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Guy III - Guy (Jan. 25, 2000)

Check out the super-optimistic 😢 lyrics to one of the album’s tracks about the far off year of ‘2004’

“In the year 2004
Life will be like one big party
The sensation of cultural unity
Hatin’ is over and there’s positivity
This is a new world, some things haven’t changed
Yo, a party is a party no matter what day
There are angels laced in platinum robes
And a Benz is still a Benz, wheels dipped in chrome
The ladies are still fly with futuristic styles
You know flossin ain’t over, it’s just computerized
So now tell me is the future what you thought it would be?
For every cloudy vision is now reality
Now these words you hear is not meant to scare
But in fact they’re here to make you aware
So just like before, you know, in the past
The future’s what we make it
So let’s make it last”

This needs to fucking stop!!!!!

I have been reblogging posts that give a neutral perspective since this whole rape allegations against Melanie Martinez started so my followers can get a sense of what’s going on and won’t jump to conclusions (also I support neither Timothy or Melanie, so no hate), while it is important and good to believe and support a “possible” rape victim when they come out, it is also good to be skeptical and take things with a grain of salt (people can lie, folks, just because someone writes a long ass descriptive story on twitter or some other social media site doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true). It is also good for people to not harass or send death threats other people who support Melanie or want to stay neutral. You people have to deal with the fact that people have different opinions and perspectives from you and if you keep acting like this you guys are no better than the alt-right. Just leave these people alone.