cyanotype photograms

ice bear cyanotype - 2015
it might be summer, but my head is full of cold places, snow and bears.

the words are from a poem by margaret atwood - “the animals reject their names and things return to their origins”

i take back what you have stolen,
and in your languages i announce
i am now nameless.
my true name is a growl…

(that’s just a small section of the poem. look it up. it’s one of my favourites)


I decided to further develop my initial edits of my first shoot into high contrasted black and white images, putting further focus on the skeleton and making the images more atmospheric.
To develop these further I will try out photograms or cyanotypes (by first inverting the images) and I will also print them on glossy paper to work into them further by scratching into them etc. In addition, I will print them onto acetate to get an x-ray effect and see how they look held against a light box.