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                  😊  Heechul Instagram Update | 170427 👏

@kimheenim : Wear your seatbelt tightly. I did, thats why I didn’t get hurt 😄
The manager dealt with the situation like in Cyber Formula (anime Future CPX Cyber Formula) so we were able to avoid a big accident 👏👏 I talked with the company about ‘Knowing Brothers’ straight away and they told me not to overdo it and to go straight to the hospital, they were worried but what I said was… “If I’m not there, then who will give out crazy adlibs?” That’s why I’ve just filming well 😊
My babies also, don’t worry too much 💙
I will say it once again, always wear your seatbelt!! 😐😐 

*Heechul involved in a minor car accident while heading to ‘Knowing Brother’ filming. No injury reported.
You can read the official article here