cyber monday

maybe next cyber monday they will sell x-ray specs or like special google glass tech eyewear that when you wear it the glasses turn every person you see into a big delicious milkshake so you can get through a stressful speech or presentation or just turn the people in your life to milkshakes wouldn’t you buy that for 50% off?


Check out these cool gifts! Perfect gifts for the holidays that I’ve searched and handpicked just for you IHJP followers! See our other post full of gifts here.

farenheits asked:

i'm rly sad that I missed black friday cause i was broke, but now all the sales are gone :'(

Even though Black Friday is over, you can still take advantage of these up-and-rising stores that have AMAZING deals! ✿ ✿ ✿

(by the way, this store offers free worldwide shipping no matter how small the order!!!!)

Shoes: one // two // three // four // five <– I love these <3

Plus, you have to check out TRENDYCO.US - they sell tumblr clothes, and you get a 10% discount off any order with the code LAZYPACIFIC.

Magic Bacon Ride” by George Otsubo (GIF by rit10)

We hope your Monday morning breakfast was magical enough to give you the energy needed for that crazy Cyber Monday shopping!

Soar on over to Threadless where all tees are $12 and the shipping is free with the code THREADHOLIDAY14!*

*US $40 min | Int'l $75 min