i honestly dont understand why hina even tries any more

like seriously

no one likes you

you’ve fucked up your reputation so badly and made yourself known as the scum of the earth

if you don’t enjoy the fact that people call you out of on your bullshit all the time and hate on you why don’t you just leave the internet

seriously what are you trying to accomplish by staying here and causing more unnecessary drama you’re just giving people more reasons to hate you

okay so… i don’t really want to get caught up with the drama on the hinauchi tag or whatever, but seriously.
i remember first joining deviantART three or more years ago and admiring samm’s art. i recall drawing her multiple fanarts for her and her boyfriend (narcotic I think?) and herself.
once samm began dating patience and then tendaysbeforesunday I started to dislike her, because that’s when she really started to get on my nerves.
i don’t want to hate or become envious but she began to act like a shit. all she cared about was her “relationships” (I don’t even count them because they last for about three months and then the person vanishes?) and she seems to completely disregard her fanbase. as an artist she doesn’t even step out of her comfort zone, all she draws is furry porn and chibis and stuff.
it made me sad the day i unwatched her because i had admired her for so long, and now to see her act in such an obnoxious manner just blows my mind.
i can recall friendly conversations with her via comments, and now she’s 18, a year older than myself, and it looks to be she has went downhill on the maturity chart.
i can’t understand why people continue to keep their eyes glued to her and her relatively crappy art when there are plenty of other (and better in my opinion) artists that work twice as hard on their art.
I mean, it looks like she isnt even thankful about her absolutely caring and supportive fanbase. \(0 ___ 0)/
if I had a fanbase that active and positive I’d never have a rainy day.
that is all.

Okay, so, let’s hit this nail on the fucking head.

Samm is not trying to change.  That’s pretty damn clear.  She has not been addressing any of the problems she’s created (like over-due commissions, unsatisfied customers, ect) nor has she been presenting proof she’s trying to refund that girl.  All I’ve heard about that is Dally whining about it.  I doubt she’s even attempted to contact her, not that I’m surprised.

If Samm were attempting to change, she’d stop hiding/flagging comments calling her out on her shit and respond to customers showing true concerns for their commissions so we wouldn’t have to.  She hid these comments from her Digitt account because they were giving her a bad image (as though she didn’t have that already aha)

She’s not changing.  If she were, she’d address all of these problems instead of cowering behind a computer ignoring them.  This person asked multiple times for her commission, then a commission refund once she started to need the money for bills.  Samm simply ignored that and made the commission last-minute, even though she claimed to have had it done days before.  It looked like a hot-ass mess and was very sloppily colored.  Also, note that the commission came out a few hours after the customer stated she’d written an artist_beware journal about her.  Samm has over a dozen AB pages about her.

Dally and a few other of Samm’s friends have been riding me and a few other’s asses for getting on Samm’s case about her shitty business behavior, claiming we’re just hounding her for laughs, even though it’s strictly because she’s a bad person and can’t do business for shit.  

She’s lied, stolen, and cut off contact with customers she owes shit to.  She’s also spent commission money before the commission is posted, and now ignores any requests for refunds because she spends it all on online shit she doesn’t need, claiming it’s for food (when really it’s not)

All she cares about is money she hasn’t even earned, and it’s disappointing.  All she’s done is hide comments by customers dissatisfied with her behavior.

wow and now she’s coloring commissions even sloppier AND getting the colors COMPLETELY wrong????????? i really hope people stop commissioning her because they’ve realized how overpriced and lazy she is to actually draw what they asked for in a reasonable time because people actually paid REAL money for this shit

anonymous asked:

How did Hinauchi scam a thirteen year old girl out of almost 600 bucks?

She was commissioned for a fursuit back in 2010 by a young girl for over $500.  It’s taken her more than 2 years to ship it to her.  She then lied last year and said the girl had reviewed a refund from her (which didn’t actually happen.)

She then said she wouldn’t be issuing a refund, seeing as the suit was completed and could be shipped.  Afterwards, she broke contact with the girl after February and she never heard from Samm again.  She later made a video explaining she never received a fur suit, or an update from Samm, and also said she never saw her money again (Samm spends the money she makes immediately after receiving it, therefor rendering her unable to refund her customers if nessicary, an irresponsible thing for any artist to do)

So this girl has been cheated out of half a thousand dollars and a fur suit, which she said shed have no use for because she doesn’t draw much anymore.  So, Samm took advantage of a 13/14 year old girl and stole her money.