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Pagan Smartphone Apps!

Alrighty, dears.  Here is a list of the apps I personally use to better enhance my magickal practice.  All the apps listed are free.  Click on the provided links to learn more about them!

FYI- These apps are for Android powered phones.


Informative and Tools:

Do It Yourself:

I would also recommend downloading a screenshot app to save any work since some of these apps require you to purchase the upgraded version in order to save within the app.  I use Screenshot Easy.  That way, I can upload saved images to my Google Drive or email.



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The Cyber Pagan and The God's

So can you turn your PC or laptop into an altar? I don’t see any reason why not we cast a circle so we can work in a world within a world a realm within a realm and through a PC / Laptop etc we access a hidden world a world bigger than our imaginations with unlimited possibilities.