NWA International Heavyweight Champion Butch Reed

In 1982, “The Natural” Butch Reed made his way to Championship Wrestling From Florida, where the rookie quickly gained adoration and recognition when he defeated Dory Funk Jr. for the NWA International Heavyweight Championship. The championship, which was recognized by the NWA through its partnership with the Japan Pro Wreslting Alliance and later All Japan Pro Wrestling, was one of three titles that were unified into the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship. Unfortunately, the title change isn’t recognized by All Japan, due to the fact that the match wasn’t sanctioned by AJPW.


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Andy Kaufman
[October 11th, 1981]

There are few wrestling historians who would disagree that Andy Kaufman’s foray into wrestling is the greatest celebrity appearance of all-time. Rightfully so, too, because Kaufman totally commited himself to the craft. Kaufman’s comedy stylings always focused on pulling a rouse over the crowd, getting them to believe one thing when something else entirely is evident. It’s no wonder why the world of professional wrestling was something he desired to be a part of, nor why he was so great at being such a despicable character.

Andy began wrestling in 1981, debuting in Memphis, Tennessee’s CWF. The former Taxi star kicked off his career by challenging women in the audience to matches, defeating them while also embarrassing them much to the chagrin of fans of both sexes (men who called him a coward, women who wanted a piece of him themselves). When it looked as if Andy was about to taste defeat, he would cheat to gain a victory, often pulling his opponents’ hair, poking them in the eyes, or using a closed fist to gain his victories. Because of his winning streak, Andy began calling himself The Women’s Wrestling Champion Of The World, wearing a slick iron-on t-shirt promoting the moniker. Because of this gimmick, Kaufman would receive hundreds of letters from angry women, challenging Andy to a match.

Higher and Higher

Title: Higher and Higher

 Prompt: This is for the #jm cwf spn writing contest hosted by @pretty-odd-jenn.  I chose the song “Higher and Higher” with the pairing, Lucifer x Reader.

 Summary: Lucifer finally found his heaven…you.  

 Warnings: none?

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Masterlist of FanFiction 

Originally posted by markpellegrinoworld

Lucifer leaned against the doorframe.  His sweatpants were hung low on his hips, his hair sticking out in all different directions. The two of you had just gotten out of bed, you claimed if you didn’t get food and coffee you would get cranky.  So he followed you down, and he watched as you cooked your breakfast.  

There was something about you that always took Lucifer’s breath away.  It was just chance that he saw you that day, but ever since, he couldn’t stay away.  He smiled as your hair shone in the morning sun.  You hadn’t even brushed it yet, but it still looked beautiful.  It was pulled up into a sloppy bun, strands hanging out every which way.  

You hummed as you mixed up some waffles and poured the batter into the iron.  The vibration of your voice moved through the kitchen and hit Lucifer as if it were a mist, wrapping around him and making him release a happy sigh.

He never would have imagined that his father would make a creature like you.  Someone who was so different from all of humanity. Where others wanted progress, you wanted simplicity, a more natural life.  Where others wanted expensive things and elaborate homes, you considered your home to be wrapped up in his arms, looking into his eyes.

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Room 117

Pairing: AJ Styles x Shane McMahon (younger AJ, current-day Shane)

Summary: Some guy called Shane checks into a rundown motel in the middle of nowhere early one morning. He gets a visitor…

Notes: Young AJ training for CWF matches on YouTube inspired this - he’s so cute and lithe and luscious. Also, Shane’s *heart eyes* on Talking Smack (RIP) whenever he looked at AJ sure didn’t hurt (neither did thirsting over Twinky AJ with @llowkeys – ~love you, girl~)

Warnings: Adultery, a slight little tiny bit of Daddy Kink, mention of religion, voyeurism.

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Cutie-pie Twink AJ 

Originally posted by nimondrell-nim

Daddy Shane

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In the mid-1980s, Nancy Toffoloni made her wrestling debut in Championship Wrestling from Florida (CWF), eventually aligning herself with Kevin Sullivan while using the name Fallen Angel. When Sullivan came to WCW, Toffoloni wasn’t far behind, changing her name to Woman and support Sullivan throughout his tenure in the company while also managing Doom. In 1993, Sullivan and Nancy joined the ECW roster, where Nancy continued to use the name Woman. As the manager of Sullivan and The Tazmaniac (later known as Taz), Woman managed the duo to win the ECW World Tag Team Championships.

When Kevin Sullivan left ECW, Woman began a working relationship with The Sandman that had some personal issues involved. The Sandman had split from his wife and valet, Peaches, so Woman found a way to keep the two apart and keep herself useful. Woman would aid The Sandman in any way possible, from opening beers to caning his opponents during matches. In mid-1994, The Sandman was feuding with Tommy Dreamer when Dreamer used a lit cigarette to blind The Sandman, after which he caned him in the face. Woman claimed she was leaving The Sandman as he was now useless to her, which led to Peaches trying to come back into the picture. Woman got involved, caning Peaches which led to Dreamer emerging to stop her. Meanwhile, The Sandman removed his blindfold and attacked Dreamer, proving the entire thing to be a rouse as The Sandman and Woman reconciled.

After Woman left The Sandman to begin managing Shane Douglas, Douglas let his guard down which led to her aiding The Sandman in defeating Douglas for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. As the champion, Woman would often fool his opponents into showing sympathy for her when she would get knocked down or fear for The Sandman’s health, which led to the opponents’ downfall. In a controversial moment, The Sandman began using a Singapore cane to attack Mikey Whipwreck, which visually aroused Woman. In October of 1995, 2 Cold Scorpio defeated Public Enemy’s Rocco Rock for the ECW World Tag Team Champions, with a stipulation that allowed him to choose a partner in which to reign with. Scorpio chose The Sandman, which finished the year off with the three on top of the company.

As a manager, Woman had the grace and attitude of making you believe in whoever she backed with just a look. Rarely one to show emotion aside from utter disgust, when you saw Woman walking The Sandman to the ring, you had the utmost faith in the fact that whoever The Sandman was facing wasn’t going to have a great night. Despite The Sandman’s drinking habits, Woman always had her man’s back, and proved that by being at his side throughout a successful reign as ECW World Heavyweight Champion, and ECW World Tag Team Champion. In January of 1996, Woman informed 2 Cold Scorpio and The Sandman that she’d be leaving ECW, and their working relationship ended forever.


Title: Kiss

 Prompt: This is for the #jm cwf spn writing contest hosted by @pretty-odd-jenn.  I chose the song “Kiss” with the pairing, Crowley x Reader

 Summary: A certain song reminds you of how you met Crowley, and reminds Crowley about how much he cares about you.  

 Warnings: Mentions/Hints of sexual things.

 Tags:  @grace-for-sale , @lucifer-in-leather , @thewicked-end , @chelsea072498 , @nerdwholikesword , @chaos-and-the-calm67 , @percywinchester27 , @pizzarollpatrol , @savingapplepie-eatingthings , @cici0507 , @wayward-mirage , @charliebradbury1104 , @melonberri , @bellastellaluna , @pinolief2001 , @feelmyroarrrr , @carry-on-my-wayward-girl , @girl-next-door-writes , @twoboys-and-afallenangel , @fangirl-faye , @the-assbutt-impala , @impalapossible 

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Masterlist of FanFiction

Originally posted by deanthekingofhell

“You don’t have to be beautiful, to turn me on…”  Your voice filled the room as you danced around the large bathroom suite, enjoying yourself as you got ready for the day.  You really did love this song, singing it made you feel so sexy.  “I just need your body, baby…from dusk till dawn.”


As you sang you couldn’t help but think of your lover, whose button up shirt you were dancing around in.  Last night had been another in a long string of passionate nights, promises of love and devotion, and you loved every moment of it.


The song and your voice drifted down the hallway and into the throne room, where Crowley sat upon his thrown, listening to the daily reports of hell.  He couldn’t help but smile as he heard your voice singing that song. The other demons looked around questioningly, but Crowley quickly put them back in line.  “What, never heard a beautiful woman sing before?”  

He swirled his drink in his hand as he managed to get the demons back on topic.  Crowley knew that most of them didn’t approve of you being here.  They couldn’t understand why the King of Hell would have a human lover, why he would cherish you as if you were his queen.  

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So I decided to do what x-wir3d-fr33k did (and she posted some neat references for fandom to use, hooray CWF), and recolored eyes (and also colorbalanced the hell out of this crops) of matoran from LoMN. Still trying to figure out how to do it best, and I’m on right track. Don’t really like how Matau and Nuju turned out (in terms of eye color), so I might give them another try when i get to their Toa versions.

I will do this at my leisure so don’t expect anything new right away.

Product of Loveliness

Originally posted by mostly-jensen

Written for the Covers with Friends Jason Manns challenge by @i-like-your-assbutt. Song I chose was “The Way You Make Me Feel”

Summary: An old friend ends up at Bobby’s, and Dean finds himself rekindling feelings from years ago. 

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer 

Warnings: Light Swearing

Content: Fluff. This is basically an excuse to write silly fluff. 

Word Count: 1.1k

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