• me:i have violent impulses
  • some neurotypical:oh me too sweaty:) it okay just count to ten baby child:)
  • what i mean:wants to throw glass at people with annoying voices, is about to physically attack others for not agreeing with me, takes pleasure in imagining hurting people, thinks about blood and gore to calm myself
  • what they mean:once i was very drunk and slapped someone over a cheeto
Forgiveness does not make us more profound or conscious than our oppressors. This beast that was invited into Black space and murdered these gracious host does not deserve forgiveness. Forgiveness is not justice. Forgiveness — especially since we have not yet had room to decompress or process — is at best, an impediment and at worst, a distraction.


This is an extended featurette from Wars to Come, a look at the intersection between pop culture, Game of Thrones, and history as told through medieval illuminations.

Every period in human history has witnessed violence caused by wars, civil disputes, or acts of vengeance and retribution, but the Middle Ages are often considered to have been especially violent

This perception is in part based on the wealth of surviving images and texts from the period that depict or describe gruesome torture, bloody battles, horrifying pestilences that attacked entire communities, brutal tournaments, and physical pain and suffering. 

Many of these scenes present the multifaceted nature of death, which was at the forefront of the medieval mind, especially in relation to the daily Office of the Dead and through images of Christ’s suffering and saintly martyrdoms. Two of the most violent manuscripts in the Getty collection are Giovanni Boccaccio’s The Fates of Illustrious Men and Women (written 1355-74; illuminated about 1413-15) and Rudolf von Em’s World Chronicle (written early 13th century; illuminated about 1400-10).

The first text is a collection of stories about people from biblical, classical, and medieval history, many of whom died terrible deaths (like being crushed between boards full of nails or beheading an enemy and his army and collecting their blood in a barrel). 

The second is a compendium of world history, which by default contains countless scenes of human conflict and violence (armies decimating armies, limbs and appendages being hacked off, or the earth swallowing evil clans). 

While many today are outraged at the degree of violence and bloodshed represented in Game of Thrones, the medieval viewer would have likely sought to discern a moral lesson in the harrowing visuals.

Because I am white, I will never know the struggles of my colored brothers and sisters.

I will never know what it feels like to be a target on the street.

I will never know what it feels like to have people consider me a lesser person because of my skin.

I will never know the pain of losing family and friends because of their race or religion.

I will never know the hurt that practicing my religion will bring.

I will never know what it’s like to have the media go out of their way to twist the story to being anything other than race or religion.

I will never truly understand the pain that my brothers and sisters of different races and religions face on a daily basis because of who they are.

I understand my white privilege and how it benefits me in society.

I want to say, however, I am incredibly empathetic to what others face and am so disturbed and sad about what has happened and continues to happen to people because they are not white Christians.

I am so sorry for the losses your communities continue to face due to unreasonable hatred so deeply ingrained in society.

I am so sorry that people want to silence your pain and frustration.

You all have every right to be angry and sad and any other emotions you feel due to these acts of hatred.

Do not let the privileged silence you.

Do not let the privileged tell you how to feel.

Do not let the privileged tell you how to respond to these hate crimes.

Let your voices, your anguish, your hurt be heard because these are not random acts of violence.

These are acts of hate.

Honestly facsist theorists and politicians were so open about the fact that they would exploit the tolerance of liberalism and build strength until it was too late for them to be stopped. Like they just admitted that, but liberals are still like “its just an opinion” and are still denouncing those doing the important work of splitting fascist skulls.