Hey guys, here are more info for my next attendant event CWTK. My friends will have a booth at D46 and selling my product, all the washi tapes and postcards will be available on the second day (12/20) of the event in kaohsiung, Taiwan. If you are there, plz come stop by and say Hi! :)
哈囉大家,雖然這裡沒有人在看~但是我的商品會在CWTK19 Day2 (2015/12/20) 販售,如果有興趣可以去看看喔!攤位在D46,只參加第二天喔。

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CWTK - Swedish Pastry Semla “Fatass Tuesday / Fettisdag”

External image

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Fatass Tuesday is a week away, better prepare the Semlor.

175g Butter
5dl Milk
1,5-2,5dl Sugar
Lots of Flour “with extra protein/gluten”.
Lots of Whipcream

Things to point out, i added sugar to the dough it wasn’t recorded sorry! Ssed vanilla sugar in the cream and for decorative. Should be floursugar for decorative, but improvising is part of cooking.

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