Yj: *calls jaebum*

Jb: *picks up* yes youngjae?

Yj: were you the one who put all these mistletoes in the dorm?

Jb: *small giggle* maybe

Yj: why?

Jb: for when I get home!

Yj: but jackson and jinyoung are here now.


Yj: I’ve let them kiss me on the cheek, too.

Jb: I’m going to kill them when I get home

I want to focus on Maggie for a second here. We are so excited about Alex baby gay awakening, and with the possibility of Sanvers that we haven’t talked that much about Maggie.

And true, we don’t know much yet about Maggie outside of her interactions with Alex. Hopefully, we will learn more about her. I, for one, want all the Maggie we can get. But here we get a glimpse at Maggie’s side. She is genuinely sad and upset about the break-up. And we all can understand her, break-ups suck, but what really strikes me is that she is sad not necessarily about this one person in particular but more about what she said and how probably this is not the first time something like this has come up.

We know Maggie is dedicated to her job, she honestly believes in working for the community, in helping humans and aliens get along and be treated with equal respect. When she says “I thought she was”, we don’t get to hear what Maggie though this woman “was”. But maybe she thought this was finally a woman who could understand her, that wouldn’t blame her for getting so invested in her work,  maybe she thought that this was the one women for her to finally have a long and stable relationship.

We though Maggie was just casually dating, but what we see here is that she actually wants to find someone to love and to love her, wants to settle down, and she doesn’t seem to find that one person she can make things work with, she is starting to think maybe it is her fault, maybe she is all those things her ex said about her.

Having Alex look at her with so much love, and almost worship like admiration may make her feel good about herself again, make her see herself in another light, but it may also become a problem, because it’s never good when someone thinks you can do no wrong, it’s too much pressure, too many opportunities to screw up and disappoint them. And having those insecurities come out in her relationship with Alex will be great.