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I did moodboards from your "Bowers Gang as aesthetic posts" entry, do you mind if I share them? Of course I'll give you the proper credits.

Oh wow, that would be super duper cool? Please, please share them and tag me! I’d love to see them!

Yehiii! I arrived to the 2.4 K followers today… so i need to make my first follow forever :) is for only 50 accounts, but i’ll make other follow forever soon don’t worry.. If i missed one i’m sorry.. EVERYONE IS IMPORTANT FOR ME HEREEE!! ILY ALL!!

So here we go :D in alphabetical order, favs / friends i bold:


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6 Movies I Will Always Watch

Note: This is NOT a handwriting tag meme. I just wanted to do it using my handrwriting because… Why not!! XDD. I wanted to try my new T, because I don’t like how I used to write letter T.

So you can answer (if you want to answer hehe) however you want ;)

I was tagged by. @cwpunk (gracias Zai)

I’m going to tag: @girlwithwolftatoo , @vialdovi , @raspberryrasin , @heavenlygaga , I don´t know who else…

My sis @luisamariatraumer =) (conteste cuando pueda ñaña, tómese su tiempo).