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because originally the territory that is now modern China was actually populated by a lot of different indigenous ethnic groups that weren’t Han Chinese. These people were often depicted and seen by ancient Chinese writers as inferior, uncivilised and “barbarians” who ought to bow to the supremacy of Chinese civilisation.

Minions Meta

A lot of people have already noted that the Minions of Minions fame would have inevitably worked for Adolph Hitler if they hadn’t “conveniently” retired to Antarctica from the early 19th century to 1968. But in 1968 there were plenty of Napoleonic figures (mainly dictators) and similarly powerful people who sought to control others in what could be called a “villainous” fashion. Without getting too political, there were a number of world leaders killing hundreds of thousands or even millions of people the same year that the Minions chose Scarlet Overkill, a jewel thief, as Earth’s most villainous leader.

Now, this could easily be dismissed if it weren’t for the precedent that the Minions movie had already set: the Minions’ previous masters include an Egyptian pharaoh, a vampire, and Napoleon himself, all of whom definitely killed a large number of people, directly or indirectly. The Napoleonic wars alone killed between 3.5 million and 6 million people, and at the highest estimate this includes 3 million civilians. Millions of people dead. Because of the Minions. 

So was this a strategic error for the sake of a children’s movie’s plot? Perhaps. Am I overanalyzing a movie that isn’t marketed towards me? Who can say. But I have a more elaborate theory, in the same vein as the Tarantino-verse theory which claims all of his movies take place in a more violence prone Alternate Universe formed after the brutal assassination of Hitler by vengeful Jewish-American soldiers.

According to the movie, the Minions retired after the violent death of Napoleon. Napoleon, for those of you who remember high school history class, died of natural causes on the island of Helena. What kind of difference might it make to the world for one of history’s most famous military leaders to die in battle, before thousands of witnesses? Apparently a large one.

But not only did Napoleon die in battle, he was killed by a group of strange yellow creatures. Of course, the immediate reaction to Napoleon’s death would be to ascertain just who these creatures are. Scholars and world leaders would quickly find the Minions scattered throughout history, appearing in hieroglyphics, on cave walls, etc. And every time the Minions appear and choose a new leader, that leader invariably dies. Killed by their own servants. 

The minions are not human. They have apparently existed since the beginning of time. Now, what kind of conclusions would the average person draw from this in the 19th century. That the Minions are a form of Divine Intervention, of course. What other possible explanation could explain this phenomenon?

As a result, in a stunning display of the adaptability of the human race, by the end of the 19th century warfare, genocide, and dictatorships had ceased to exist. With confirmation that some higher power would judge and kill any human who dared to force their will over others, world peace was achieved. 

By 1968, the power vacuum had been filled by petty thieves and robbers who refer to themselves as “supervillains.” This is a world with events like “Villain-Con” and credited institutions like the Bank of Evil. A world where the greatest ambition of the world’s most despicable villain is to steal the Queen of England’s crown jewels. A world without war.

I haven’t seen any of the movies in this franchise.

sadiedoyleparker  asked:

Im glad that you talk so much about Judaism but i was wondering if there were things that people do that are nonsemitic and offensive without realizing it? I just want to be more aware of what i say and how i say things. Its okay if you don't answer this/take a while to answer. Either way, thank you and have a nice day

Yes, there absolutely are. This is a rather extensive list of antisemitic aggressions (micro or otherwise) that goyim perpetrate and don’t seem to find antisemitic. 

Adding to that list from my own personal experiences:

  • “You’re not a REAL Jew because [insert reason that has absolutely nothing to do with how Jewish identity works].”
  • “Are you JEWISH Jewish, or Jewish?” (wtf does this even mean??????? goyim…..explain……)
  • “I have a Jewish [friend/neighbor/coworker/person I spoke to in an elevator for 3 seconds] and THEY don’t find it antisemitic!!!!!” (hint: they probably do, but calling people out is exhausting and not worth it in most cases.)
  • “You’re Jewish???? But you look Aryan!!!” (yeah thanks asshole, but having blue eyes and blonde hair wouldn’t have saved me or any other Jew who looks like that from the Holocaust. Also that term is still used in white supremacy groups today. Need I say more?)
  • [insert Yiddish or Hebrew word] is UGLY!” (language and our perceptions of language are 100% learned. There is nothing inherently “ugly” about either language. If you think that, you’re being antisemitic.)
  • “There are fewer Jews than there are [other minority group that gets erased even though that erasure has absolutely nothing to do with Jews]!!! How come THEY get all the attention and WE don’t?????” (hint: ace tumblr, please take 10 fucking seats. You’re hurting ace Jews in your own community, as well as all other Jews regardless of their orientations.) 
  • Any form of appropriating/bastardizing Jewish religion and/or culture, such as a “Christmas kippah.” But that’s a story for another time……… *eyerolls into another dimension* 

Antisemitism in fandom takes a similar form, but tends to be more focused on erasure of Jewish actors/characters/creators/content makers, not listening to Jewish fan’s perspectives, tone policing, identity policing, etc. rather than the broad, generalized antisemitism captured in the previous list. However, the intersection between fandom antisemitism and generalized antisemitism is inevitable, because it’s derived from the same source. To attempt to explain this in simple terms, I made a bingo chart of common antisemitic occurrences in fandom that have happened to both myself and other Jewish bloggers far too often. 

Hopefully this helped, sorry it got so long. I’ve been fighting against antisemitism my whole life, sometimes even in my own household. Like fighting any form of systematic oppression, it wears you out after some time. 

what a fantastic day

ignorant posts from ignorant people making shitty posts like this

So now people are talking about how the genocidal, imperialist and mass murdering Empire of Japan not having the white privilege of the equally genocidal, imperialist and mass-murdering Nazi Germany. It’s nice to know how some social justice bloggers have no qualms about appropriating the tragedies of our families so they can make it a point about white privilege oppressing POC as usual. It’s nice to see these people think they can use us as a clever metaphor and not even consider how incredibly offensive it is.

Because it’s not that the Japanese civilians killed by the atomic bomb deserved to die. (Btw: the hydrogen bomb wasn’t even invented until 1955 for goodness sakes. Not to mention the first atomic bomb wasn’t even militarily operational until after Germany surrendered. It’s so easy being a historian on tumblr, you can just make bullshit up.) None of them deserved to die- they lived under an authoritarian, right-wing nationalist government that tolerated no dissent.

No, what’s wrong is the fact that people are putting the Empire of Japan as a whole in the position of a victim, that they post this shit to ignore the fact that the Empire of Japan was killing plenty of us “POCs” every single day their rule lasted. You know it’s fucked up if you’re talking about the Empire of Japan’s lack of white privilege when millions of other “POC” DIED under Japanese rule because hey, they didn’t have Japanese privilege, which, huh mattered a lot if you were a subject of the “Rising Sun”, which most of our great-grandparents and grandparents were in 1940s Asia? To add to the irony, the Japanese committed human rights abuses against Allied POWs too. Starvation, forced labour, death marches, experimentation.

The ignorance of this post is that tumblr is so determined to make everything into a “White people oppress POC” they can’t even get it into their heads to recognise that maybe, just maybe, nobody in that ghastly conflict had clean hands or clear consciences. That just maybe, non-white people also do have the moral agency and intelligence to also be cruel. And they continue thinking they’re somehow fighting white supremacy- sure, maybe they are, by ERASING other victims.

You’re talking about an empire that murdered millions in the most ghastly ways not having “PRIVILEGE”? You’re talking about enactors of genocide not having privilege?

It’s fucked up that ignorant social justice bloggers like these turds will uncritically go and centre the crime of the atomic bomb against the Empire of Japan as an ENTITY without white privilege (not the civilians- but the empire. That’s what’s wrong)- WHEN Japan has yet to apologise to Asia for their war crimes, and in fact, actively denies it. The crime against the Empire of Japan is centred, to make it look like the victim here, and their crimes against millions of Asians isn’t. And, oh, Japanese nationalists just love portraying WW2 as an era where Japan is the victim, where they were unfairly attacked by China and the US. They murdered millions more, and this stupid posts blots it out, treats it as though this was just some conflict involving the US and Japan, as though Japanese victory wouldn’t have sealed the fates of millions in the conquered territories who were being terrorised by Japanese rule. You know what we need? A nuanced view accepting that the atomic bombing was a crime but that doesn’t erase Japanese crimes. Maybe some common sense that it’s OFFENSIVE to simplistically portray the Empire of Japan as a victim because of Japan’s long track record of historical revisionism regarding WW2.

Thank you for feeding this narrative and helping to perpetuate erasure of the atrocities the Empire of Japan inflicted upon millions of our grandparents. The Japanese far right loves people like you.

TL:DR-“Social justice bloggers”- our tragedies are not clever metaphors for you to insert into your (very often) US “white vs POC” paradigm as and when you please, for you to prove what an independent, anti-establishment thinker you are. No, you’re just an asshole enabling other forms of oppression that you just can’t recognise because you’re so stuck on catering and fixating on whiteness that you privilege “white vs POC” atrocities over everything else.

eirthbndr  asked:

I do not like Obama because I feel he is incompetent. He does not seem to care about domestic issues. He could help in the situation in Missouri, but he has said next to nothing. As a leader of the United States and in the African-American community, he is obligated to put forth something. I just feel as though he doesn't care about his own citizens, and worries more about our image to the outside world. But of course, I'm the ignorant, self-centered American for wanting better domestic policy.

Please don’t say that you’re being “self-centred”, you elect your leaders to serve you and I do feel your criticism about his response to Ferguson is legitimate. I did not ever mean to suggest that Americans who criticised Obama were being selfish or ignorant of the bigger picture. I do agree Obama should say more because even though the US is a federal state, American history is littered with examples where the federal government had to step in to protect African-Americans from racist state governments. What I write below is because I hope it gives Americans a perspective of what it is like to not be an American, to live with your attention fixed on this powerful country whose every move can affect you- whose leaders can more profoundly affect our lives  than our own elected ones. We are all limited by our own settings- just as I won’t actually fully comprehend the serious problem of institutionalised racism in the US unlike Americans like you who actually live there even if I read about it. 

When I said I was glad Obama won instead of Romney, it’s because for us outside of the US who have no vote, the fact is that your country is the most powerful nation in the world who can just as easily destroy or help us. Perhaps, it is unfair to an extent that your leaders have to spend half their time embroiled in foreign conflicts instead of focusing wholly on US citizens- as you are right to demand-, but it is the way of the world where America is a superpower.

It is not just about “image“ to the outside world, but life and death for many non-Americans- like the Iraqi Yazidis and Christians who were surrounded and besieged by ISIS on a mountain- and facing genocide- who were begging for American airstrikes. There have been times when the US failed to intervene- like in Rwanda. The cruel part was people didn’t even need US soldiers on the ground, but just equipment and money- the US government pressured the UNSC to instead cut the already overstretched UN peacekeepers already there. At least 800,000 people were murdered. 

Or the Iranians worrying about whether the US would escalate from sanctions to war- just as Iraqis first feared it when Bush announced he was invading. Obama has actually handled Iran pretty well by de-escalating the situation and shutting down those who wanted war. To Iran’s neighbours, who know a destabilised Iran would have severe consequences for them. That is good for Americans too- soldiers will not be sent into a conflict that could have been defused diplomatically. Next to Romney, it was plain to us Obama was the president who had greater knowledge and understanding of the nuances of global conflicts. Romney came off to many of us as the epitome of white American privilege- and someone utterly blind to it - embracing the old forms of arrogant US exceptionalism that has harmed many of us, where everything is about brute force and appearing “tough”. 

And…well speaking as a non-American, many many things Obama has done hasn’t exactly made us happy either. Here’s a few: Many Pakistanis are angry at the increase in drone strikes. Palestinians are completely against the way the US has propped up Israel. Many Asian countries wish he would really beef up US military presence to deter China for example. Syrians felt they were left to die when there should have been military intervention against Assad- which would not have allowed ISIS to grow into the threat it is today (ISIS seems to have originated in the Syrian civil war). He certainly has not pandered excessively to non-Americans at all, but to many of us (though not all), as imperfect as he is, he is a vast improvement over Bush because he clearly better understands the world and doesn’t use the very jingoistic kind of American exceptionalism I see in a lot of Republican politicians who go around saying things like “I won’t ever apologise for America!” when the US government committed hideous injustices on people who deserve not just apologies but compensation. 

No American president is perfect, and even those who are generally beloved today like Franklin D. Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln made plenty of mistakes and had their own detractors. FDR interned Japanese-Americans unfairly, even when there was no evidence of widespread disloyalty. He also failed to bomb the concentration camps. Lincoln was called a dictator even by some pro-Union politicians because he greatly expanded his wartime powers to deal with the seccessionists and their suspected sympathisers in the Union and slammed by abolitionists themselves who felt he was too hesitant and too slow in making the step to officially abolish slavery. 

This is why many non-Americans pay so much attention to who your president is- because we have a huge stake in it. You are right to criticise or be dissatisfied with Obama where he has had his shortcomings, because all US presidents too have to multi-task. You elect your government to serve you- you are only asking for what is owed. But this is how things are like through our eyes, and as imperfect as Obama is, he has so far shown a better understanding of using the US military wisely and not to show off, than Bush- all the while facing the extremely unreasonable obstructionism in Congress I have seen as somebody who’s studied US history. By all means, hold his feet to the fire. But I do hope you understand why non-Americans pay such attention to and feel we have a right to comment on US politics- because it affects us. 

anonymous asked:

I've heard you like linguistics, so here's this mostly philosophical question. My country's (Russia) officials lately try to manipulate the way people use their language by creating new laws. First they put fines on public swearing. And now they try to do the same for using words borrowed from English but have local analogues. Of course those laws aren't effective, but some people are indeed worried and hesitating. Question: do you believe it's possible to artificially change languages this way?

Possible? Sure. This is just one more example of language planning. But I don’t think it’s likely to succeed.

People are very good at changing their linguistic register, meaning that they switch between different forms of a language depending on the situation. At most, people might change the way they talk when giving public speeches or writing formal documents, but it won’t change the way they talk in private.

The “heart” of a language is how it’s used privately, between family members and close friends. And the most important part is what form of language the children learn. As long as they learn swear words and English loanwords, then those words will keep being part of the language. The government and school system have far less influence than the children’s friends and family members.

It’s possible for dialects and entire languages to get wiped out, which usually happens as part of colonialism, genocide, or intense economic and social pressure to assimilate to the “dominant” language. But that’s a very different scenario from what you’re asking about. It’s natural for some vocabulary to be lost and replaced over time, but it’s very difficult to control. (You can’t eliminate swear words entirely, for instance. If the old swears are lost new ones will take their place.)

Not antisemitism specifically so much as European colonialism in general, as @jewishdragon pointed out to me….though I still think The Borg are a much better analogy for that than the Cardassians are. Of course antisemitism was a component of European colonialism, but it’s just one more thing in this giant mucky stew of racism and white supremacy.

In the context of the Bajorans, there are definitely holocaust parallels with the death camps and kicking an entire group (or species, in this case) out of their homeland, but that’s happened to SO many more groups across history than just Jewish people, so I’m not 100% convinced the Bajorans are intentionally Jew-coded the way Vulcans are. Still, the parallels are there, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers had that in mind when constructing the stories/characters/worldbuilding. 

I personally don’t identify with the Bajorans as much as I do with the Vulcans, but I see no reason why we can’t say “they’re both Space Jews in their own rights” and let people pick which one they see more of themselves and their Jewish experiences in. I know many Jewish people who heavily identify with the Bajorans or even the Ferengi, just as I know Jewish people who heavily identify with Vulcans like I do. It’s really a matter of personal experiences and I can completely see why Jewish people would identify with the Bajorans even if I personally don’t. 

what i have seen a lot of in the canada day posts on my dash:

  1. beavers
  2. maple leafs
  3. politeness jokes
  4. hockey
  5. scenery
  6. tim hortons
  7. beer

what i have seen none of in the canada day posts on my dash:

  1. first nations people
  2. the existence of first nations people being acknowledged
  3. any mention that a bunch of white people came and committed mass genocide to the first nations population
  4. japanese internment camps
  5. the fact that canada day is celebrating colonialism
  6. no literally this is the anniversary of the signing of the document that claimed native land for england 
  7. acknowledgement that no matter how pretty our scenery is that this country is still fucked up as hell

happy canada day