The United States of America is only one of two countries that has not approved and accepted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The other is South Sudan, which has already begun the ratification process. 

Among other things, the CRC ensures children under the age of 18 have the right to life, identity and name, education, freedom of expression, equal opportunity, healthcare, psychological recovery, cultural sensitivities for minority/indigenous groups, and access to information [x].

The lack of the CRC in the USA is part of the reason why it is okay to send children to abusive “camps” that attack their identity as LGBTQ+ minorities, enroll them in private schools that intentionally deny students opportunities to learn about science (particularly anatomy and sexuality), and sign away their children’s rights to the state.

It is also why juveniles in the USA can be sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of parole, a legal implications that particularly affects people of color, especially Black and Latinx children. 

The CRC also specifies that children should not be disciplined in a manner that is considered abusive, and the USA therefore does not regulate the “discipline” occurring in homes of at-risk children, even when it qualifies as mental or emotional abuse. 

Due to the lack of the CRC, children can be relocated against their will (eg, deportation/trafficking) to potentially dangerous and life-threatening places, can be separated from their parents, or can be kept in isolation. 

Basically, the United States, which claims to be a great champion of human rights, has consistently refused to ratify or even introduce the bill to ratify the Convention of the Rights of the Child.


GRAPHIC: Debunking The ‘War On Police’

Conservative politicians and commentators are claiming that a recent spate of cop killings means police officers are being “hunted” thanks to the rhetoric of the Black Lives Matter movement, which criticizes racist policing. One cop even faked his own shooting amid the hubbub, triggering a city-wide manhunt. But despite the fearmongering headlines, the historical trend shows otherwise.

im so tired of villains either

  • being noticeably physically disabled, with their impairment being used to mark them out as different next to the abled heroes and somehow represent them being morally ‘tainted’ by portraying them as not ‘’’whole’’’ or as ‘’’deformed’’’
  • being ambiguously mentally disabled and labelled simply as ‘mad’, ‘crazy’, ‘odd’ etc and used to suggest that people who are mentally disabled have no choice but to be violent
  • having a chronic or terminal illness or impairment which they go to any lengths to cure, ending up hurting people in the process, scarily this often ends up in a ‘master race’ plotline, blaming disabled people for an ideology often used to enact violence against us

im tired and angry, its been done hundreds of times, disabled people are always the fucking villains its harmful and unoriginal, do something else

just a reminder that like 2 days after some nasty cishet joked about bringing a gun to pride, there was a mass shooting inside a gay club in florida. just a fucking reminder that your words have meaning and weight and that those “jokes” aren’t even remotely funny because we are literally still being murdered just for existing.

i’m so fucking done with respectability politics. as long as there are still cishets who want us dead i don’t want them near me i don’t want them in my spaces i don’t fucking care how much sexual or romantic attraction they do or do not feel, it’s genuinely dangerous it puts our lives in danger and our safety is more important than the feelings of people who want to exterminate us. get the fuck over it.



Compromise where you can. But where you can’t, don’t. Even if everyone is telling you that something wrong is something right. Even if the whole world is telling you to move, it is your duty to plant yourself like a tree, look them in the eye and say “no… you move”.

John Randall Johnson is a self-described contractor who appears to own Superior Services Deck & Fence and Brilliant Coatings Painting Company in Evansville, Indiana. The above are only a bare sampling of the content publicly available.

Please leave a review of both of his businesses on Yelp or Google, or any other of these fine review pages. People should be made aware that he is an inflammatory, violent, and dangerous man.

Here's an interesting fact:

Of the 12 members of a grand jury, 9 votes are required to indict the accused. The other 3 count for nothing.

The grand jury deciding the hearing of Darren Wilson consists of 9 white jurors and 3 black jurors.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions about this.