cy khormaee

“I was a data engineer that turned into a sales guy.  By applying the disciplined approach engineering teaches, I produced some of the top results on our team as the youngest rep. People always think sales is about closing, but it’s really about discovery.  My whole mission as a salesperson is discover how I can make your life better. 

The challenge in sales is making sure you stay in touch with your prospects to introduce the best product for them right when they need it.  I used to use Excel to record interactions, and email to manually stay in touch.  This worked well, but forced me to spend hours writing email and updating this Excel spreadsheet. 

Contastic automates this process by tracking all of your client interactions on email and then recommending content (news or marketing materials) that the client will love.  We match that with templates so that sales reps can send a unique, personally relevant email to each of their clients in seconds.“

Cy is the founder of GetContastic, an intelligent sales solution combining data science, machine learning and natural language processing, currently being used at companies like Tesla, Splunk, and Microsoft.

Cy Khormaee | Get Contastic