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Twitter unveils new anti-abuse tools that could help combat harassment in the Trump era

On Tuesday, Twitter announced updates to its policy and product that aim to make the digital wilderness a little less terrible to navigate. These changes couldn’t have come at a more vital time. Besides retraining staff on its harassment policies and adding a mute function, Twitter is providing better tools to users.

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tbh i'm triggered about iris being cyber bullied :/

I’m sorry to hear that. I wish I could do more to comfort you and others triggered by this. I figured people would be. There are many out there who have suffered from being bullied/cyber bullied or know of someone who went through this horrific and terrifying experience. What can I do to help you feel safe? What can any of us here do to help you feel better? Please let me know anon, if you have any suggestions.

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But you gotta understand; when a motherfucker puts 6 million Jews into a Easy-Bake oven, It doesn’t really fucking matter that he helped out Gramma Sally cross the road!


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