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Do you know what these girls have in common?

They’ve all been bullied/cyberbullied.

Olivia Penpaze, 19 year old that tried commuting suicide (for years) only to be left brain dead. Her parents had to take her off life support. She expressed her emotional state on tumblr and got responses from assholes encouraging her to go ahead and harm herself.

Amanda Todd, 15 year old that made a mistake when she was younger by flashing over the internet. The guy she flashed to followed her through the internet through the years, adding people at school and even putting her boobs as his profile picture. Friends turned against her. Changing schools didn’t work because the guy followed. The girl was beaten up and laid in a ditch til her dad got her. She tried multiple times to kill herself by drinking bleach. In the end, she hanged herself.

Rebecca Sedwick, a girl near MY area. She had been bullied for 1 1/2 years constantly. And everyone thought she was fine. Nobody seen her name change on the social media to “That Dead Girl” til it was too late. She jumped off a water tower. Wanna know how old she was? 12…12 fucking years old.

Bullying isn’t cool, it shouldn’t make you feel powerful or on top of the world; it should make you feel shame and horrible! This is not okay. I don’t care what reason you have against others, we are human beings. We have feelings. THEY HAD FEELINGS.
They were just girls that haven’t even gotten the chance to learn from their mistakes and see what the world had waiting for them.

Sticks and stones may break bones but words can kill.

Rest in peace girls…

For as long as there has been an internet, there have been people trying to beat the system. From phishing schemes to fake Nigerian Princes just looking for a quick loan of your entire bank account, the Worldwide Web is wall-to-wall with hackers and scammers.

But what’s bad news for many can be good news for some. Just like the stock market crash was great for the bank foreclosure sign business, so too is an internet stockpiled with evildoers good for experts in cybersecurity.

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