cyber portal

Closed RP with thecyberknightandbountyhunter

A Cyber Space portal appears at the end of an alleyway, and from it, Omega comes out in his cloak before the portal vanishes. It makes sometime since he intercepted a message, and Trish apparently couldn’t find the source yet… The Red Reploid now doesn’t have anything better to do, than just explore how far the Cyber Space can carry him. He walks out of the alleyway and heads to nowhere in special, taking a careful look at his surroundings in the meanwhile.




SO back in the youthful days of Gaia any sort of political/social discussion would go as well as you would imagine they would on a site that used to have a “love matching” portal for cyber sex RPs and the like.

At any rate, the discussions would still arise and the guild I helped run had a separate board away from the RP bullshit that was just general discussion. And, to be fair, it was pretty fun!

However… every once in a while you would get your average teenage “anarchist” who had just watched Fight Club, read maybe two chapters of Catcher in the Rye., and wore the same red/black “demon” avatar outfit scheme. My point is, they were full of shit but would go out of their way to demean and berate “the mindless sheep” of the thread.


And then in came this AMV.

You see, the second we posted a link to this AMV they would either go completely silent or have the convo derail COMPLETELY just to talk about it because they REALLY wanted to know where a particular pair of sweet ol’ anime tittays came from. The board will then let it devolve into that and we would just let it die out and make a new topic whenever.

But the thing is that this worked every. single. time.

Even the dudes who were regulars would still talk about it.

And that was the golden power of the tittays. Our burden, our saviors.