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“That moment in 2005′s Pride and Prejudice when Elizabeth and Darcy are arguing in the rain and both their chests are heaving and with every word they’re moving closer and closer together and Elizabeth shouts “You’re the last man in the world I would ever be prevailed upon to marry!” and she’s like six inches away from Darcy and even though he’s completely crushed he looks at her lips and tilts his head slightly and she catches her breath and her mouth sort of drops open a little like GOD DAMN IT JUST KISS ALREADY” - @bethofbells (original post)

just stretching my hand after a week of not being able to draw 

the helmet part is based on the Jackal Guards from Stargate  ⚆ᴥ⚆

Shout-out to some amazing Villainous artists


Go follow these artists! They make wonderful art and deserve attention!

What a party hard- okno

wELL! Quise dibujar a los personajes del hermoso Au de batim creado por Theme <3 queria poner a todos los FC’s y personajes cannon, pero mi mano explotaría xD así que solo puse a algunos


Yuki, Cyan and Tía le pertencen a @gendertakahashi

Soe le pertence a @sophie-cartoons

El sensual arácnido 7u7r (wut) le pertence a @doble-j97

Zuh, las versiones de Henry y Joey, y todo el AU le pertence a @aadbas


Ojála les guste pvp



Here it is! I finished the League of Legends piece I was working on. This was inspired by the lore behind Thresh, Lucian, and Lucian’s wife, Senna.

This is A3-sized Bristol board paper, inked entirely with brush pen and coloured with green, cyan, and white ink. I tried to restrict myself a bit this time as I do have the tendency of going overboard. Granted, it was much quicker than other pieces, I was working on it a bit loosely and mindlessly, but I think it turned out pretty cool :D

There might be another League of Legends and/or Dota 2 piece coming soon, but at the moment I’ll focus on finishing any remaining bookmarks I want to do for the Cyprus Comic Con (which is in two weeks, by the way. Approtis and I will be waiting ;)).

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