People say all the time, ‘Well, I don’t understand how people could have tolerated slavery?’ 'How could they have made peace with that?’ 'How could people have gone to a lynching and participated in that?’ 'That’s so crazy, if I was living in that time I would never have tolerated anything like that.’ And the truth is we are living in this time, and we are tolerating it.
—  Bryan Stevenson, 13th on Netflix

Compromise where you can. But where you can’t, don’t. Even if everyone is telling you that something wrong is something right. Even if the whole world is telling you to move, it is your duty to plant yourself like a tree, look them in the eye and say “no… you move”.

me to baby, after twenty minutes of trying to get him to chill: …and if that purple yacht gets sunk, Mama’s gonna buy you a pickup truck. And if there’s a pickup truck recall, Mama’s gonna buy you a wrecking ball. And if that gets CPS involved, Mama’s gonna buy you an age-appropriate doll -

me to baby, after forty minutes: …and if Olympus Mons gets razed, Mama’s gonna buy you some flying sleighs. And if the flying sleighs get banned, Mama’s gonna buy you a Congressman. And if he still won’t pass your bill, Mama’s gonna buy you a Silmaril. And if that starts an awful war, Mama’s gonna buy you a dinosaur. And if your dino won’t ride to battle, Mama’s gonna buy you a magic saddle -

I didn’t think the violent riots again Milo were defensible or acceptable, but I find the violence against Charles Murray really scary. Charles Murray seems like pretty much the classic example of someone who has very objectionable views which he arrived at through research, published carefully and in good faith so that people could point out flaws in his approach or method, and does not use as an excuse to bully or harass people. People like that should absolutely be speaking at colleges and universities. 

While I think the Berkeley College Republicans were being disrespectful of the mission of their educational institution by giving a troll a microphone to bully their classmates with, I think Middlebury was absolutely acting within its educational mission to host a talk by Murray. And it’s terrifying that this, too, gets a violent response. 

A college or university that cannot hold a peaceful talk with Charles Murray is not a free environment, it is not a safe environment, and it is not an environment capable of promoting the exchange of ideas. And I’m scared that many schools in the present environment could not have done any better than Middlebury.

im so tired of villains either

  • being noticeably physically disabled, with their impairment being used to mark them out as different next to the abled heroes and somehow represent them being morally ‘tainted’ by portraying them as not ‘’’whole’’’ or as ‘’’deformed’’’
  • being ambiguously mentally disabled and labelled simply as ‘mad’, ‘crazy’, ‘odd’ etc and used to suggest that people who are mentally disabled have no choice but to be violent
  • having a chronic or terminal illness or impairment which they go to any lengths to cure, ending up hurting people in the process, scarily this often ends up in a ‘master race’ plotline, blaming disabled people for an ideology often used to enact violence against us

im tired and angry, its been done hundreds of times, disabled people are always the fucking villains its harmful and unoriginal, do something else

Doing “Justice”: Randyll Tarly Is Not Fair

Let’s put aside for a second the abominable abuse he inflicted upon Sam, and the misogyny with which he treats Brienne. Let’s just look at how Randyll Tarly makes his in-person entrance in AFFC, and examine a short part of Brienne III.

They found Lord Tarly in the fishmarket, doing justice.

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None of this is an original insight or anything, but:

The people who beat other people at Berkeley engaged in appalling behavior, and while they seem to have been a tiny minority not even associated with the school and with the peaceful protestors, it looks like peaceful protests need to be prepared for this kind of shit. I don’t know how to plan a protest in a way that protects against violent assholes using you as cover to do serious bodily injury to strangers who look like they might be their political enemies, but since I do not want violent assholes doing that when I’m protesting I intend to figure it out. 

It is good for universities to expose students to different perspectives. Not inviting Milo Yiannopoulos because he is a right-winger would have been a bad idea. Not inviting Milo Yiannopoulos because he singles out innocent uninvolved students to bully and harass, shows their pictures on stage and tries to rile up his audience against them, is a perfectly good reason to not invite him. He should never have been invited. If someone has nothing of value to say, free speech (the civic virtue, not the legal principle) does not demand you extend them invitations to come talk. 

Free speech the legal principle is totally irrelevant here and everyone talking about free speech is talking about the civic virtue, except for the people who keep interrupting them to say ‘free speech just means you don’t go to jail for it!’ As a big fan of free speech the civic virtue I wish we had different words for these two things, but we don’t, so saying ‘by the other definition of that concept the concept is irrelevant to this debate’ is not very helpful.

she, and i 
and our mouths
with clenched jaws,
our bloodied lips
and aching hands, 
make eyes across a church 
she and i
wince at loud noises
but still in the night
remind each other of our names,
i tell her i will fight until i die out there
before i let us go back into 
shadow-born citizens who 
lost our jobs for this, i’d rather 
be a smear on the street than
let others beat my brothers and sisters
for our sin of keeping others near;
she kisses me when no one is looking
and whispers,
that’s what i’m worried about

Something obvious that is inexplicably missing from a lot of the immigration debate: ‘law and order’ does not imply ‘deport people in the country illegally whenever you get a chance’. 

Because if the more than ten million immigrants that applies to know that you’re going to do that, they will never report crimes that are committed against them, they will never be able to come forward about crimes that they know are ongoing, and everyone else will know that they can commit crimes against that segment of the population and expect them not to go to the police. 

If you are genuinely concerned with law and order, creating an enormous population of people who cannot ever interact with law enforcement at all without being deported will be absolutely catastrophic. You’ll damage the capacity of your detectives to solve crimes, you’ll make it less likely crimes are even reported in the first place, and you’ll make it possible for people to, say, violently abuse a partner and get away with it by threatening to report them to ICE if they leave or complain. 

A government that was genuinely concerned with law and order would shelter these people from deportation. More than that, it would loudly and openly commit to continuing to shelter them from deportation. As long as it’s obvious that this concern isn’t a priority to the administration and that they don’t really care very much about it, the silencing effect already happens, because someone can’t risk coming forward now and then being tracked down for it in a year once the law has changed. This is a serious and very steep cost of an anti-immigration president that was imposed as soon as it seemed like he might win, got worse when he does win, and could only be rectified by a clear and open commitment to preventing it, which we will never get.

anonymous asked:

Why was Randyll Tarly belittling Brienne's achievements? They are on the same side on the war and she was helping them by killing members of the Bloody Mummers.

Yes, but Randyll Tarly is a raving misogynist who would rather the Bloody Mummers kept on killing people than a woman stepped in to do something about them.

“I came to fight,” she insisted. “To be a knight.”

“The gods made men to fight, and women to bear children,” Randyll Tarly said. “A woman’s war is in the birthing bed.”

- Brienne III, AFFC


Anyway, Brienne’s achievements totally break Randyll’s brain, and he goes into denial mode.

“If it please my lord,” Ser Hyle said, “I watched her fight the Mummers. She is stronger than most men, and quick -”

“The sword is quick,” Tarly snapped. “That is the nature of Valyrian steel. Stronger than most men? Aye, she’s a freak of nature, far be it from me to deny it.”

- Brienne V, AFFC

What a tool.

He can’t accept Brienne’s a woman after that. Hell, he barely acknowledges she’s a person.

“Some men are blessed with sons, some with daughters. No man deserves to be cursed with such as you.”

- Brienne V, AFFC

Seriously, this man is awful. (And for more reasons than just this, as we see with his idea of “justice” in Brienne III, and the way he treated Sam.)

But back to the point. Recognising that Brienne did great in getting rid of the Mummers while somehow also being a woman at the same time would force Randyll to admit - and I know this is a truly shocking observation - that gender does not determine talent and skill. So he minimises the achievements and belittles her instead.