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"Why aren’t anti-SJWs boosting this? It shows that they’re the true awful people!" you say as you call out a blog with thousands of followers who wanted to reblog a post about how SJWs won’t admit to being nasty as opposed to a post made by someone with probably not that many followers, as well as make a side-blog for complaining about anti-SJWs that rarely mentions actual social justice.

To clarify: Green person is like … really latched onto this blog for some reason. 30% of their reblogs consist of them ranting about USJ posts, don’t get me wrong they do some good for actual social justice with boosting and other things, but it’s not much compared to them just complaining about anti-SJWs. Plus they have a slur in their URL, which makes it even weirder to me.

On a side-note, maybe add a trigger in the submission tags for violence?

My message to all men is that you have to kill pride. You’ve been taught that pride is a manly thing, that pride is a good thing. But the problem with pride is that it stops you from growth. When you’re so proud that you won’t change, you’ve got problems. Male pride causes wars; millions of people have died because of male pride, because one man would not back down. Male pride will say, “I’d rather blow up my whole family than have everyone look at me as though I’ve lost.” That is so dangerous.
guys this is super important


theres a video circulating on twitter right now with a guy brutally killing a possum for NO REASON. he stabs it multiple times with a rake, and laughs at its pain. hurting animals for fun is beyond fucked. its totally savage and cruel, like i honestly can’t believe that this needs to be explained. right now, he’s bragging about it and still thinks it’s some huge joke.

 i know a lot of you guys might not have the strength to watch the video (i only could watch it once, and i strongly suggest you don’t at all) but this guy needs to be punished. i need you guys to find his name, school, his job, his other social media accounts, EVERYTHING and also report him to the police. he needs to face charges for this shit. i want it so that this follows him for the rest of his life. when he applies for a job and a potential employer googles his name, i want them to find this video.

whatever you do, DON’T message him or tweet him! i don’t want him to delete the video or his account. save any evidence you find, take screenshots, save the video, ect. 

here is the link to the video:

here is the link to his twitter:

here is the link to the twitter of the friend recording it:

please don’t let this man get away with this disgusting display of animal cruelty.

and if you want, here is a link to a website with a list of charities that help victims of animal abuse:

anonymous asked:

Can you provide evidence that beating is harmful to children? No, seriously; not trying to claim your argument is bad. It is just, it is difficult to convince my uncles to change their habits with my younger cousins.

Spanking tends to increase child aggression 

Physical punishment encourages kids to continue the cycle of abuse.

Children who were hit are at a higher risk for criminal behavior

Physical punishment doesn’t actually curb behavior.

Physical punishment is associated with increased odds of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, alcohol and drug abuse/dependence, and several personality disorders.

etc. etc. etc. I mean you can google this all but here’s some shit from scientific journals.

Also, even if it did work, WHICH IT DOESN’T, there are other ways that actually work, that don’t involve abusing people

It’d be saying, that you don’t care about non-abusive methods, because you WOULD rather abuse your child, or person in your care.

I’m pretty disgusted with the “My parents hit me and I’m fine,” defense while people are saying that they were spanked and they AREN’T fine; that they were spanked and they still feel lasting effects of it, mentally and physically. 

If you don’t feel that you were harmed by getting hit, great, but why are you trying to silence people who are saying that they’re harmed by it; people who are trying to speak out against the abuse they endured. 

Really all you accomplish is silencing abuse victims.