Nathan sat on the couch in the living room with Ella in his arms. He was watching as his favorite team, Dallas Cowboys, took the lead against the Philadelphia Eagles. Dallas had just scored another touchdown and he was up dancing carefully with Ella. “Did you see that baby girl? Daddy’s team is going to win.”

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Never finding him, Emmie slowly made her way to the chapel, tears running down her cheeks. Both hands wrapped around her torso. While people thought it was to hold back her crying, in all reality, Emmie was holding onto their unborn child, no idea what to do. She stopped half way and looked around at everyone staring at her before softly whispering, “He left.” As people rushed toward her, comfortingly, Emmie shook her head and ran as quick as she could from the building.

Nathan drove slowly towards the home that he shared with Emmie. He pulled into the garage and shut off the car. His head rested on the steering wheel, a shaky breath escaped his lips as a single tear ran down his cheek. He stepped out of the car, wiping away the tear. 

Elle sat in the backseat sound asleep. Nathan carefully took her out of her seat and carried her inside. 

Wedding Bells|| lxttleme

The distant sound of ringing made a smile appear upon Nathan’s lips. Today was the day that he would finally be able to call Emilia his wife. Only 3 and a half hours left. He thought back on all the times they’d shared together. From hating each other, to buying Abu, Ella, and now this. 

He stared at himself in the mirror as his brother fixed his bowtie. The AC in his and the groomsmen’s room was on high due to his nerves. He hada serious case of the sweats but tried his best to control it.