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Have you seen that post going around about how Bernie Sanders voted for Palestinian genocide? It links to this article on a very obviously incredible website which says he just "talks the talk" and mentions his "unconditional support of Israel." It just makes no sense but so many people are uncritically reblogging it and it makes me feel almost betrayed? Maybe I'm just being too sensitive but it upsets me that people aren't giving a Jew the benefit of the doubt when it comes to Israel.

Bernie Sanders has a +2 rating from the Arab American Institute. He has publicly criticized Netanyahu and refused to be present during his congressional address, he has called Protective Edge “excessive” and “disproportionate.” Some people have a standard of “voting for Palestinian genocide” meaning the support for anything less than the destruction of Israel.

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would calling the state of israel an apartheid state be appropriate? my family believes it is (they are iranian/lebanese shi'ites) and that israeli policy should be a lot more welcoming to arabs and muslims. they feel that israel is a racist state. im not sure how to feel about this issue..

I don’t say “no” to the “apartheid” label the way I do the “genocide” label because if one were to view the West Bank as part of Israel the Palestinians there definitely live under a very different set of rights than the settlers. So from that point of view I don’t really object because it’s a legitimate parallel. 

If you view Israel as NOT including the West Bank, then I think the comparison falls apart pretty easily. Non-Jewish Israelis don’t suffer anywhere NEAR the kinds of repression as Black people in South Africa. Is there racism in Israel proper? Absolutely, but not to that degree. And if you say Israel calling itself the “Jewish State” is inherently racist, it’s no more racist than calling Ireland “Irish” or Japan “Japanese.” 

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Which is worse in your opinion? Mass genocide or psychological hell? AKA Who's the bigger asshole, The Director or the Chairman?

the Director was an abusive, psychologically compromised jackass who (at worst) knowingly fired on civilians and destroyed his subordinates in the name of his own personal Frankenstein monster project or (more likely) he genuinely thought the end justified the means to win the war and (somewhere in there) he lost that and focused on just Tex. He’s a monster, but his radius of effect was actually relatively restricted in the grand scheme of the war.

The Chairman is a genocidal war profiteer who decimated the population of an entire planet for money. I’m gonna go with the Chairman being the worse of the two. He’s 100% in control as far as we’ve been shown. There is no room to say he’s lost his mind or is doing things in the name of The War or survival or whatever. He’s literally just destroying men women and children. So… the Chairman is the worse of two evils. 

to the person who messaged about the title of the “genocide run”:

i’ll correct what i said, but i’m still not comfortable with calling it a genocide run because undertale is a game, and genocide is a real thing that affects real people and i don’t like it taken in a way that isn’t serious. please don’t use that term when messaging us again, please.

-mod frisk

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On anon because I've gotten hate mail over this. It really frustrates me that people forget that Israel is one of the only (if not the only) places on earth that wants Jews. And I realize that the situation is much more complicated than that and that Israel has done some terrible things, but knowing that there's a place on earth that prioritizes Jews is so important to me.

Considering the long history of Jews being expelled, murdered en masse and denied immigration rights, this is an important point. This is a point that is often glossed over in this debate and needs to be repeatedly pointed out. As I’ve stated before, most Israeli Jews are refugees and their descendants. This is a side of the story that is all too frequently ignored because too many people don’t want to deal with cognitive dissonance and resort to a Machiavellian, “no points that can possibly be read to be in favor of Israel can be allowed to stand under any circumstances even if we have to deny history to do it” argument.

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I've heard you like linguistics, so here's this mostly philosophical question. My country's (Russia) officials lately try to manipulate the way people use their language by creating new laws. First they put fines on public swearing. And now they try to do the same for using words borrowed from English but have local analogues. Of course those laws aren't effective, but some people are indeed worried and hesitating. Question: do you believe it's possible to artificially change languages this way?

Possible? Sure. This is just one more example of language planning. But I don’t think it’s likely to succeed.

People are very good at changing their linguistic register, meaning that they switch between different forms of a language depending on the situation. At most, people might change the way they talk when giving public speeches or writing formal documents, but it won’t change the way they talk in private.

The “heart” of a language is how it’s used privately, between family members and close friends. And the most important part is what form of language the children learn. As long as they learn swear words and English loanwords, then those words will keep being part of the language. The government and school system have far less influence than the children’s friends and family members.

It’s possible for dialects and entire languages to get wiped out, which usually happens as part of colonialism, genocide, or intense economic and social pressure to assimilate to the “dominant” language. But that’s a very different scenario from what you’re asking about. It’s natural for some vocabulary to be lost and replaced over time, but it’s very difficult to control. (You can’t eliminate swear words entirely, for instance. If the old swears are lost new ones will take their place.)