cyber cyber

The Post-Natural Body

When I was an infant, doctors made a small hole in each of my eardrums and installed two small tubes to drain fluid from frequent ear infections.

As I grew older, I had my firewalls updated periodically - I never did get used to needles, but I learned to tolerate them.

While in elementary school, teachers noticed my vocal programming was bugged. For the next four years, I had hour-long lessons three days a week to manually update my pronunciation and articulation. Words with ‘S’ at the ends are still difficult for me when I’m tired.

As a teenager. I had corrective equipment installed to realign my teeth, and once the process was complete, two thin wires were glued to the back of my incisors to keep them aligned. Later, I had extraneous components called ‘wisdom teeth’ removed from my mouth leftovers from the previous design model.

Various production and processing centers in my body are sub-optimal, so I consume supplementary chemicals to compensate. Some to neutralize excessive acid production in my stomach. Others to handle deficits in executive functioning. More still to handle various pain signals.

I use removable lens to improve my vision, and external braces to support various weak joints. Every day, I put on a pair of prosthetic callouses for my feet. Some days, I chose prosthetics which will also keep my feet dry, protect me from electrical currents, and disperse force from dropped objects. Other days I choose ones which will add inches to my baseline height.

My body has never been the highest quality. It’s buggy, its daemons malfunction, and the hardware was not built to last as long as it should. But I make do.