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⭐ for Jade and Weasly please!

Had to illustrate this one~

a weird little thing i wanted to add to their designs. sure, there are probably pants out there that fit them perfectly, but when you can only shop second hand, you take what you can get. and for jade that’s whatever can fit the booty and for wesley, its whatever doesn’t irritate his skin

Submission: Agent Peggy and the Case of the Bestest Friends

Peggy was playing with her doll friend Sally. Thomas let her sometimes when he was busy with something else. And apparently he was.

“Let it go!” Angie shouted at him.

“No! I wanna play with it!”

“I had it first!”

“But action figures are for boys!”

And Peggy watched with widened eyes as Angie’s fist flew through the air and hit Thomas’s nose forcefully. Thomas fell backwards, nose beginning to bleed. He began to shout for Mr. Washington.

He didn’t cry, Peggy noticed, which was strange because she knew she would be crying. Now that she thought about it, she had never seen Thomas cry. She guessed Thomas didn’t like to cry.

Good. She would add that to her secret spy notebook. She took it out, and drew a picture of Thomas. Next to it she drew a picture of a tear drop with an X through it.

“Whatcha drawin’, Peg?” John asked, coming up behind her.

“Nuffin’!” she said, quickly closing her secret spy notebook. John shrugged and sat down next to her.

“I think Angelica is getting in trouble,” he informed her. Peggy looked up to survey the room. (She learned the word “survey” from Hercules, and she liked it a lot; it sounded like a spy word.) She saw that Mr. Washington was talking to Angelica sternly. She was standing with her arms folded, a pout on her face.

“He started it!” Peggy heard her say.

She surveyed some more, and saw that Thomas was sitting next to James, who was holding a box of tissues. Thomas had one held up to his nose, and his head tipped back.

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The Flynn Legacy
➝ generation one.

avery: well it was nice meeting you all but i am hungwy and i gotta go find my momma.

phillip: please don’t leave :-(

avery: don’t cwy phillip, i will come back tomowow before i leave !

BIGBANG Reactions to Their Baby Crying in Their Arms


Seunghyun had just come home from a long day out at the studio. Surprisingly, he found you and your child still awake, your child playing with his toes while you held him, watching a new K-drama that you had recently started. Taking off his coat, he suddenly wished that he could’ve spent the day at home with his child. After all, he knew just how quickly kids seemed to be growing up these days and didn’t want to miss out on anything with his own child. Unfortunately, with BIGBANGs comeback on the horizon, it didn’t seem as if he would be able to spend lots of time at home for the next few weeks. Yearning to show affection to his child, he made his way over to where the two of you were sitting and gently picked up your son. He marveled at the prospect of this small being growing into person capable of doing things all by himself. Seunghyun was so caught up in his own thoughts that he hadn’t noticed how his baby’s face had begun to pucker. The cries of the child in his arms quickly pulled him out of his reverie, immediately responding to quieten his son. This, of course, meant that he was making silly faces at his spawn. The cries slowly began to fade away, soon replaced with the lovely sound of his fetus’s laughter.

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“Jagi, what’s wrong with our daughter? She usually loves it when I pick her up! Did she get hurt somewhere?” You had just come out of the washroom when you were bombarded by all of these questions. “Youngbae, damn it, I just wanted to go poo in peace,” you sighed, knowing that he was probably racking his mind trying to figure out what could have made his little princess so upset. Not wanting him to fret any longer, you began to help come up with a solution. “Well, let’s see. She was fine when I was holding her ten minutes ago. Maybe she just misses her mommy?” You extended your hands towards your small shit nugget. As soon as she saw you reaching out for her, her sobs subsided and she began to stretch her body towards you, whimpering. You took her from your husband, trying to find the cause behind the shrill cries. As you rocked the turd in your arms, she began to tug at your shirt. You finally knew what was causing her to scream like a banshee. “We’re both idiots,” you laughed, “she’s just hungry.” Youngbae sighed in relief. “Thank god. I thought my little angel was hurt. Now, what are you waiting for? Go feed our precious muffin!”

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Jiyong was a busy man, but between the photo shoots and interviews and performances, he still tried to make time to see his baby girl - make that baby girls. He always helped out with your daughter at night, knowing just how exhausted you were from taking care of her during the day. He also wanted to be able to spend more time with her as the idol life always seemed to drag him to an event of some sort any time that he wanted to spend the day at home with his little one. However, by a stroke of luck, a full day finally opened up in Jiyong’s schedule, permitting him to spend time with you and your smol. It was around midday and she had been playing with her baby floor gym. You were getting ready to make a snack and Jiyong was watching the little one play in fascination. As you turned to grab a loaf of bread to make your sandwich, you heard your daughter begin to whimper. Turning, you saw Jiyong holding the child, bouncing slightly. He began to speak to his little girl, “why are you cwying wittle guwl? You’re a pwincess, you can’t cwy!” You continued to watch your husband speak as if he was a toddler in amusement. However, it did seem to help stop the whimpers. “Daddy’s hewe! And he thinks you and mommy awe the pwettiest guwls he’s ewer seen!” Jiyong turned to you and winked as your little bean began to giggle at her father’s antics.

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You seated yourself on the couch, your child in your lap. It was approaching 8 pm, around the time your child usually fell asleep and you had just finished feeding the baby some milk when you heard footsteps approaching from the stairs. Surprisingly, it seemed your son had more energy than you anticipated at this time of night. Just then, you felt a pair of hands hold your shoulders as the owner of those hands popped his head over your shoulder. “Ah, jagi, you seem tired,” Daesung observed, “Would you like for me to hold the baby? He seems like he wants to play with his dad.” Feeling grateful, you nodded your head, relieved to be able to rest for what seemed like the first time that day. Closing your eyes for what felt like only a moment, cries abruptly pulled you back from the warm clutches of sleep. You looked around, already knowing it was your child crying before finding the source. Before you got off the couch, however, you began to hear a melodic sound begin to accompany the loud screeches. As the shrieks of your ex-womb inhabiter began to quieten, you could more clearly hear your husband filling the house with the sound of his voice. “Sleep well, my child, in the garden and behind the hills…” You had always loved to hear Daesung sing. “… The child stays alone and watches the house…” You felt yourself relax as Daesung continued to sing and knew that your little man had been put to sleep. He always calmed down whenever his father sung, finding the same solace as you did, it seemed. “… He lays down at the ocean’s lullaby, and slowly falls asleep.” And, with that, you had fallen asleep.

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Nobody thought that when you gave birth that Seungri would be ready to become the overprotective father. Despite the fact that neither of you had really planned to cause your belly to inflate with another human specimen, neither of you wanted to terminate the pregnancy. Instead, you both accepted this new change into your lives with open arms. Once the bloody mess of a human had exited your vagina, however, it was like a whole new person had taken hold of Seungri. He suddenly became very protective of his spawn, constantly showering her with affection and wanting to hold her every second of the day. This particular day, she had been taking a nap in your arms when Seungri spotted her. “I think she’s about to wake up,” you whispered, “she fell asleep about half an hour ago and she usually wakes up by now.” Taking this as an invitation for him to wake her, Seungri reached over and picked up the mistake child from your lap. The sudden disturbance caused her to wake. Upon opening her eyes groggily, she began to try to break glass with her screams and whines. Seungri immediately sprung into action, quickly carrying her over to her toy box and pulling out all of the dolls he could. He offered them to her, one by one, essentially offering all the contents of the box to the small demon child. She shook her head at each one until he finally came across her favourite toy, a stuffed panda bear. Using both of her small hands to grab it, she forgot all about being awoken from her nap and began to shake the panda bear excitedly around in her small, grubby hands.

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Unfamiliar || Luke Hemmings

I M A G I N E 

“It won’t be long, Y/N, I promise!” Luke reassured as he held up your 4 year old daughter. Although you were happy to see the father of your kid spend time with her, you were still unconvinced. 

“Are you sure?” You asked hesitantly, fearful of what would happen in the next few months.

“Everything is gonna be just fine, Y/N!” Luke cheers as he grabs you into a hug with his free arm. “Heck, I’ll be back before you know it!” Luke says happily as he plants a kiss on your forehead. 

This was 9 months ago before your husband had left to Japan to begin the tour. 

During that time, you raised your only daughter, Lyla. She was so young and gorgeous, with luscious blonde hair like Luke. She also had his spirit and cheerfulness as well as brains in math. Her way with numbers was quite extraordinary, considering that you also allowed Liz to babysit her when you had errands to run. 

“Lyla, stop messing with your skirt!” You urged at the small child as you grabbed her hands from the hem of the clothing. Today, Luke was coming back home and it was an exciting time for the two of you. Finally, he could come back and spend time with you and your daughter– just the three of you. And, occasionally, with the rest of the boys. 

“Mama, why am I dwessed?” Lyla asked quietly, her voice pure with the inability to pronounce the ‘r’ properly. She was still awful young. You bend down to meet her eyes and smile. 

“Because someone special is coming, baby,” you coo as the girl nods quickly. Her chubby cheeks move lightly with each nod, making you smile even more from how adorable she was. She is your daughter after all. 

Suddenly, a knock was heard from the front door, making you spring up and hurry to the door. Holding your daughters hand, you lead her over and take a deep breath. This is it… Opening the door gently, you were immediately greeted by the hug of a tall, lanky being. Luke.

“Y/N! Oh, Y/N!” Luke says in some sort of pure relief. His arms tighten slightly with every second the embrace endured. Your arms wrap around him, feeling overwhelming happiness take you over. You missed this tall bean so badly– it was insane that he was there now. You were in some state of shock.

“Hi, I love you, hi,” you whispered quickly as he held you. Tears began to roll down your cheeks from the joy. His fingers lightly dig into your back, feeling himself sniffling in emotion as well. 

“I love you, too, baby!” Luke whispered before he ended the hug, held you shoulders, and took a good look at you. His eyes were already getting pink with tears dancing in them. His gives you this weak smile, having it so wide but trembling in emotion. “You’re so beautiful, so lovely, baby.” 

“I missed you, Luke,” you whispered as he cups one of your cheeks with his hand. You were then tugged by your shirt by the little person in the room. You look down to find your daughter, worry all over her face as she frowns up at Luke. 

“Stop making mommy cwy!” Lyla spat, giving Luke a dirty look as she clung onto your leg. You smiled at the protective girl, patting her head with your hand. It was adorable, and just a bit amusing to see her defensive side. 

“Lyla, look at you…” Luke whispered in wonder as he bends down to meet her eyes. They were just as icy blue as Luke’s, making your stomach fill with butterflies. Luke gives her a friendly smile, causing her grip to get tighter on your leg. 

“Um, mister?” Lyla begins, studying Luke with a puzzled face. “Who are you?” In an instant, Luke’s face turned pale. His eyes widen slightly as his lips parted a bit. A pit of anxiety slammed into stomach, killing the butterflies in a snap. But you weren’t worried about you. 

You were scared for Luke. 

“Lyla, don’t you recognize me?” Luke began to push as he wiped his happy tears from his eyes. Lyla looked at him skeptically, her eyes shifting to every part of Luke’s body. 

“No,” Lyla says simply, hiding behind your leg with her head popping out to watch Luke. You turn to see Luke stunned, his eyes burning into Lyla’s as they stared each other down. 

“Baby, I’m your daddy,” Luke tries, chuckling nervously as his hands coddle his chest. “LukeyPukey, remember? I’m your father, Lyla.” 

“Nu uh, you can’t be my daddy!” Lyla attacks, taking you and Luke aback. 

“Oh? And why’s that?” Luke asked, his voice cracking from emotion. He was losing himself. 

My daddy can sing!” Lyla says, giggling at the memory of sound she has in her mind. It was incredible, honestly. While Lyla cannot recall images or people she has met, music and lyrics stick onto her mind with ease and she can recite them perfectly. You guessed she got that from Luke. 

“Oh yeah?” Luke says, his smiling coming back around. He was confident again, making you smile. “He plays guitar, too, right?” Luke asks, grabbing his guitar case from behind him. 

“Y-yeah…” Lyla stuttered, shocked and curious from Luke’s motions. 

“And he sang this song, right?” Luke asks as he reveals his guitar and begins strumming the chorus. “She’s looks so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear…”

And I know now,” Lyla joins, having the two sing with each other. “That I’m so down.”

“Ly, I’m your daddy,” Luke tells her with a small smile. He sets the guitar aside as Lyla looks at Luke. For a moment, she looked at him with a completely frozen look, unsure as to how to react. But, another moment comes along, and she starts weeping. 

“Daddy!” She cheers, running into his arms while wrapping hers around his neck. “You really are my daddy!” Luke secures his arms around her as he stands up and holds her better. Tears were felt on his neck as you began to cry yourself. 

“Yeah,” Luke responds weakly, his voice cracking. “I really am your daddy,” Luke says, looking down at you contently. Luke goes over to you and plants a gentle kiss on your forehead as he rocks Lyla in his arms. 

“I missed you, daddy,” Lyla says softly, her arms loosening but still firm around his neck. Luke sighs shakily as he leans his head on the side on hers. 

“I missed you, too, little duck,” Luke whispers. 

i tried so hard– oh so damn hard– to try to make this a sad ending. but i was like, too weak to do it. it was gonna be all like, lyla couldnt remember him so luke leaves the room and like, cries. and youre like, fuckkkkk. but i just couldnt.


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Nuh Danny, m sowwy got gendew Wong, ou a good pwincess!! But ou need wet dada hewp ou, ou not llowed to cwy an say dada being bads when ou not wet him do dada duties

It otay, fank oou. But me know Danny cant do Daddy fings if me no wet him dat da point -Danny

Komaeda as an Uncle AU

Yes, Komahina is a nice ship and I am completely obsessed with it but imagine the internal turmoil he would have once he saw Chiaki and Hajime’s child?

Hinata invites Komaeda over and the albino boy freezes once he sees the small child sitting on his father’s lap. The wild-haired boy is scared, such bright hope and new to the world, he would most definitely damage it if he even looked at it’s eyes.

Hinata pulls him down next to him, Chiaki softly smiles and tells him how he is the uncle. This can’t be happening, don’t they understand, he’ll ruin it. He had in the past, he’ll just ruin it.

Something very soft and small suddenly touches his trembling hand. He lifts up his vision to see two bright orbs filled with hope staring at him. A small smile on their chubby face. “Don’t cwy uncwle” The child mumbles.

Nagito laughs softly, tears suddenly falling down. He looks at Chiaki and Hinata with a smile of his own, “Such a bright child, I am happy for you two” Happiness, an emotion he didn’t think he would feel, coursed through him.

He looked back at the child and chuckled, “My apologies, your uncle is a bit dramatic”. The child laughs softly and says it’s okay in their adorable voice

Hinata grin and puts his hand on Komaeda’s shoulder, giving it a good squeeze. “We are the infamous trio, huh? We stick together?”


“Don’t tell him we decided her middle name might be Hope” Chiaki whispers to her husband as they both watched the tall man tickle the child with a bright smile on his face.

“I won’t, although he might figured it out. Smart bastard” Hinata smirked, before turning to his wife, “Love ya Chiaki” and kissing her cheek


“Hey Komaed—” Hinata stopped, his eyes glancing over the scene before him. Several bright eyes snapped to him, one of them belonging to his best friend.


“Hello Hinata-kun, I apologize if I disturbed you but these innocent souls were curious of the existence of my hair. Isn’t that right” He said, poking the tummy of one of the children, sending her into a fit of giggles.

“Really? I did wonder how your hair stayed like that” Hinata said, walking deeper into the room and standing next to the albino man. “Although I can’t really talk with what I have going on” He pointed at the piece of hair that stood up right.

“We have quite unique hair” Komaeda laughed softly before running his hand through the wild mess of white waves that stood on his head.

“Do you and daddy have any funny stories about each other?” A soft innocent voice belonging to Hinata’s own child spoke.


Komaeda no

“There was this one time with your Aunt Owari..”


“Nananana  na na na” Chiaki’s ears perked up as a soft melody made it’s way to her ears. Softly placing her hands on the door to her daughter’s bedroom, she pushed it open. A small smile made it’s way to her lips once she discovered the source of the sound.

Komaeda sat on a wooden chair beside her little baby’s bed, his mouth opening softly as different soft tunes left it, his eyes glancing at the sleeping youth.

“Hajime told me you had a nice voice, I must say I agree with him” She spoke quietly as to not disturb the girl. Komaeda chuckled softly as he turned to Chiaki.

“He did? I didn’t I did but he insisted on it. Guess he was right” The short-haired woman smiled as she walked over to the other side of the bed and fixed the covers over the sleeping kid.

“You know, Komaeda-san, she has taken quite the liking to you. You shouldn’t distance yourself from her or us, you care for her too” She said

“Still can read people well, Nanami-san” A bitter laugh left his lips as he turned his eyes to her, “I have caused you so much damage, I would not want her to be tainted by my lu—” Nanami raised her hand, silencing him.

“Komaeda, that is in the past. We all committed mistakes, but we learned from them. We were teenagers, you were just passing your time. I do not blame you for anything. I want you to be able to enjoy your life happily, like the rest of our class” She spoke

“You are very sweet, Nanami-san” He replied.

“You shouldn’t hide away, we are all together after such a dark time. We should treasure this precious time, that’s what I think”

“I agree, thank you for accepting me back.” Komaeda said

“Thank you for coming back” She smiled


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