friendjinx asked:

Dear amazing author, I have been wondering for ages how the Mitsubishi that the Gray Man now drives is still able to work? After all Kavinsky dreamt/sole it, so when he died shouldn't the car of stopped working? Please help.

Dear friendjinx,

I invite you to play your mind over the dream objects Ronan and the others discover in the Barns over the course of The Dream Thieves and Blue Lily, Lily Blue: the living things sleep once Niall is dead, but the mechanical ones continue on in their various soulless functions no matter the state of their dreamer. I appreciate that you — like me — would like to believe that automobiles are living beings, but the reality, I regret to tell you, is that they are only machines. 

This, in fact, is why I know that my mechanic is wrong when he tells me that my Datsun is possessed. Possession happens to the living; my Datsun is actually just a piece of shit.