cyber connect

I think this is one of my better sketches for my project, probably because I took my time and didn’t rush it, and it only took about an hour.

Any ways Solatorobo (Sora to Robo) was a pretty neat game for the DS from Cyber Connect 2, dunno why they spoke French in the game but it was a cool little touch. I know this game was a sequel or spin off of sorts to a PS1 which is even more obscure but I don’t own that game, I’m interested to see if the rumors are true and they are working on a sequel.

we need to get back into the habit of putting the word cyber into the name of anything internet-related. some suggestions to start us off:
  • internet retail site: cyberstore
  • smartphone: cyberphone
  • instant message: cybergram
  • wifi connection: cyberwave
Open rp


The robot looked down at his feet with a defeated look on his face.


North Korea's Internet appears to be under cyber-attack

Vox: Internet connectivity between North Korea and the outside world is currently suffering one of its worst outages in recent memory, suggesting that the country may be enduring a mass cyber attack a few days after President Obama warned the US would launch a “proportional response” to North Korea’s hack against Sony.

“I haven’t seen such a steady beat of routing instability and outages in KP before,” said Doug Madory, director of Internet analysis at the cybsecurity firm Dyn Research, says Martyn Williams of the blog North Korea Tech.

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DAY 2114

Dasada, Gujarat             Jan 28/29,  2014             Tue/Wed  1:13 am

When chasing Flamingo and Wild Ass becomes the hobby for the day, it does have a terrifying tendency to become the topic for Twitter, the FaceBook and the limited communication that has been prevailing over the Blog recently ..

This I am afraid shall prevail as time passes by in idle talk and ways and means to set up electronic controlled cyber mediums, connecting the world of extended families ..

Boots are always a favoured foot wear, as are the jeans and the eye glasses and the jacket with the most convenient openings for what is commonly called pockets ..

The earth that I stand on is rather unique. Its called the ‘chota Rann’ or the samaler Rann ; the elder Rann being the vast white desert further up North. BUt it has to be said that this Rann has its favoured spots and locations too ..

The soil that I stand on, has dried nest like homes, which form the staple food for the Flamingo seen in remote background - distant because the very sound of human can give them sufficient reason to move further inwards from the edge of the water body, possessing unique qualities !!

…. and the breath of fresh air signals almost all stations have shown appreciation and at the same time a compensation ..

People on the set, inform me that the Punjab has the largest numbers of thrusts for the Mercedes Benz ; many possessing several more than any other region ! Hmm … when the culture is good its agriculture benefits, and vice versa ..

the sun sets on the horizon, painting like and then there is none ..

… it sets on me, bright and delightful and spreading a great message of peace and good will ..

…. the vast blue horizon of the 'chota rann’, the stream of pink and white Flamingo all around … and the locals tell me that these birds that I talk off, are but the proverbial 'tip of the iceberg’; millions more migrate here to nest and start afresh, keeping their appetite open to the algae that forms along the walls of the mud residue, once the water recedes …

 …. stalking among the bushes - the great Indian Bustard .. prized species of bird found in this part of the country and perhaps the entire world. A famed hunting necessity among the Arabs and the locals that come to this incredible region.

The Rann is a collectors delight .. to see its construct, its varied colours, and of course the flamingo, the wild ass, and many more that inhabit this territory, one day to be filmed by units from the North and all over …

.. finished for the day and walking back to base camp .. mudded roads, or rather, random lanes … and the well wishers find a way to be here as well - albeit in lesser numbers than what we experienced in Amdavad when there were visits to the Masjid there ..

…. my very basic thatched roof cottage where I reside and from where I pen these lines .. cute simple and most unique ..the cottage I mean …

… the squared and well formed earth, light and easily impression upon it and that vast sea of the Flamingo, running endlessly from end to end ..

Now tomorrow .. the Wild Ass …. for many a name, a name that associates itself with all that could be termed to be dumb, as in the language of those that speak such .. but indeed I am told a most good looking Ass, which is supposedly shy, and very quick on its legs .. at one stage of its gallop it could be running faster than that bolt of Lighting - Usain !!

Love to all …

Amitabh Bachchan

The Global Police Force That Isn’t

Earlier this month, local police, backed by Interpol, fanned out across the Philippines, busting nearly 60 people allegedly connected to cyber “sextortion” syndicates. These groups, investigators say, tricked thousands of victims on at least four continents into participating in sexually explicit online videos and chats, only to then demand money from them to keep the material secret.

It was a crime nearly a century from being invented when the first International Criminal Police Congress gathered in Monaco in the spring of 1914, for a meeting that would ultimately result in the creation of the International Criminal Police Organization, more commonly known as Interpol (the organization traces its lineage to the conference, though Interpol itself wasn’t established until 1923). At the time, European nations wanted to collaborate against anarchists and terrorists who were supposedly plotting the overthrow of the political order across the continent. Nowadays, Interpol has 190 member states and a much broader cast of shadowy transnational criminals to combat—from pharmaceutical counterfeiters to football-match fixers to a modern generation of terrorists.

Read more. [Image: Reuters/The Atlantic]