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♙ gimme cuteness.

nonsexual acts of intimacy - select from the following for my muse to respond to: ♙, sharing a bed.

(☾☆) — A nightmare crept into her sweet dreams, waking her prematurely from her peaceful slumber. Her sister was still by her side, as they tended to be whenever they slept over at her home or vice versa. She does not want to wake her but her trembling triggered their heightened senses and she could only stare at them sadly after that. ❝I’m so—❞ There is no time for her to finish because they are already adorning her face with an array of kisses that simultaneously comfort and silently assure her that they are not angry with her for disturbing their sleep. They held their sister closer, gently stroking her hair until she fell back asleep. A final kiss was pressed against her temple before they drifted back to dreamland themselves.

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