WHENEVER i see vagues or namedrops about me it honestly inflates my ego to the size of the moon because im so .. Honored ….. surprised … thankful …….. that people actually care about me and Notice me enough to just say the name cyan and know whats going on …. KFHDDKHFK i think thats one of the hardest parts about not using tumblr that much ? like … not having the constant affirmation and attention thats like Ah Yes . I Exist … people care ….. LIKE i could readthe meanest vague ever and probably still be like “oh my god idont mean to sound sarcastic but thank you for .. wanting me to be a better person the dact that you cared enough to write this shows how compassionate you are thank you so mu

Fucking Camera

Anyway, Horror!Cyan

Her And Horror!F0X Have A Weird Relationship 

Not A Lovey Thing But More Owner And Pet (Plz NU Sexual Thush

Horror!F0X Went Wild And Killed Horror!Cyan

People Came To Take Her Away Since They Needed An Animal Carcus

Horror!F0X Didn’t Want To Let Her Go But They Soon Token Her Away

Soon After She Was Reborn But, In The Body Of A Stuffed Animal Cat

Her Wings Are Gone, She Has A Button For And Eye And An X

She Looks Scary But Is Still The Same As Before Her Death

Has A New Love For Cookies

Horror!F0X/// @wit-fox

Horrortale// ???

Horror!Cyan/// Me

anonymous asked:

ur a brave soul for telling ur crush u like them A+ go u 100/10 inspiration to us all tbh

Thanks. They were really mature about it and im glad i told them. It will be easy for me to move on by just being honest. Thanks guys