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cy-no-su-re  asked:

Why do you think Sangwoo was saying "shut up" when Bum was confessing to him and saying he likes him? I've seen some posts saying it's because Sangwoo feels like Bum is trying to manipulate him - but personally, I think it's because hearing Bum say that was getting Sangwoo flustered and stirring up unwanted feelings (I mean he did come just moments later??). So I'm curious about what you made of that scene! Always love reading your analyses btw x

I think you’re 100% right! It’s not manipulation and there’s no reason for Sangwoo to think it’s manipulation because at the moment there’s no reason for Bum to even want to manipulate him. Sangwoo obviously has a soft spot for when Bum calls his name or confesses to him and he knows it.

It’s more about him knowing that Yoonbum has some sort of power over him when this happens rather than him thinking about being manipulated. I agree with you 100%. I couldn’t have described it better.

And thank you <3 :)