c; meep. so somehow i managed to scoop up over one thousand of you lovely flowers - and that’s both terrifying && humbling at the same time. i’m going to try and keep this short though because i could literally go on forever about how much i love seeing every single one of you on my dash, how inspiring you all are, and how more i adore and admire you crazy, talented && passionate bunch. i don’t interact with enough of you and i would really like that to change because the amount of quality and creativity i see on my dash is staggering

          this fandom has welcomed me warmly and my time spent here has been the most fulfilling, nerve-racking, and exciting writing experience i’ve ever been a part of. bucky has consumed every last space of my right brain, inspiring me to write every single day while still hungering for more. there is nothing more satisfying then finding people who share the same passion && love for these characters as i do. i continue to grow every day, battling insecurity and doubt with the help of those i consider to be my friends and i can not thank them enough because without their encouragement, i doubt i’d be where i am now.

          i understand i am not the easiest writing partner. i take forever to organize my thoughts, even longer to get out replies; my lengths get out of hand quickly; i’m inconsistent and way too ocd for my own good - but for those few people who patiently put up with my flaws, i can not properly describe how much you mean to me. i’m actively terrified you guys are going to wake up one day and move on from me for someone leagues more talented && accurate in their characterization and ability, and all i can do in the meantime is express my adoration and thanks through my writing && interactions, hoping (attempting) to at least make our time spent as exciting && fulfilling for you as it is for me. i’ve come to accept that i am what i am - and that my method isn’t fit for everyone, but for those who are willing to try and willing to give me a chance, please know i hold each of you dearly in my heart and will forever. <3

                              ‘TIL THE END OF THE LINE

                                     ( my friends. those who take the time to love
                                       not     just     buck,     but     kristen     too.

             reactored  |  heartlesshenchman  |  compromisedasset / adsurgo  |  cxpt  |
             rightexusrxgers  |  execucio / viicarius  |  antiquehero  |  notxofuse

                             HOWLING COMMANDOS 

                                        ( those who put up with threading with me.
                                                    near && dear to my heart  )

             exbellum​  |  cameoutofabottle​  |  captainbrogers​  |  convictiions​  |  darkpatriotism
             |  notacircusmonkey​  |  ohthatshowitis

                            F E L L O W  S O L D I E R S 

                                       ( people i adore seeing on my dash. )

             brooklynrooted  |  ofsilverlining  |  frayedpatriot  |  homiicida  |  quakiings  |
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                                T H E   H A N D L E R S 

                                ( those to be revered. the people i admire & stalk. )

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