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The club was busy, it always was at this time on a Friday.  Peeking through the curtain with a few of the other girls it looked like all the booths were full and it was standing room only at the bar.  The boss was in tonight, schmoozing the patrons, the souls must be rolling in.  “Come on now girls, it’s almost time for the main attraction.”  Rowena purred as she ushered the gaggle of scantily clad Omegas back to the changing stations.  Emily glanced in the mirror and decided to reapply her lipstick.  She hated it here but it was definitely safer for and unclaimed omega to be here than out on the street, fending for themselves.  From the stage she heard the boss take the mic and his British accent rang out across the club.  “And now, gentlemen, my main attraction, the girl who many of you would sell your soul for…the beautiful, enchanting Emily.”  The crowd erupted in a mixture of cheers and catcalls with the occasional wolf whistle and she steeled herself, lifted her chin and with a fake smile she prowled onto the stage.  Running her hand seductively down Crowleys arm she took the mic from him.  

“Thank you Sir for such a stirring introduction.”  Sending him a wink she then began her opening number, charming and seducing the audience as was her skill.  She could smell that they were mostly Betas, a few Alphas but they all knew exactly what she was and Crowley used that to his advantage.


“When I was 17, I got a part in the longest-running Welsh-language television soap opera produced by the BBC, Pobol y Cwm and thought, ‘Maybe if they think I can be an actor, I can be.’ Thus, I decided to enrol myself at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art to be trained. After that was auditions. I was out of drama school for about a year before I got a role as the haunted, suicidal Moritz in the London production of the musical version of Frank Wedekind’s Spring Awakening. It’s tough out there and you’ve really got to believe in yourself.” -Iwan Rheon Photographed by Dyan Jong

Come What May (Dan/Phil) Chapter Fourty-eight
Title: Come What May

Pairing: Dan and Phil (Phan)

Chapter: 48 of 48

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Feelings

Alternate Universe? Yes

Synopsis: Phil Lester usually wasn’t one to go to strip clubs. But after being coaxed into it by a couple of his friends he meets the ever hypnotizing Greyson Bear(Dan Howell). Easily falling in love with him Phil works to save Dan from the underworld of prostitution.

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