*Gets a shock because he was standing at the bottom and saw you slip from the top, but is okay because you are sat at the bottom of the stairs laughing your ass off*

(Gif by BlondeJongin)


*Tries to hide his laugh when you fall three stairs from the bottom, but then realises he doesn’t have too when you laugh too*


*Rushes over too you to see if you have hurt yourself but ends up making a joke when you say you are okay*

S: “I guess you could say you fell for me”

Y/N: “Killed the moment Suho”


*You were running down the stairs as a quick pace and slipped towards the bottom. He heard a loud thud and came out of the other room to find you laughing on the bottom step*

CY: “Did you fall down the stairs again, honestly I thought that would be something I would do”


*You were in public when you fell and after seeing you weren’t hurt he walked around saying he had no idea who you are*

Y/N: “I’m the girl that knows you have a birthmark on your..”

BH: “Sorry who are you what birthmark I don’t have a birthmark”


*He was away and you were skyping him. You decided to bring him along with you on your journey to get some food from the kitchen but before you knew it the foot slipped, the phone fell and he panicked for a moment until you came back on the screen laughing*

D.O: “You gave me a heart attack”


*He came behind and wrapped you up in a hug and laughed along with you because it was really funny watching your face as you fell*

Y/N: “Only I’m allowed to laugh”

C: “You laughed at me when I tripped over the vaccum the other day”

Y/N: “True”


*Tries to roast you about how you fell but you ain’t having any of it*

Y/N: “I kill spiders for you so you better shut up”


*Is a bit shocked because you rolled like a log down a hill and has no idea how you didn’t get hurt*

L: Are you sure you aren’t laughing out of shock here because I feel I should be concerned that you just timbered down the stairs”


*He rushes to you but you get up and walk off like nothing happened letting out a chuckle on the way, but he does see you rubbing the top of your leg because you landed pretty hard on it*

K: “Do you want me to rub that leg for you”

Y/N: “NO”


*Has no idea why you are laughing so much and checks to see if you are alright*

LH: “Are you sure you are okay, you fell on that arm really hard”

Y/N: “I did but not as hard as I was riding that di..”

LH: “How can you fall down stairs and STILL make dirty jokes..ily”


*Laughs so hard at you like he can’t frickin breathe rn*

XM: “When I was younger I was on holiday and stayed in this villa on top of this hill, and one day I dropped the watermelon we had from shopping and I had to chase it down the hill..yeah you reminded me of that watermelon”

*None of these GIFS are mine credit to the owners*


External image

CY: EXO-L hello everyone, I’m EXO’s voice Chanyeol!! But now… is there anyone? No matter what, let’s have an enjoyable time playing together!!

CY: the chat only starts at 11:10 but I came 7mins earlier and now I’m talking to myself

CY: what should I say…?

CY: has everyone eaten this morning? I haven’t ate yet, I’ll eat after the chatting ends

CY: recommend some menus,the world’s most difficult thing to do is ordering, it’s even more difficult than EXO’s dance

CY: only 5 mins have passed, buy it’s like I’ve been talking to myself for 20mins

External image

CY: so bored

External image

CY: I’ll send out D.O’s expressions then

External image

CY: when kyungsoo’s at home he’s like this

External image

CY: This is kyungsoo’s reaction when I’m saying a joke, it’s exactly the same

External image

CY: Kyungsoo’s it’s okay it’s love look, exactly the same

External image

CY: during Kyungsoo’s overdose stage, exactly the same

CY: ah so bored

External image

CY: who is this, Kyungsoo and Suho hyung right….

CY: this is how they look when getting scolded by me

External image

CY: Kai isn’t exactly that cute

External image

CY: this expression’s owner is Lay hyung!!!

External image

CY: how is this an ‘O’, it’s clearly a triangle

CY: heok

CY: heok

CY: suddenly

CY: ah…

CY: kekekekekekekekeke

CY:kekekekekekekekekeke hello everyone kekekekeke

CY: wow, so awesome

CY: recently, I’ve been listening to Drake’s Hold on, we are going home this song

CY: Hello Subin !

CY: Candy’s really really cute kekekekeke

CY:the light saber video,it’s because when I was using my computer, Suho was beside me so I just took it

CY:Naturally you must watch it all kekkekkeke

CY: Kyungsoo won, although he wins, but occasionally I also would win too

CY: When I’m self-composing, don’t have much thoughts…hahahahha

CY: everything

CY: because of my allergy I can’t stay with (candy) for more than 5 mins, huhu, so Candy’s always in Tao’s room

CY: together with Kyungsoo, he’s (my) acting senior ah

CY: perfume ah~ during winter I use Creed’s Silver Mountain, I’m saying it right right, anyways that’s what it says

CY: Hello China Fans! (x4)

CY: as compared to hanwoo I prefer pork ribs…lamb ribs…

CY: recently didn’t really do it..huhu.. in the song do you want to hear more of my voice in the songs

CY:uhm…One Piece?

CY: when I came, everyone was asleep

CY: hello Su Yeon

CY: recently playing the billiards game

CY: I love you too!!!!!

CY: Candy loves to follow D.O

CY: Happy Birthday!!

CY: Yes!! If it’s myself, even more relaxing hahahaha

CY: hello Hee-Eun!

CY: I love you too!!!

CY: D.O the most, uhm, that’s right hahaha

CY: hello!

CY: Candy’s poop, Tao will clear it, but when Tao isn’t around, I will also clear it, I’ve approximately cleared it 4 times

CY:My mom previously was also a nurse, wanting to become an outstanding nurse!!

CY: Bang Bang Fried Chicken..? it’s my first time hearing it, It’s that I like the Honey Set Meal

CY: I love you too!!

CY: Kyung-sook noona, hello!

CY: get to know chanyeol even better!!

CY: Fighting! I love you too!!

CY: currently my roommates are Kai & D.O

CY: called him”hyung’!!

CY: really really blessed

CY: really happy to meet you all!!

CY: quite okay, really fast!!

CY: ah, Chanyeol time!!!

CY: I’ve also learnt Chanyeol’s time!!

CY: Drake- From time!! If you listen to it in the morning, it’s superb!

CY: Sure!! Let’s go!! Date!!

CY: recently too big.. can’t carry him already (Sehun)

CY: everyone there’s only a minute left

CY: because it’s too relaxing, I still want to do it again

CY: no, cannot…. Don’t fall sick..

CY: mainly using mac, windows

CY: I love you too Singapore fans!

CY: hello hyeon-a!

CY: Cola!!!

CY: Black hair…? Otherwise it’s red hair..? actually it all quites suits me, so I really like it

CY: He-Su must also stay healthy ya!

CY: I like it both, the feeling is different

CY: yesterday at 2? I slept!!

CY: when drinking coffee I will drink Americano, recently drinking coffee makes me not fall asleep, so I don’t really drink it

CY: haven’t went there yet?

CY: I want to experience it again, won’t go! Won’t go!

CY: I won’t introduce to anyone

CY: quite satisfied with everything ears…!

CY: uhm, what to eat, not made

CY: study hard, meeting infront of the television that’s good enough,fighting!

CY: it should be quite nice, really really nice oh~

CY: it seems quite good!! Hehehe

CY: of course you must do it!! Fighting!!

CY: I prefer soybean paste stew

CY: consider bone soup!!

CY: recently what exercise I have been doing…? Breathing exercise…?

CY: I miss it too… huhuhu

CY: it’s kyungsoo ya

CY: I love you too~~~~~~

CY: don’t provoke, must lie it here

CY: I love you

CY: read it!

CY: I’m quite good with the board

CY: hello  Seo-yeon

CY: hello Su-gyeong

CY: to Showtime Season 2 I guess

CY: hello Hyeon-ji

CY: I play pool quite well too

CY: Sol-I noona, I love you

CY: Song-I noona I love you

CY: right now not that satisfied, need to been even more handsome than it’s possible

CY: everyone

CY: it’s the tragic

CY: time for me to leave

CY: why does time pass so fast

CY: today is too relaxing, next time I want to chat again, I love you, I love you all, I LOVE YOU

CY: come, 1



CY: biong~

CY: ❤


credits: ray_0203 // translated by: @xiusday