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No longer do I have just Classic Megaman pages from the Archie comics. Fancy Zero collage from the final issue, along with two X pages from the Dawn of X arc came today!!

Much thanks as always to Gary Martin for putting these awesome pieces of art up for sale! I was not going to pass up the chance at these awesome scenes. :D

Photos from: My Production Art Stash

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playlist: neon chopsticks

1. Flamingo by Kero Kero Bonito

2. Do 2 Me by Waterbed

3. Otter Pop by Shawn Wasabi (ft. Hollis)

4. Try Me by Kero Kero Bonito

5. Dumb Dumb by Red Velvet

Still in a Combiner Force Needs More Combiners mood.

While the SteelReign Combiner is at the forefront of my mind for a hypothetical revision of CF, I had also pondered the idea of other Decepticon Combiners like Chop Shop as Villains of the Week. Some ideas were Tarantulas (retooled from Chop Shop) and a random Combiner made of robot moles, Mole Dive, all for the sake of a Wack A Mole gag with Grimlock.

A while ago I had thought of a Titan Master Zizza, complete with a beehive Titan, but then I wondered if she’d have an army of Insecticons to go with it all.

Rather than recycle the Prime Insecticons, I thought of Prime Vehicons with a hornet motif, coming up with the Cyber Bee drones. Swarming in masse, stingers at the ready, they can congeal into a giant Swarm Mode known as Hornetron. In this form, Hornetron has better resistance to temperature drops and stronger armor to bounce back from a Dinobot Stomp. Its special move is the Hive Frenzy, where it unloads its entire payload of stingers on a platoon of Autobots. It can regenerate the stingers after using this move, but it takes a while, leaving it open to attack.