No matter what your situation
In spite of trial and tribulation
Just feel the positive vibration
Sometimes the world is cruel it seems
But after night the sun will beam
You just have to believe,
Believe in your dreams right now

“Believe in Your Dreams” by TWRP

Okay so I think the fandom could use some positivity!!!

So how about we post a selfie of our selfs smiling and tag our friends who we think are beautiful and amazing!!! Make them smile and have a nice day!! cx

I’ll start!! Okay I tag my beautiful friends @nalu94 @pluviophile-s @buberryz @xdrawings-x @inconsistent-igloo @giupear @nanashiart @itschildofthefairies @perfectlyinlovewithanime @hymad @celestialliight @sixiz @lovesickwizard @ayumichi-me @cocassion @requipmage1255 @requip-mage @jerzafangirl @lucyheartfiliavevo @satan-soul-celestial @eating-iron @trythion and everyone of my followers and friends because you’re all beautiful!!!! 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 (you don’t have to take the selfie if you don’t want to though of course!!)

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Why did you write "Adl*ck"? With the asterisk. Sorry I'm new here but is it like a sin to say it? CX I do ship Holmes and Watson though. Also I hope you're having a great week!

It’s common courtesy to censor a ship/show/actor/character name/etc. if you’re posting wank (as well as to tag it as ‘wank’) about said subject so that it doesn’t show up in that subject’s tag. Not everyone does it, but I mean if you’re gonna post wank why not tag it and censor it so it doesn’t go to their tag and needlessly upset people, you know?

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Hablarias de lo que sea ??? Si te hablo? Hay deoh , me da cosa ! Cx pero quiero hacerlo

podemos hablar de cualquier cosa, incluso saber cuantas veces has ido al baño en el día, no importa, hazlo

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Just to say about you're mothers aniversary (I was going way back in your tumblr so you may have been through it) You have another year away from horrific circumstances. You've heald for a year. You should be really proud. It isn't a cycle. Cx

Oh wow. thank you. I hope you are right :)

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👑 or 🍿

I’ll answer both cx My favorite Disney Princess is Ariel! She’s so beautiful, PLUS a mermaid, which is awesome.
One of my favorite little space movies is the Animal Crossing movie! It’s so adorable and the animation is super cute, I recommend it to fans of AC and people who like cute animated movies. ♡
Animal Crossing Movie:

Hi I’m Emmi I’m 13 and I’m pansexual and I’m opened to people messaging me for anything making friends or just talking im a huge FANGIRL and I call everyone daddy so don’t be weirded out if I call you daddy XD I also have this weird thing were I ask people to marry me so uh yea CX ( I’m single as a fucken Pringles )
Instagram: @sketchy.monsters
Snapchat: emmiemmi567
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