cyber flirting


more superhero au bc you’re worth it

- hanzo has the biggest crush on local baker, mccree
- vigilante has the biggest crush on local superhero cyber ninja
- the only one with a clue is genji who is frustrated as all heck bc ‘these two are so obvious wtf’
- hanzo is a fashion model and genji is sometimes his photographer, but bc theyre brothers, its usually assumed that theyre working together
- mccree catered for a shoot once and for some reason he quickly became their primary caterer

kronecker-delta  asked:

So, did that polygon guy actually do... anything? Because my eyes kind of glazed over when that started and aside from rumors and awkward twitter flirting (which is dumb honestly, flirt/cyber/etc in a real adult chat, sheesh) didn't seem to amount to much. And now he's published some big long apology and the usual cycle of 'That's good, but now do another better one' has already started.


that’s the most insane thing.

mutual (if awkward) flirting between consenting adults is treated on the same level of contempt as actual sexual harassment/stalking/sexual assault and as someone that knows people that’ve gone through all those things, it REALLY pisses me off to see those things get devalued by some doofy swept haired skinny kinda awkwardly flirting with people that aren’t even below the legal drinking age

Mac has been catfishing the shit out of Dennis for YEARS. He’s been posing as various sexy, barely-legal chicks (and sometimes dudes) and cyber-flirting hardcore with Dennis over social media. Dennis’s most current online flirtation is with a made-up twunk-vers that Mac named Dennis. Dennis. They send each other dick pics and sext DAY. AND. FUCKING. NIGHT. It’s all a just big prank, of course. Mac’s just waiting for the right opportunity to drop the bomb on Dennis that all of his online dating game has been a scam.


Apparently I just spent the last thirty minutes “flirting” with my boyfriend by roleplaying a secretary who got the security guard to see him out and then I just started sending him pictures of the security guard closer and closer repeating the word “sir” over and over again.

This is how I flirt. 

When guys try to cyber flirt with me

my initial reaction: okay, maybe he’s just nice

my 2nd reaction: eww creeper

my 3rd reaction:

my 4th reaction: stop, please stop…

Seriously, stop. Why can’t you get the hint? Save those lines for someone else. I don’t care if it’s the 21st century. No matter how advance our technology is, there shouldn’t be an excuse for hitting on people online . Moreover, never ever ask someone out online. If you’re interested in someone then that’s what hangouts are for. Girls like to have actual conversations and be taken out. It’s called “the chase” not “the typing.” Who wants a guy who thinks he has so much game behind a screen? If we wanted to read how beautiful we are we could always read One Direction lyrics. It’s super duper creepy and awkward when people we barely talk to call us “cutie” or type things like I wish I c0uld c ur bootiful smile rn.“

Not all girls are easy. Keep it classy, or next time I’m directing you to eHarmony.