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Things that make me happy (=´∇`=)


* From top>bot, left>right:
1. これからの僕たちは by CX
2. よくばりなおれの乞い by 霜凜花
3. 今宵あなたと by ヘナチョコピンキーズ
4. ロシアの森の奥深く by とら屋
5. Don’t make me cry by Nakajyo
6. Paparazzi by Nakajyo
7. ふられる話 by Sabicola
8. Signal by P!!
9. Artbook: Be with you by LEE San-Chi (Amg)
10.  ローリング・ロール by *53 (Tadano)
11. きみの声が聴きたいんだ by ララバイ (Ikumi)
12. Anthology: Eternity Lovers <VicYuu Only Event “Futari no love sequence 1”>

anonymous asked:

1B or 4A lamen for the characters + pose :)

Here’s a sketchy version! Hopefully I’ll finish it some time soon, but I didn’t want to keep you waiting cause I’ll be away from home for a few days.

Also, I wanted to do both, but I had no time ;-; I’ll probably do 1B as well, but later cx

Send me 2 characeters & a pose

anonymous asked:

what are some of ur favourite songs? OOH WAIT ACTUALLY what songs do u have connected to the happiest time in your life?

!!!!!!!! i love music but i dunno if i actually have songs i connect w happy points in my life? NO WAIT THATS A LIE
there is only 2: the doom song thing that the lil robot dude used to sing from invader zim and fireflies by owl city. there was a time right after the worst time of my life where i was actually p happy despite the oncoming mental illness struggles!! i had friends and would actually go outside and we would repeat those 2 songs over. and over. and over. alongside edgy shit like three days grace and i think skillet. cx
but besides those 2 i listen to a lot of different kinds of songs? vocaloid, nicole dollanganger, slipknot, gregory and the hawk, teen suicide, nd thats all i can remember off the top of my head but i guess those are bands not songs whoops
i think my top 3 favs right now are snuff by slipknot, angels of porn, nd kill vs maim!


Grace Jones 💫
Citroën CX 2. 1985🇫🇷

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