cyber magic

anonymous asked:

Could you explain cyber magik? Is it as effective as any other kind?

Any magic can be effective if you put enough love into it and believe in it enough 😊 But, Cyber Magic is the use of technology and the energy surrounding technology in your craft. Some people are solely Techno witches, but alot of use use techno witchcraft in someway. Some everyday Cyber magic is listening to that upbeat song so that you can feel better! 

A way to get effective results is to meditate with electrical currents that come from technology. Get used to finding them (usually if there is a light post, phone, or light fixture, there is a current), hold the energy, and letting it go. Once you get used to it then you can start borrow energy for yourself.

Other ways of doing cyber magic that don’t really involve you borrowing energy include using music to charge, using moon/tarot/rune apps, putting a candle as your background and charging based on the color of the candle, charging your phone and crystals at the time, using your wifi as a shield, using tumblr or your computers storage (or even a USB) as your Book of Shadows, etc! (I sound like a commercial)

I have a tag that I’ve kept up for a awhile. And there a tag on tumblr that you should check out if you’re interested in techno/cyber magic. And of course my inbox is always open!