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Ubiquitous across small town and rural Kenya are these very basic internet cafes or cyber cafe as they are popularly known. The cyber is a multipurpose platform, an intermediary to the online world wide web, an aid and a guiding hand for all the newcomers joining us online, by the way of their new mobile phones, yes?

I love the cybers… their role, their value to their communities far beyond a simple transaction of hardware for hire…in Kenya, they are the legacy of a literate and educated population, the bulk of whom are teenagers and young adults.

No matter if you never come back again, you could not have surfed the internet using social media like Facebook or Twitter without a Gmail account, and apparently none of these are available to be created by a mobile device. A laptop or desktop is mandatory. And for the n00bs coming online for the very first time with their shiny expensive smartphones, phablets and other random devices, its the local cyber who provides a local familiar person helping to navigate those early first days of learning curve.

There will always be a role for such services, even after the town they are in completes the boom and bust cycle of cyber cafes as the initial rush to learn teh ways of the computer and the mysteries of the internet gives way to blase ubiquity of an online life in the wider world.

All photos are owned by Village Telco dot org of Cape Town, South Africa and were taken by Niti Bhan

Cyber Cafe

After his sister visited he thought about what to do next. He played some games, ate, took a walk outside then watched some tv. This continued for a couple days, with the occasional visits from friends and family, but he got bored of the same routine, due to his condition, he wasn’t able to leave. One morning he got a call from a friend to meet him at a local café. He was talking to his friend Mat as they enjoyed breakfast with some coffee. As they were paying he noticed that they were hiring. “Can I have an application? I’d like to apply”. The women working the cashier looked confused on why a protector would want to work at a café, but none the less she gave him one. As he sat down filing out the application, one of the female workers came by with drinks, she tripped over her own footing. He finished just as she was falling, with his quick reflex, he caught her, wrapping his arm around her waist while the other caught the plate, and cups. He let her go and handed her the dishes, his cheeks light red from the attention. The cashier walked over and took the application. “Your hired”.    


Cafe Manduka currently has a Ghost in the Shell ARISE promo thing going on :)


ルミネマン 1F Shibuya cafe manduka x Ghost in Shell Motoko ARISE Panel exhibition Updated on Saturday 6/28-7/11, ルミネマン 1 F Shibuya condensed world-view Ghost in Shell Motoko ARISE at the “Cafe マンドゥーカ cafe manduka” Panel during exhibition! Come and enjoy the world Ghost in Shell Motoko ARISE! We wait your visit! It also continued at Shibuya ルミネマン