Samm's Pet History MassivePost

As I browsed Samm’s tags I noticed several people requesting/wishing for a complete and truthful rundown of just how many pets she’s had and what has been done to/with them.

Being largely on bed-rest due to spinal injury and having little to do all day, I decided to be the one to sift through the 700+ pages of her blog, as well as other users’ claims, and compile a complete list so that others can easily investigate the rumors themselves, and become aware of the extent of Samm’s animal situation.

This list covers a two year span.
(The life of her blog)

Some information may have been lost to deletion, and I have ignored all outside posts that lack proof and/or were not written by someone proven to have ties to Samm, Ethan, or her family. As such, some things you may remember happening may not be documented here, and unfortunately I cannot bring back lost evidence.

I encourage you to read the Notable Information, as it contains important details about Samm’s care and the lives of the animals. If, however, you do not wish to, I encourage you to scroll to the bottom of this post and read the statistical rundown for a better understanding of the magnitude of Samm’s animal problems.

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Do NOT commission this artist. She is a notorious scam artist who has scammed over a thousand USD from users over the past few years. DO NOT COMMISSION. DO NOT TRADE. DO NOT RECOMMEND.



There is an artist on Tumblr, FurAffinity, and DeviantArt that goes by the name of CyanBirdDog or HinaUchi that has bluntly ripped off and scammed someone with a fursuit commission, as well as a few other digital commissions.

Do NOT commission/buy ANYTHING from her that must be shipped.  I wouldn’t even purchase digital art commissions from her- she’s know to take a very long time on them, or rush on them and do a very sloppy coloring/lineart job.

She even has an artists-beware page it has gotten so bad.

This is fucking ridiculous.

Back to the fursuit- Samm has utterly refused to give a refund to the girl who purchased the fursuit from her two years ago. 

It has NOT been shipped.  The girl has NOT recieved her fursuit, OR a refund.  Samm has not contacted her since February of this year.

Samm had actually stated she will not give a refund, seeing as the suit is completed and ready to be shipped.  So this girl does not get her money back.

The girl made a video which basically backs up all I’ve said.  It has been two years.  Two. Years.  The problem is that she doesn’t want the suit anymore, so she has been cheated out of over $500 dollars and a fursuit.

Another reason to not purchase a commission from Samm is because she was recently in trouble for tracing/referencing another artists work and selling it on an FurAffinity on an auction for over $200.

Here’s the artist she stole from’s post about that:

There have also been people claiming they’ve received half-assed commissions from her after she’s taken a very long time to complete them (months). She’s basically rushed through them and the customers have been quite unsatisfied.  She has also drawn commissions and not posted them publicly, because she believes they aren’t attractive enough to put online.  It’s quite discouraging that the artist will not post the commission because they dislike it that much, yet they’re willing to present it to you as a finished piece.

She’s made numerous excuses why she can’t ship it, ranging from her moving, her mother not taking her to the post office, not having the supplies, and many more.  

Another excuse she makes for not providing refunds when asked is that she’s spent the money afterwards and does not have their money any longer.  She spends the commission money before she gives the customer what they purchased, so if they want a refund, they’ll have to wait months for it (or not receive it at all)

She also has an ED, although I’m not sure if this would help anyone out with the situation.


She’s also attempting to sell this fursuit over DA:

Do not buy it from her.

She also does taxidermy, but I have not heard anything about those exact pieces.  I’m not sure they’ve been sold yet.

This is my callout to yiptrip/cyanbirddog/hinauchi

I met yiptrip 3 years ago on my old account. I became friends with her. However…..multiple times I would catch her lying to me and her girlfiend. (Over silly things. Like where she was going to and how we found out she was hurting her pet dog at the time, beating it. Saying she didn’t but telling other people she has.) Stuff like that. Which at the time. Now that I think back to it. I didn’t think nothing about it.

I had fought with her on more then one occasion. One time she attacked me on my old DA account because I called her out on an art trade she never finished. SO I moved accounts. To avoid her fanbase annoying the shit out of me. I somehow forgave her. My mistake.

On my new account. I forgave her a year later. (Like really it was whole flippen year). When she finished my art trade. Thinking she was changing.

Guess what …Nope she never changed!

So this time she told me she was cheating on her boyfriend. I wrote a journal and called her out on it. (I thought people deserved to know about her lying ways ). She soon sent her fanbase after me. I Deactivated the account to avoid drama.

A few weeks ago on my newest account..I once again forgave her (I’m way too nice….dont hurt me). and made the mistake of sharing a paypal account with her. She created it for me. (I’m dumb.)

My fault thinking since she had a main one. She wouldn’t log on this one. She wouldn’t touch my savings. It was also partly my fault for never changing the password.

I suppose even if I changed it. She still had access to the email. (which i never had access too).

SO in the end I lost 200$.

My hard earned savings. GONE.

Thanks yiptrip you ruined my life and I will forever hate you.

Stop lying and cheating people out of there money.


Just don’t trust this kid.

I would of wrote this sooner but I really was too stressed and angry at first. SO I calmed down and then wrote this. FUCK You samm!


I had my cousin take the screenshot of the DA note and the paypal transaction. We put them on the same image. because again i’m not good with that kind of stuff. Please note last names were blocked out only because of the other people (I payed).

Keep in mind Samm made me this paypal. She made the email/verified it for me. SO there’s not a whole lot I can do to get it back because even though the paypal was made for me. Samm made it and has access to the email, I don’t even have access, so it will be hard to get my money back. I wouldn’t be suprised by the time she see’s this the paypal’s password will be changed.

Hinauchi's Crab

We all know Samm is no stranger to animal abuse, but let’s talk about his crab thing!

My father happens to be a seasoned (30+ years) aquarium hobbyist of both fresh and saltwater species. He has successfully raised hundreds of critters of all different species, and takes animal care very seriously. For the sake of credibility, though, I will provide source links to care information on red-clawed crabs at the bottom of this post.

About a week ago she posted pictures of her new fish tank she bought Ethan because its totally a necessity and she totally doesn’t owe people refunds for his birthday. Judging by the photos I’m pretty sure it’s the Hawkeye 360 LED aquarium, which comes in a 2 and 3 gallon model.

She admits that it is not 5 gallons, let alone 10 gallons, which is the minimum size requirement for a red-clawed crab, which she said herself is the breed of crab she purchased, but claims she’ll transfer it to a new tank when it gets larger, despite lacking the financial security to fix a computer for $60. Newsflash, it is irresponsible and cruel to purchase an animal when you are unable to afford its immediate and long term expenses.

She also claims that red-claws (Perisesarma Bidens) are fully aquatic, which is a lie, they natively live in mangrove trees, and are only semi aquatic. They require access to land to survive, which her tank does not have. In the wild they are strewn all over the sand, above water, the first thing you can see upon Googling them is an image of one relaxing on the sand.

They also do a lot of burrowing naturally, and must have a deep bed of soft, diggable substrate such as sand to take shelter in while they molt, otherwise they will die. Samm’s tank has a shallow bed of rocks.

Native Habitat:

A decent (but not perfect) red-claw habitat looks like this:

Samm’s Death Hole:

They also require brackish (slightly salty) high-pH water, kept strictly around 70-78 degrees Fahrenheit, and although I don’t have any proof that she is neglecting these aspects, I can imagine that, given her pompous, know-it-all attitude, she very well may be, given her obvious lack of experience and knowledge of aquatic life.

In fact, before purchasing the crab she assures a concerned follower that she won’t overstock the tank, and will only be putting 4 fish in it, which according to the general aquarium rule of 1 inch of fish/1 gallon (for reference, bettas grow to an average of 2 inches long, and are thus recommended 2 gallons of tank per fish) Samm would be overstocking her tank doubly or more, depending on the type of fish she chose. A certain amount of credit can be given, because the cheap novelty tanks like this tend to mislead people with the images on the packaging and such, but regardless, her lack of knowledge is obvious.

If she doesn’t come off her pompous pedestal, her crab will die an early death, and no animal deserves that.

Caresheets/Crab Information:

Critterhub Red Crab Caresheet
PawNation Caresheet
Badman’s Tropical Fish Profile
Red-Claw Wiki

If you read these, you’ll find that all of the info is contrary to Samm’s foolish beliefs about crab care.

And on the chance she’ll start deleting posts, screenshots of all my references:

i honestly dont understand why hina even tries any more

like seriously

no one likes you

you’ve fucked up your reputation so badly and made yourself known as the scum of the earth

if you don’t enjoy the fact that people call you out of on your bullshit all the time and hate on you why don’t you just leave the internet

seriously what are you trying to accomplish by staying here and causing more unnecessary drama you’re just giving people more reasons to hate you

okay so… i don’t really want to get caught up with the drama on the hinauchi tag or whatever, but seriously.
i remember first joining deviantART three or more years ago and admiring samm’s art. i recall drawing her multiple fanarts for her and her boyfriend (narcotic I think?) and herself.
once samm began dating patience and then tendaysbeforesunday I started to dislike her, because that’s when she really started to get on my nerves.
i don’t want to hate or become envious but she began to act like a shit. all she cared about was her “relationships” (I don’t even count them because they last for about three months and then the person vanishes?) and she seems to completely disregard her fanbase. as an artist she doesn’t even step out of her comfort zone, all she draws is furry porn and chibis and stuff.
it made me sad the day i unwatched her because i had admired her for so long, and now to see her act in such an obnoxious manner just blows my mind.
i can recall friendly conversations with her via comments, and now she’s 18, a year older than myself, and it looks to be she has went downhill on the maturity chart.
i can’t understand why people continue to keep their eyes glued to her and her relatively crappy art when there are plenty of other (and better in my opinion) artists that work twice as hard on their art.
I mean, it looks like she isnt even thankful about her absolutely caring and supportive fanbase. \(0 ___ 0)/
if I had a fanbase that active and positive I’d never have a rainy day.
that is all.

Hinauchi Logic

I neglected to deliver on an art trade, and the other person is upset that I ignored their inquiries.

Normal Logic:

“I’m sorry, I took on commissions and got a bit stressed out. I understand, and you delivered your half, so I’ll do mine as soon as I tie up a few ends. Thanks for understanding.”

Hina Logic:

“I’m sorry you feel that way, but I don’t have time to draw kittycats. Not like you paid for it.”

(In other words: “I think your character and effort is dumb/unimportant unless you give me money, and I’m not really sorry.”)

Someone ordered a fursuit from me and I failed to ship it. It has been over a year, I’ve spent the money, and the customer is very upset.

Normal Logic: “This situation is horrible. I’m worried about my reputation, and I need to do what I owe, even if it’s late. I’ll cut spending until I can get this shipped or give a refund. I’m extremely sorry.”

Hina Logic: “My mom took the money and won’t get me materials, I don’t have any money so there’s nothing I can do. I’m going through a really hard time right now. It’s finished but buried in my closet.” Now that I’ve said that and she feels bad, I’d rather raise up some money to see my boyfriend.

(In other words: I won’t take responsibility. I’d prefer you pity me. If you feel bad enough for my circumstance, I can get out of this sticky situation, and my fans will be understanding. My own interests are the most important.)

My commissions are getting behind. Some customers have waited months and are not happy.

Normal Logic: I need to use my time as responsibly as possible, and keep the commissioners updated on the condition, even if it isn’t fun to do and I have to admit my fault. I can’t let the quality slide, I just need to work more than normal.

Hina Logic: Oh well, I can’t win. Everyone is mad, and the money is gone on rats and my boyfriend. I’m feeling pretty depressed, so I guess I’ll post about it on Tumblr. The fans will make me feel better. I’m afraid of getting in trouble, so I’ll rush through some.

(In other words: I’m immature and believe I can give up and cop out on responsibility. I don’t care much if it hurts the other people involved. I would rather be pitied than work harder and lose the time spent browsing the internet and chilling with my boyfriend.)

I really need money.

Normal Logic: I’d better get through my commissions well, and hopefully business will continue to come in despite my errors. I should make sure to give ample time to working each day so I can get ahead. For now I’ll just have to accept that I can’t do a lot of spending on leisure.

Hina Logic: I’m so depressed. I guess I’ll let my rats breed. I don’t feel like working on commissions. People won’t notice if I trace some of Patto’s art, so long as I change a few things. That way it will be easy, and people will send lots of money for a YCH.

(In other words: My rats are a fiscal opportunity for me. It’ll be fun, even if I don’t see that breeding an animal has a high risk of financial fallout, and will take time away from my work. That doesn’t matter though, because I’ve discovered an easy way to use someone else to my advantage. My commissioners would be bothered about waiting longer. I’ll put it on my alt account.)

I was caught stealing the work of another artist.

Normal Logic: This is terrible, but I deserved it. I should try to apologize to everyone involved and issue refunds. If I come clean I can start over as best as possible and retain some integrity.

Hina Logic: Ugh, I lost everything. I’m so depressed. I did it because I felt bad and now it’s worse. I just want people to love me. I can still get some pity from the fans though. I’ll post about bullying and why I’m damaged, and how we were desperate for money. Perhaps everyone will push it aside and praise me for my strength. I’ll call it referencing, and people might believe that it’s normal and okay, despite the admins deleting my accounts for theft.

(In other words: I’m sorry I was caught. My accounts are gone, but I want to get around this with as little responsibility taken as possible. I know pity and excuses work, so that’s my best bet.)

I could go on for hours. I used to be a fan sending anon love and liking her every post, but I just can’t stand her anymore. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, and I didn’t try to judge her relationship stuff, because no one knew 100% of the story, but she is up to her ears in shit.

I’m sorry she grew up in rough situations. Many people have. Not to undermine the pain, but those people (myself included) haven’t grown up to be immature people who fuck the living hell out of others at every turn. She uses people and their feelings, and it disgusts me.

I can’t wait for the day she apologizes without a single excuse. I can’t wait for the day she decides to leave a situation with integrity rather than pity, and starts owning her mistakes and learning from them.
 She needs to grow up.

Okay, so, let’s hit this nail on the fucking head.

Samm is not trying to change.  That’s pretty damn clear.  She has not been addressing any of the problems she’s created (like over-due commissions, unsatisfied customers, ect) nor has she been presenting proof she’s trying to refund that girl.  All I’ve heard about that is Dally whining about it.  I doubt she’s even attempted to contact her, not that I’m surprised.

If Samm were attempting to change, she’d stop hiding/flagging comments calling her out on her shit and respond to customers showing true concerns for their commissions so we wouldn’t have to.  She hid these comments from her Digitt account because they were giving her a bad image (as though she didn’t have that already aha)

She’s not changing.  If she were, she’d address all of these problems instead of cowering behind a computer ignoring them.  This person asked multiple times for her commission, then a commission refund once she started to need the money for bills.  Samm simply ignored that and made the commission last-minute, even though she claimed to have had it done days before.  It looked like a hot-ass mess and was very sloppily colored.  Also, note that the commission came out a few hours after the customer stated she’d written an artist_beware journal about her.  Samm has over a dozen AB pages about her.

Dally and a few other of Samm’s friends have been riding me and a few other’s asses for getting on Samm’s case about her shitty business behavior, claiming we’re just hounding her for laughs, even though it’s strictly because she’s a bad person and can’t do business for shit.  

She’s lied, stolen, and cut off contact with customers she owes shit to.  She’s also spent commission money before the commission is posted, and now ignores any requests for refunds because she spends it all on online shit she doesn’t need, claiming it’s for food (when really it’s not)

All she cares about is money she hasn’t even earned, and it’s disappointing.  All she’s done is hide comments by customers dissatisfied with her behavior.