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Someone: Lol Kyungsoo hates Chanyeol

Me, Kyungsoo stans, Chanyeol stans, Exo, Chanyeol’s Family, Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, literally anyone who knows anything at all about Kyungsoo and his personality:


ChanBaek got no chill. I repeat. NO CHILL.

1) Baekhyun is pouting looking at his bae having fun with Chen and ignoring his existence.

2) Fed up, Baekhyun turns his back towards CY and gestures Kai to hold the mic up for him to sing along with the music. CY senses something’s up and looks in Baek’s direction.

3) CY holds up his mic to Baek’s face desperately trying to get his attention but either Baek is a professional at ignoring CY when he is mad or Baek just has no clue of CY’s efforts and is engrossed in singing.

4) After a few seconds, CY gives up and slowly raises his head to glare at Kai with murderous instincts, flaring his nostrils.

These two. 💞

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today i got so curious so i look at this one thread from cs shipper. i put my biasness so far away to the exoplanet but all the moments didnt give this tensed and romantic vibes like kd only 2 good friends playing around w e/o. not being bias or anything but if ppl really took their time to sit and compare both ships, it really is different kd is really something i swear they'll regret their existence by shipping cs afhsdhsdgs lmaooo

same and that applies to chan.baek, so it’ll be really cool if we stopped (kd shippers) getting grouped with cb shippers. actually let’s just let all pcy ships die because he’s annoying.

sometimes it amazes me that ppl think cs is ‘real’ because of their interactions this year. ignoring the fact that cy circulates through his members depending on promo cycle. ignoring the fact that red flags surround /kd/. but u know, people are oblivious and that’s cool because it keeps kd protected.

MizuClear AU where Clear is a waiter at cafe/bistro and Mizuki comes to play his acoustic guitar and sing on Open Mic Night. Clear always brings Mizuki a glass of peach lemonade with the widest smile and Mizuki has the biggest fucking crush on this albino angel. And he thinks it’s completely one-sided too until one day he notices the napkin that comes with his drink has a phone number scrawled on it with a little heart in the corner.