I really look up to and appreciate Amber from f(x). Not only does she seem to really appreciate her fans but her message is, despite being very redundant, necessary for everyone to hear. That everyone is beautiful. She’s the reason I got into K-pop. Without her message I wouldn’t be here today or be the person I am and honestly I am so thankful. And I’m sure there are other people who have idols that have changed their lives for the better.

Do Kyungsoo & Cho Jungseok ‘Hyung (My Annoying Brother)’ Grossed Over 20 Billion Won in the Box Office.

Do Kyungsoo (EXO’s D.O.) & Cho Jungseok’s No.1 hit comedy ‘Hyung’ (My Annoying Brother) has grossed over 20 billion won in the Korean Box Office since its release date and has reached over 2.5 million admissions.

Congratulations D.O. & Jungseok!

cr: @dohdohan_nacho (Twitter)



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Eyy !Back at it again with the up10tion receipts! This time, up10tion reacted to a reaction video  by Afro Minx. Just skip to 5:29, that’s when they pull up her video. Oml, do you see how they all leaned in when she came on screen and we’re like “oh” and Xiao was like “oh annyeong haseyo” lol.  Bit-to, Wei, and Wooshin deadass went from standing to leaning over the other members😂😂. When she says the other members names and stuff Xiao looks so salty omg and he copies her reactions from time to time. Then you have Gyujin, Kuhn, and Wooshin  smiling most of the time and we have Hwanhee and Wei doinug the most in the background, Wei was so excited haha. Wei even called her cute like 3 times. Sunyoul called her cute first tho lol. And at the end Bit-to was like “I love you too”. Overall,  it looked like that video made their day. They were so excited and looked so happy after.