Today’s march was actually extremely important to me, because as a transgender person who hasn’t had an easy transition- has been in the system for five years and hasn’t even begun hormones despite meeting all archaic criteria- I want the world to be better for people who might not be able to put up with the hell the GIC has put me through.

I’ve had people tell me “don’t whine”, “it’ll get better”, “you’ll get them eventually”, “it’s not a medical condition”, “shut up and suck it up”- both in and out of the community. But the truth is when you’re dealing with something like this, those words- the good, and the bad, they don’t matter.

Yes, I will get them eventually, but five years for medical treatment, two sets of blood test results lost, three sets of referrals lost, six to eight months waiting time between appointments, and two cancelled appointments setting me back over a year… that’s a pretty long “eventually” !!

My next CHX appointment is in August, the day after my birthday. And despite, as said, meeting all criteria, I most likely will not be getting hormones at that appointment, because CHX have lost several of my documents, and I’m being set back another year, or more, most likely.

I march because by now, many trans people would have hurt themselves, some fatally. And I want a world in which people like me don’t have to do that. Don’t have to find an escape. Where we actually get treated like human beings rather than face discrimination at every turn.


I’m in the middle of writing my Anohana theory it’s coming out really good tbh probably going to be one of my favs and yesterday after watching the Young Forever MV I noticed that at the end when all the boys are walking, Jimin seems to turn around.

Why is Jimin always the one turning around?

I honestly think it could be due to the method in which he died. Yes he drowned, but during his drowning scenes he thinks about what he’s doing a lot.

He contemplates what he’s doing, knowing for sure that he’s pretty much in control of whether he’s going to leave that room or die in it.

Ultimately choosing to the latter.

So we’re also very aware that the members are tied to the method in which they died. Hoseok with the feathers relating to his narcolepsy, Yoongi and his lighter, Jungkook and getting hit by the car, etc.

So it makes sense that Jimin would possibly have this characteristic carried on from his death into nirvana then the afterlife.



Meeting again||Closed rp||


Peter wasn’t really sure how to do this but he knew he needed the help and right now all he could do was leave a message on his mother’s voicemail and headed back to the people he remembered. It was almost a year since everything happened and just a week ago his brother went missing again. 

Walking up to the familiar home he hesitated before knocking and waited to see what would happen, would they try killing him? Would they shut him out? His mind raced with all the thoughts before taking a deep breath when he heard the door unlocking. 

Top 6 strategies to surprise and inspire your customers
  1. Get inside your customer’s mind.
  2. Make the customer the centre of your universe.
  3. Focus on the experience, not your product.
  4. Let the customer define the journey.
  5. Be hyper-personal without getting ultra-creepy.
  6. Unite the promise makers and the promise keepers.