Higher and Higher

Title: Higher and Higher

 Prompt: This is for the #jm cwf spn writing contest hosted by @pretty-odd-jenn.  I chose the song “Higher and Higher” with the pairing, Lucifer x Reader.

 Summary: Lucifer finally found his heaven…you.  

 Warnings: none?

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Masterlist of FanFiction 

Originally posted by markpellegrinoworld

Lucifer leaned against the doorframe.  His sweatpants were hung low on his hips, his hair sticking out in all different directions. The two of you had just gotten out of bed, you claimed if you didn’t get food and coffee you would get cranky.  So he followed you down, and he watched as you cooked your breakfast.  

There was something about you that always took Lucifer’s breath away.  It was just chance that he saw you that day, but ever since, he couldn’t stay away.  He smiled as your hair shone in the morning sun.  You hadn’t even brushed it yet, but it still looked beautiful.  It was pulled up into a sloppy bun, strands hanging out every which way.  

You hummed as you mixed up some waffles and poured the batter into the iron.  The vibration of your voice moved through the kitchen and hit Lucifer as if it were a mist, wrapping around him and making him release a happy sigh.

He never would have imagined that his father would make a creature like you.  Someone who was so different from all of humanity. Where others wanted progress, you wanted simplicity, a more natural life.  Where others wanted expensive things and elaborate homes, you considered your home to be wrapped up in his arms, looking into his eyes.

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Scott Hall [1984]

The future Razor Ramon debuted in Championship Wrestling from Florida (CWF). This was a part of the NWA at the time, and sure enough, his first feud was against a fellow future legend, Dusty Rhodes, who had already made quite a name for himself. A year later, Hall formed a tag team with Dan Spivey that was known as the (get a load of this) American Starship, with Hall going by Starship Coyote and Spivey as Starship Eagle. They wore big bright masks, furry boots, and ripped their shirts off when they got in the ring.


TOMORROW NIGHT: We will be (not so)live-tweeting this past Saturdays CWF Mid-Atlantic event “Ultra J Showcase” which featured the stars of the Ultra J Division headlined by the 2 out of 3 falls match up between Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett. A match which many people that were in attendance are calling a must see match and an early match of the year candidate. 

The card includes: 

  1. Rising Generation League Title Match – One Fall Three Way
    “Sho Smoove” Chris Lea vs. Jordan Flyght vs. Chet Sterling ©
  2. Mid-Atlantic Television Title Match
    Adam Page vs. Chase Dakota ©
  3. Six-Man Tag
    Kamakazi Kid, Lance Lude, & Xsiris vs. Shawn Christian & Smith & Weston (Smith Garrett & Charlie Weston)
  4. Lee Valiant vs. Chris Escobar
  5. PWI Ultra J Crown Title – Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match
    Andrew Everett © vs. Trevor Lee

Order the mp4 from for just $6.99 and watch it on February 11th at 9pm ET, comment on what you like and what you don’t like on Twitter and join in on the conversation with us and members of the CWF Mid-Atlantic staff and locker room using #TBDCWF

- Mike 

Wagon Wheel

(gif credit to the creator)

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 1,030
Warnings: drinking
Song: Wagon Wheel - Jason Manns (feat. Rob Benedict & Richard Speight Jr.)
A/N: Here’s my entry for @i-like-your-assbutt Jason Mann’s Covers with Friends challenge! My song was Wagon Wheel. Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback is cool :)

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The Way You Make Me Feel

Originally posted by tulpalecki

Pairing: LuciferxReader
Word count: 1,990
Warnings: Swearing, possession, fingering, oral
Request: Anonymous. Could you do a luci smut where instead of using his own vessel, he uses the reader. So, it’d end up being the reader feeling everything her own hands are doing, but luci is in control.
: This fic is also for Jason Manns Covers With Friends - SPN Writing Contest

You’d had it bad for Lucifer since the day you’d laid eyes on him. Some days you were sure that he knew, other days he seemed oblivious. It was so frustrating, but you weren’t about to attempt to woo him.

Laying in your motel bed, you had your headphones in, your eyes closed. You’d finished up a hunt earlier, and decided to take a night to yourself before heading out to meet up with the Winchesters. Getting a night to relax to yourself was something you always looked forward to.

You felt like you were being watched, so you slowly opened your eyes. Leaning against your dresser…was Lucifer. A smirk on his face. You pulled the cord to your headphones as you sat up, not sure if you’d fallen asleep or what. “Lucifer?” You asked, scrambling to pause your music.

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Jason Manns Covers With Friends - SPN Writing Contest

I am completely OBSESSED with Jason Manns’ Covers With Friends album, and I know I’m not the only one. So I was thinking: what about a writing contest about it?

So that is what I’m doing now, and why you are reading this.

The contest would be choosing a song from the album (the list of songs will be below as well as a link to Jason’s bandcamp page), a pairing, and sending me what you choose through an ASK, which means no anon entries. Any anon entries will be ignored. Three people per song is the limit. The fic can be angst, fluff, smut, or whatever combination you want.

The winners will receive:

First Place - Personalized fic (their name instead of Y/N) with whatever SPN character they choose and a ship OR an aesthetic of any SPN character with a color, a ship, and a spam of (SPN Character) gifs by yours truly.

Second Place - Two aesthetics with SPN character(s) of their choosing with a color and a ship OR a gif spam with character of choice and a One Free Request Coupon, redeemable on my account that never expires and is only used ONCE.

Third Place - One aesthetic with a character of their choosing with a color and a shout-out OR a follow-back from me and a gif spam.

Submissions to participate must be received before October 1st and the fic itself MUST be posted anytime before Halloween for it to be put on the fic masterlist I will be compiling during the week after.

If it has a like from my personal @pretty-odd-jenn and a reblog from this account, I have seen it. The winners will be announced the day I compile the masterlist, aka sometime during the first week of November.

The songs are:

Jason Manns & Rob Benedict - Come Together

Jason Manns & Michael Rosenbaum - Mad World

Jason Manns, Jensen Ackles, Rob Benedict, Gil McKinney, & Richard Speight, Jr. - The Weight

Jason Manns & Jensen Ackles - Simple Man

(Sittin’ on the) Dock of the Bay

Jason Manns, Richard Speight, Jr., & Rob Benedict - Wagon Wheel

Jason Manns & Gil McKinney - Higher and Higher


The Way You Make Me Feel

Stand by Me

As I said up top, three people per song. Any pairing or ship that your heart desires. Fluff, smut, angst, whatever you think you would have fun writing. Just send it in an ask and I’ll gladly get back to you.

The link to the bandcamp page is here:

I hope to see you in my ask box soon! Jen out!!