the globe’s ley-lines on a smaller scale) which you attach to the computer with a USB. Power up the MagiCore with a source of magic and make it run the code and voila.

(Note: MagiCore is maybe easy to make, you need some kind of globe a couple circuits and etching some exact geometric shapes on the globe)

Thus this person starts of this project which gets progressively bigger, new plugins, new MagiCore variations, new areas of magic added into the original code libraries and maybe it gets a bit out of hand at times.

“You do know this code will only run when end times are upon us right?” -helpful message board user for MagiCore

Then you have traditionalist Magic users going, “this isn’t magic”, and yes maybe the MagiCore doesn’t have the same kind of personal touch or sheer power of a traditional casting, but hell if it isn’t more versatile.

Then you have the Technopaths cropping up, people who just have innate ability with tech, which might at first just be a notable ability to understand it very quickly but later develops.

Then Maybe Magical Prosthesis, a combination of both the original technology and magic to try and bridge the complications, such as lack of touch or reaction times, and maybe going beyond just replacement. (giving artificial Sight???).

The most hilarious consequence of this is the fact that all those previously invulnerable monsters and demons who couldn’t be beaten by those tricky clauses like “Nothing of this Earth” (Everybody now: “SPAAAAAACEE!!”) or the previously mentioned  “No weapon made by man”, you’re gonna have some very surprised beings.

Also the ever present question: “Does this unit have soul?” Robots, yes we talking robots developed in a post-Transcendence world, with all the shortcuts that magic provides. Also maybe Golems.

Hank is gonna have fun times in this Cyber-Renaissance of Techno-magic.

And Maybe the Creator of the MagiCore never goes public and is just called Mercury or Iris, and just becomes this myth in the Internet 2.0 who releases the new versions of the MagiCore code.

(Also there was this thing from back in the day, the series called Charmed had a digital version of a searching charm which was kinda funny, cause it was originally just gem held over a map and then it was some sort of cursor over a map on a computer).

(Sorry if this is long, inspiration hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m going to lie down now.)