All right, New York. Get ready for badassery.

I got my (probably) last box unpacked, and left some flyers around at every lame hipster I could find. Even managed to come across a freakin library, who knew they’d have em here, too? Lastly but no doubt the best part, I finally get to have my hawk back. Still got the Puckerman touch on getting this bad boy to be top notch, too. The ladies of New York are gonna thank me big time.

There’s this little cat that has been hanging around the building I work in and for some freakin’ reason it decided to follow me during my walk home. It made it all the way upstairs, but I managed to keep it out of my apartment. Now it’s just sitting in the hallway yowling. What the fuck? This is not the kind of pussy I like following me home.

Finished moving in!

And after a full day of moving in, I’m a little exhausted.  Thank goodness there was an elevator at least, I wouldn’t have wanted to lug all those boxes up several flights of stairs. I know this is the city that never sleeps, but I’m on the verge of clocking out for at least the next ten hours.

But hey, how’s everybody doing? Long time no speak to most of you!

text message ✉ all but KURT
  • FINN:Really no need to mention that his year being 22 was crappy and I want to make sure 23 has the greatest kick start. He really deserves this and it'd mean the world if you'd be there.
  • FINN:I'll make him go to work or something so we could all invade his house and set something up like balloons and cake(s) and gifts for him.
  • FINN:What I need to know, do we have or nah?

As somebody who composes catchy advertisements in hopes of them getting stuck in somebody else’s head, it’s always infuriating when somebody can do it better than me.  I’ve had a jingle for a carpet cleaner stuck in my head all day.  I almost gave them a call until it dawned on me my apartment has hardwood floors.   

I have exactly zero actual complaints about getting to be a working actor with a steady gig – I wouldn’t trade it for anything – but I’d like to assert a statement that Wednesdays are, by their very nature, the longest days. And after essentially working a double shift, I couldn’t be happier to be home. 

And then – then – I trip over someone else’s shoes because they haven’t been put in the shoe rack that is specifically placed by the door for shoes.

I hope everyone else is having a much better evening than I am. 

I finally manage to make one of these blogs. I swear I haven’t had much order with my life lately. Which would shock some of my former warblers. I am not sure if you remember me or not. But I was the prestigious leader of the one and only The Warblers of Dalton Academy.  I even heard once that some lovely lady tried out for our precious boy school. I’m so sorry but the tradition of the choir has to stay intact. So if none of you know me, I’m Wes Montgomery, and I’m here to greet you with my lovely presence’s on you’re dash.

And if I offended anyone I will truly and deeply am sorry. I just needed to have a lovely intro, and here I am rambling away as per usual.  It must be the lawyer inside me.  Honestly I’m still also grateful that I have my loyal and faithful Bertha. She has made it a pleasure to even enjoy my time as a New York Lawyer.