When I Want Your Opinion, I’ll Give it to You (Avengers x reader)

ok so idk if I’m supposed to message you or not? idk man anyway I just had this thought looking through my feed and saw all of your menstruation posts and would like to ask if you could make an imagine with Pietro/ Bucky either one where it’s your time of the month and like ur this badass chick who’s beaten even Nat and like their just like ‘omg you’ve done all this stuff’ and ur just like 'no uterus no opinion’ and then fluff and yeah sorry this is so long but… thanks if you can and yeah –C

With one hand around the throat of a Hydra agent and the other holding the knife that you had pierced through his partner’s chest, there wasn’t much room for nature to make its grand entrance into your day.  The telltale cramp started between your hips then pushed into your back and down your legs, testing your ability to stay upright with your fresh kills still in hand. You dropped the one from your choke hold, but faced the other for just a moment, looking into his lifeless eyes with a sigh of disgust.

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Lydia was fast asleep on the formal living room floor because apparently that is where she passed out last night. She turned over and sat up, rubbing her eyes as she woke up and looked around as her head pounded from a hangover. “Jethuth Cwith.” BYE.