Saí-beija-flor / Saí-azul-de-pernas-vermelhas / Mielero Patirrojo / Red-legged Honeycreeper | ©António Guerra  (Albrook Inn garden, Panama City, Panama)

The Red-legged HoneycreeperCyanerpes cyaneus (Passeriformes - Thraupidae), is a small relative of the tanagers that is very common in Central and northern South America from Mexico south to Brazil.  

The male is a brilliant blue with a turquoise head, black bill and eye mask, black wings, back, and tail, and the eponymous red legs; however, after breeding, males have a molt that produces a dull eclipse-type plumage, which is atypical of Neotropical passerines.  Females are pale green throughout with dull legs.


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