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Can I request headcanons of Deidara and Sasori with a s/o who doesn't share their view of art?

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• Deidara is loud, opinionated and doesn’t like to be undermined, so he would take this as a personal attack even if you meant nothing by it. You’d better have a lot of time on your hands because you are going to be listening to one hell of a lecture about why he’s right and you are so, so wrong.

• After it became obvious that the two of you would not be coming to an agreement anytime soon, he would probably treat you to a lot of free art shows over the next couple of months. Which means you sit on a log and watch him create increasingly large and more ornate bombs and blow objects up for three hours because he is totally convinced that he can change your mind.

• The demonstrations and lectures will become fewer and farther between as time passes and he realizes you probably didn’t mean to insult him, but he will never just let it go. As an important person to him, it’s crucial to him that you at least understand his art because it’s such an integral part of who he is.

• Although you have opposing views on art and will frequently argue about it, it doesn’t really affect the flow of your relationship. Like you guys will argue, Deidara will storm off, but he’ll be back in 20 minutes with food acting like it never happened.


• Honestly, if it isn’t a serious relationship, he would be the type to think it’s too troublesome to bother trying to explain it to you, so he is content to just let it go and only bring it up if it’s absolutely necessary. If it is serious though it’d probably be a little more difficult for him to get past.

• If it leads to an argument, he will probably just tell you that you have no idea what you’re talking about and walk out. For a long while, he will refuse to engage in any conversations about art with you.

• However, in the back of his mind he might wonder what exactly your motives are with him if you don’t agree with his views on art. His powers, his painstakingly crafted puppets, even his own body is a testament of his dedication to his art, so it just seems strange to him that you would choose to be with him over a normal person with a normal body if you don’t share the same view as him. He’s a very black-or-white kind of guy, there just isn’t any middle ground for you to stand on early on in your relationship.

• This will keep him from really opening up to you for a while, because he is the type to convince himself that there is no use in getting too attached when you will probably won’t be around much longer.

• If you hang around for a while and work on showing Sasori that it is possible to care about someone and still not agree with their choices, he will start to come around and be a little more approachable about your differences of opinions. He will engage you in long, in-depth conversations, curious to know what it is that you consider art, and if it’s something he can appreciate he might just incorporate it into his next project as a little homage to you.

Elle avait bien rêvé, elle rêvait encore malgré elle, une existence plus animée, des joies de coeur plus vives, des plaisirs d'intelligence plus expansifs et plus vastes ; mais le monde de l'art qu'elle s'était créé si pur, si sympathique et si noble, ne se manifestant à ses regards que sous des dehors affreux, elle préférait une vie obscure et retirée, des affections douces, et une solitude laborieuse.
—  George Sand, Consuelo

Diana Sands (August 22, 1934 – September 21, 1973)

She was set to star in the film Claudine (1974) with James Earl Jones, however, she was too ill to accept the role and it went to her friend Diahann Carroll. She was twice nominated for a Tony Award, and twice nominated for an Emmy Award as well. She died of Leiomyosarcoma (Cancer) at age 39 in 1973.