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“Couple Space” is not have any space between them.

After Ks hear his couple told about bug at Cy back and blow water on it,he move toward to his couple and nestle.
That automatically happened
He still nestle (Look the way he nestle his couple so adorable and not have any space between them. They are in their “Couple Space”

At the end Ks saw a bug and left away.

My delulu said:

Why he not left away first?
Why he still nestle with his couple?

When you hear someone told “your’s scare thing at there” you must find something to protect or go toward someone who can protect you. 
So Ks move toward to his couple first(automatically demeanor).

When you scare for something and you want your couple to left away together you must nestle and push your couple.
So Ks nestle and push his couple but his couple don’t left away (automatically demeanor again).

Ks must really scare this bug so after saw it he immediadly left away.

Cr. on vid & alvabear94


I think the members of Calhoun’s army deserve more love: they certainly care about their captain a lot, they care about her happiness! When Felix compliments Calhoun about her beauty, you can see the soldiers smirking, but in a good way, they already see the two together. And during their wedding, they are ready to blast any Cy Bug at sight so no one of them can ruin it like last time. I think it’s adorable!

Upgrade || Ghost Glitch AU @ turbotheghostboy

Vanellope sighed quietly, sitting at attention as Sour Bill read off the next document to her.

It had been nearly two weeks since the Cy-bug incident that resulted in Turbo permanently joining the game. Almost two weeks since he’d saved her life and Ralph had started coming over and the twins had started staying over and…



Sour Bill was staring up at her, a hint of irritation in his usually apathetic gaze.

“Are you even paying attention?”

Vanellope scowled.

“A’ course I am!”

“Then what was the last thing I said?”

“… Um…”

He had her there. She’d been growing more and more inattentive recently, and it was just a matter of time before somebody noticed. And now it looked like that time was up…

Sour Bill sighed, placing the document aside.

“Vanellope… What’s going on? I’m your second in command. Your adviser. If there’s anything wrong, I need to know about it.”

His tone implied everything.

The princess squirmed.

“… I-It’s just that… Litwak was sayin’ something about a software patch today. What’s that?”

It wasn’t a complete lie… Litwak had been talking about a software patch to their game. And she’d rather die than admit she was having nightmares. She was a princess, not a baby.

Sour Bill blinked.

“A software patch is like a minor update… It’s mostly newer games that receive them… They simply smooth out bumps and glitches in the program… Now is that all?”

Vanellope nodded, and soon enough they were back to their work…

Turbo’s house was nearly done… At least that would be one less thing for her to think about. Then it would be back to routine and ruling her game. Though sometimes… she wished someone else dealt with all that instead of her…

That night she dreamed of a father… A short, nearly bald king with a kind smile and a funny laugh… They wrestled and tickled each other until she was giggling and gasping for air and…

… She woke up…

It was a nice reprieve from the nightmares, but… this dream made her want to cry in a completely different way…

Open RP - From Somewhere, A Transmission

Thanks to Morgan’s magical music charm, Ralph’s been sleeping easy. His nightmares have been chased away for the most part, sometimes there’s still fragments lurking, but overall, his sleep is dreamless.

Except for today, during his nap.

He doesn’t realize what’s happening, a long-gone, but still achingly familiar sensation comes over him as a once-shattered connection clicks back in.

There’s a sound amongst a flurry of static, a loving voice obscured by the crackle. No words can be made out, but the tone is unmistakable.

Ralph’s eyes snap open and he gasps, lying there in shock. There was only one explanation for what was happening and it was impossible.

His Queen was alive somewhere.

However, with the poor quality of the connection, he can’t tell where she is or what kind of state she’s in. He calls out through the Hivemind, trying to reach her, but he doesn’t know if he managed to accomplish anything.

Making sure Junior is securely on his shoulder, he gets up and starts hustling towards the exit, “Come on, we gotta see if we can find her!”

It’s a long shot, but Diet Cola Mountain is the tallest point in Sugar Rush. If she’s in the game, he should be able to get a better idea of her location.

The climb takes a while, especially since he’s careless in his hurry.

Once on top, Ralph runs to the middle, stares up at the sky, and opens up his Hivemind range as much as possible. Being an Elite Guard, he’s got a longer range than some Cy-Bugs, it’s for exactly this sort of situation.

Every Cy-Bug in the game will probably hear his call echoing through the Hivemind, {My Queen! Where are you?}

Junior joins in, though his range is much smaller, however, he can link to Ralph’s and use it, instead of his own, {Queen! Queen! Are you there?} He had never met the Queen, but he knew how important she was to Ralph, so he was going to help his King find her.

glassshardalchemist  asked:

Calhoun, have you ever run into Commander Shepard of the Mass Effect series? Something tells me you two would have an awful lot in common.

I don’t think ever run into them, soldier, no.  But from what I’ve heard, they would be a good ally in the war against Cy-Bugs.  If we ever do meet each other, I’m sure we will have a lot in common.

Open RP - Bumblebrid

The Space Cadet’s usual brand of monotony is broken today by an unusual glitch in his system.

Unlike some of the previous ones, he remains a Cy-Bug, however his exoskeleton has taken on a drastically different appearance than his usual tough hide.

Instead of a hard, armor-like shell, he’s now covered in black and yellow fluff. His wings have extended, but instead of being made of red light, they’re clear and translucent. His cerci have turned black, but otherwise look the same. Finally, he’s got two curled antennae that occasionally flop down in his face.

All in all, he looks like a giant bumblebee. He doesn’t have a stinger and his claws have been somewhat dulled, he’s still dangerous, but his violent tendancies have mellowed a bit.

Junior’s surprised at this transformation, but he giggles and crawls down to his dad’s back, snuggling his face into the fluff, “Soft!” His King’s still a Cy-Bug, but now he’s fuzzy and cozy, so he approves of this change greatly.

Ralph blinks a couple of times, then shrugs, it’ll go away one of these days, just like they always do. He’s not sure what to think about this, but at least Junior’s happy.

So some weeks ago, I got a WIR storybook off eBay. At that point, all I knew was that this particular book was only published in the UK. I was afraid that the inside of the book would simply be the same as one of the American ones, but decided to take a chance for the heck of it. I’m glad I did. The book arrived a few days ago and found quite a number of differences. ( I apologize for the crappy photos, but I was too lazy to use the scanner. :P )

First off, it has a nice, colorful cover art, and the covers are padded. Soft and squishy!
The endpapers feature full-body pics of the Core Four.

Ralph and Felix make the front endpapers.

Calhoun, a Hero’s Duty Soldier, and Vanellope make up the back endpapers.

Going through this, I found that this book was basically the British equivalent of the Big Golden Book, only this one has a handful of extra art I didn’t find in any of the American books I have. Here a few examples:

Ralph confronting Gene and Felix trying to calm them down, right before Ralph smashes the cake. Mary looks a little OOC here. (That look just screams “Don’t touch my shit.”)

Calhoun stumbling upon the Cy-Bug hive underneath the licorice field.

VANELLOPE SAVING RALPH. ( Why wasn’t this picture in any of the American books??? )

There’s some more artwork that’s unique to this book, I just chose the three I felt stood out the most. Also, just like the American books, there are some alterations to some of the art that’s supposed to be the same.

On the left we have the image as it appears in the Big Golden Book, and on the right, how it appears in the British book with the other Hero’s Duty characters added.

And I found this one interesting: On the left is a page from the British storybook and on the right, the same image as illustrated by Disney Artist Cory Loftis.

This book is the 15th one in my WIR collection, and I’m so glad I got it. It seems when Disney made these books, they were careful to not make them all exactly the same so that each one had something different to offer. But my most favorite one of all is this:

Ralph’s face. That look of sheer determination. It doesn’t matter if he’s stuck in a cupcake, Ralph is having none of your shit today. XD

If anybody’s interested, this book is published by Parragon. Though you might have a hard time finding it with the few affordable used book listings there are out there. Not to mention, everyone seems to be confusing it with the American Read-Along book with CD. :P

cy-bug king AU

The large gold, green and purple colored cybrid made his way through the tunnels underground, and coming into the empty cavern he’d dug to make room for the many more additions he would be having then. Of course there was no time to waste, he had to lay them all now in order to get his hive to grow quickly.

He went over to the one side of the cavern and started laying small, but a large quantity of eggs along the floor. The only sound in the room was the sound of a continuous metallic whirr of metal parts moving as the king continued to lay his eggs fact, it was so quiet he had stopped immediately when he heard footsteps and looked back with glowing Yellow optics. He let out a small chittering sound and crawled over, searching for any intruders..


“Why did I fall into this tunnel?” Wiggly squeaked the poor cybrid fell in when she was walking along not really paying not mind “Well I wonder where it leads?” she chirped following it