Help a struggling intersex trans dude out

Hey all, my name is Luke; on here and many other sites I’m Takoto.

I’m an intersex trans man. I’ve been attempting to transition through Charing Cross / CHX / CX for a long time now. Four years. First off, they lost my referral, twice. Secondly, they lost my blood tests. Thirdly, now, a month away from the appointment that would give me testosterone- they’ve cancelled it. The doctors going on holiday. The next appointment I can get will be in… 8 months or more! 

I was guaranteed testosterone at that appointment. I was so happy to know I’d begin hormones before I graduate University this June. 

After being fucked around so badly by the infamous Charring Cross, I’ve decided to go private for hormones. Not for surgery, as that’s way out of my working class, poor student budget. I’m also physically disabled, so getting a job, even part time is difficult with my Uni work also.

Please, if you can even donate a little, is my paypal donation link. 

I also take commissions, feel free to see my art blog and competed pictures tag for examples. Feel free to message me on here, there, or on if you’d like a commission. A few examples are below.

Money will go to transport to London, deposit on the appointment, and hopefully- testosterone costs. Also future blood tests.

I’m trying as hard as I can to not only speed things up, but lower the cost! Even so it’s still going to cost me and my partner over £600 over the next few months. I’m trying to contact the NHS to give me my past blood test results, and therapist reports so I will, in the long term, have to spend less money with the private clinic. 

Please, spread this post if you can- reblogging, donating or commissioning- it’s all helpful. I don’t know how much more I can live being this fucked over by the health service which is meant to be helping me.  

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