cyan worlds

Cyan Worlds Gothic
  • You are lost far from home. Rather than trying to find your way back, you immediately embark on a lengthy quest to help the first person you encounter.
  • The door in front of you is locked from the other side. You suspect the trip to the room beyond will take several hours.
  • There is a mysterious fissure in the ground.
  • Something terrible has happened, but somehow the people living here had time to write entire journals full of cryptic clues before vanishing.
  • Instead of a lock, this door has an intricate puzzle involving its owner’s family tree.
  • There is a mysterious orb floating in this room. You don’t know what it does.
  • Teleportation is a common part of everyday life. Nobody has ever heard of a backpack.

Siberian Blue Robin (Luscina cyane)

…a small species of Old World flycatcher (Muscicapidae) which breeds throughout eastern Asia to Japan, and winters in southeast Asia and Indonesia. Siberian blue robins will breed in coniferous forests with dense undergrowth, and are often seen beside rivers and woodland edges. Like other Old World flycatchers L. cyane feeds almost exclusively on insects, by “skulking” on the ground. 


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Passeriformes-Muscicapidae-Luscina-L. cyane

Image(s): JJ Harrison