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ok doin one of these for warrior cats since I’m curious! :0

Put in the tags your sign and your favorite clan, whether the sunning rocks belong to riverclan or thunderclan, whether skyclan is totally awesome or totally useless, what color longtail is (silver, light brown, other), is firestar a big boy or a small boy and what scourge’s collar color is

Idea: Lance as a cat person.

He has no idea why, but cats seem to flock to him??? He doesn’t mind, he loves stroking their fur and scratching behind their ears and running his hands along their spines and listen to them purr, but he’s literally a cat magnet.

I keep thinking of how if they landed on a planet that had huge, dangerous animals that were extremely similar to Earth cats, and Lance was out scouting for Galra.

The team split up to search and hunt down the remaining few Galra droids left behind and Lance ventures into the jungle area.

Nobody thought to warn him of the huge, dangerous feline predators that lurked in the trees.

So imagine the team’s surprise when they hear a cut off scream through the comms, and immediately think “oh shit, something’s happened to Lance!” And they all rush over (Shiro moving at light speed, that’s his fucking boyfriend and he’ll slay any droid that tries to harm his Blue bf) to his location only to see his helmet knocked off to the side, and Lance himself is………

……Laughing like crazy as a giant, cyan and gray spotted cat head butts into his chest and yowls for more attention, Lance scratching and petting five of these terrifying felines that are purring like kittens in his lap. I’m talking as big as a Shire horse kinda big.

The team is absolutely stunned???? Like how the fuck???? And Lance laughs and gently nudges a spotted head away as it licks the side of his head with a rough tongue, another feline reaching up to pat his head, a third stretched out behind his back-

They don’t know how to get him out, so they appeal to the locals for help, and with the help of a certain plant they get Lance free. Though he’s pouting for days afterwards, and no amount of Shiro cuddles will help. At least until they find a similar species of alien cat that’s much smaller for Lance, on his birthday.


So many tigers! One of these bad boys is going to be in a Japanese screen printing show! The others will be for sale really soon! Stay tuned!!

But can we talk about Cyan and how she looks like Adrien and Marinette’s daughter? Lol

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Long time no see _(;3JL)_

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this has been sitting in my drafts for eternity…. (idk since last year or something????) 

But yes i love headcanon where each human magicians have a monster teacher aaaaaaaaaaaaa