cy stuff

I’m SO late to this, but have some Perfect dad Findolphin and Terrible dad Feanor doing the same things their unique ways.  Terrible Dad Feanor is birthed by the wonderful cy-lindric

Baguette nephew, I do miss the authentic TDF though, nothing can come close to it. 

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Dear Cy-lindric, I hear that it’s your birthday and that you are kinda partial to smol elves. Well, have a couple. I made them shamelessly ripping off basing off your absolutely precious designs. Because of hats. And feels. Have an all in all happy B-day! Wishing you all the luck, happiness and inspiration in the world.

Also, jfyi, bb Maggot has twitchy ears.

Calum the type to wait for you in the elevator but when you’re like 10 feet away he’d repeatedly press the doors close button whilst laughing at you but you’d shrug playfully and wave him off and run down the stairs to see who gets down first omHgs