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Wait, Vanellope! That’s not an Easter egg!

I started on this piece during Easter and completed it 5 days later, which I would have gotten done sooner if I didn’t have to come to work 5 days straight. Better late than never, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This also marks my first time drawing Vanellope and Sergeant Calhoun.

170318 The EXO'rDIUM in kuala lumpur

“Couple Space” is not have any space between them.

After Ks hear his couple told about bug at Cy back and blow water on it,he move toward to his couple and nestle.
That automatically happened
He still nestle (Look the way he nestle his couple so adorable and not have any space between them. They are in their “Couple Space”

At the end Ks saw a bug and left away.

My delulu said:

Why he not left away first?
Why he still nestle with his couple?

When you hear someone told “your’s scare thing at there” you must find something to protect or go toward someone who can protect you. 
So Ks move toward to his couple first(automatically demeanor).

When you scare for something and you want your couple to left away together you must nestle and push your couple.
So Ks nestle and push his couple but his couple don’t left away (automatically demeanor again).

Ks must really scare this bug so after saw it he immediadly left away.

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Calhoun, have you ever run into Commander Shepard of the Mass Effect series? Something tells me you two would have an awful lot in common.

I don’t think ever run into them, soldier, no.  But from what I’ve heard, they would be a good ally in the war against Cy-Bugs.  If we ever do meet each other, I’m sure we will have a lot in common.

Let’s Bake!

(( tempus-felis ))

Some time after the arcade’s closed for the night and the characters are free to go about their business, Icarus will hear a loud knocking at the entrance of the factory.

The person knocking is Space Cadet, though he might not be immediately recognized as such. Both him and Junior, who’s perched on his shoulder, are covered with a light layer of icing. It was the best way Ralph had thought to disguise his son, it’d be hard to tell that there’s a baby Cy-Bug under all that mess.

Junior thought it was great fun and had enjoyed getting covered in icing, though he keeps munching on it, slowly causing it to disappear.

Even though it might look like they’re here for a bath, Ralph had something else in mind that he wants to do.

He’s decided to look for new hobbies, there was no point in making loads of metal trinkets to clutter up his cave, so he’s decided that he should try his hand at baking. He doesn’t think it’ll go well, but it’ll at least be a nice way to pass the day by.

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Hey Calhoun, what kind of distractions are there that you have to make sure your soldiers don't get distracted by?

You would be surprised how easily the prospect of that medal can give some soldiers tunnel vision.  It’s my job to keep them focused on our real plan: keep the cy-bugs away while the player gets the medal.

I’ve also got to keep them from turning into a bunch of sniveling babies when we’re attacked, which is made easier by our training and the fact that it’s a life or death situation in which most prefer life.

(( ask-rp-melody-song ))

Both Ralph and his baby Cy-Bug son had been wandering the forest and grabbing snacks, things had been peaceful, right up until they heard a noise in the distance, shortly followed by someone crying out.

Concerned, Ralph jogs towards the sound, yelling out to them, “Hey! I’m comin’! Where are you?” He wasn’t sure of their location, so he needed them to keep talking in order to lead him to them.

Open RP - From Somewhere, A Transmission

Thanks to Morgan’s magical music charm, Ralph’s been sleeping easy. His nightmares have been chased away for the most part, sometimes there’s still fragments lurking, but overall, his sleep is dreamless.

Except for today, during his nap.

He doesn’t realize what’s happening, a long-gone, but still achingly familiar sensation comes over him as a once-shattered connection clicks back in.

There’s a sound amongst a flurry of static, a loving voice obscured by the crackle. No words can be made out, but the tone is unmistakable.

Ralph’s eyes snap open and he gasps, lying there in shock. There was only one explanation for what was happening and it was impossible.

His Queen was alive somewhere.

However, with the poor quality of the connection, he can’t tell where she is or what kind of state she’s in. He calls out through the Hivemind, trying to reach her, but he doesn’t know if he managed to accomplish anything.

Making sure Junior is securely on his shoulder, he gets up and starts hustling towards the exit, “Come on, we gotta see if we can find her!”

It’s a long shot, but Diet Cola Mountain is the tallest point in Sugar Rush. If she’s in the game, he should be able to get a better idea of her location.

The climb takes a while, especially since he’s careless in his hurry.

Once on top, Ralph runs to the middle, stares up at the sky, and opens up his Hivemind range as much as possible. Being an Elite Guard, he’s got a longer range than some Cy-Bugs, it’s for exactly this sort of situation.

Every Cy-Bug in the game will probably hear his call echoing through the Hivemind, {My Queen! Where are you?}

Junior joins in, though his range is much smaller, however, he can link to Ralph’s and use it, instead of his own, {Queen! Queen! Are you there?} He had never met the Queen, but he knew how important she was to Ralph, so he was going to help his King find her.

((Awesome, thanks! Will he remember anything else, or is it just that he’s a Cy-Bug that he forgets? Does Junior know that he’s a Cy-Bug, or does he forget that he’s one, too?))

A Gray One saunters in with style and delivers their mission. As they say the words, the spell starts to kick in, with Ralph not even understanding what the last half of the sentence meant, “Huh?…”

As the Gray One leaves, any trace of their normal lives has been obliterated and any memories of the Gray One having ever been there are completely gone.However, there’s still some residual effect of the magic and Ralph shakes his head, trying to clear it. After a few moments, the larger pony nuzzles the smaller one and Junior eagerly returns the affection.