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Do you own an ar15?

Given how much I despise that rifle, obviously not.

I’ve had some experience with it through this particular gun :

and @shmurnoff‘s Ruger :

- Edit : @shmurnoff  informed me I mistook his Ruger for a SIG 516, so here’s the Ruger I was talking about :

source :

Then, more recently not only had I instruction about potential foes weapons, but a few people came to my shooting society with entry level AR15s, like the S&W MP15, and I had the occasion to use them. I wasn’t much impressed, to say the least.


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Draco RPK

A very strange hybrid that started off as a Romanian Draco AK pistol which was then converted into a psuedo-RPK. A rear trunnion was installed allowing for the use of a stock again but the barrel length still remains as a pistol. Definitely a one-of-a-kind that would be a fireball spitter at the range. Since it now has a stock, the pistol is reclassified as a Short Barreled Rifle. (GRH)

Firearms safety is key for people who use weapons at work or for recreational shooting. But one risk has been little acknowledged: Lead dust exposure.

In a standard bullet, a solid lead core wrapped in a copper jacket sits atop a stack of gunpowder and lead primer. When the gun fires, the primer ignites, the gunpowder lights, and some of the lead on the bullet boils. When the casing snaps out of the ejection port, lead particles trail behind it. As the bullet hurtles down the barrel of the gun, a shower of lead particles follows.

If a gun range isn’t ventilated well, lead dust collects on shooters’ clothing and hands and lingers in the air, where it can be inhaled. The more people shoot, the greater the risk of being exposed to dangerous amounts of lead. It becomes an occupational hazard for weapons instructors, police and defense personnel.

Lead Dust From Firearms Can Pose A Silent Health Risk

Photo: Herra Kuulapaa Precires/Science Photo Library/Getty Images


Rifle Dynamics GSR

A heavily modified Romanian PSL worked on by Rifle Dynamics in Nevada. Extensive work is done to the base rifle in an attempt to convert it into a compact but accurate package. The service to do the GSR conversion is no longer offered by Rifle Dynamics but at the time it was you could expect to pay $1,600 not including the rifle. They have become somewhat collectable since they’ve been discontinued. (GRH)

azumitoshiki  asked:

Would it be useful or realistic to attach a knife to a gun? Would it be in anyway helpful in a fight in a smaller space or would it just get in the way and be unhelpful?

Well, that’s called a bayonet. They do exist. These date back to single shot firearms, where you’d be left without a functional weapon while reloading in an era when melee combat was still the norm. As with a lot of elements of military tradition and hardware, bayonets have massively outlived their usefulness.

Modern bayonets are (usually) functional combat knives with attachment points designed to lock onto a rifle. That said, some rifles do include integrated bayonets, which can be collapsed and stored on the gun.

Generally speaking, the only time you’d use a bayonet is when the rifle cannot be fired. Either because it’s out of ammunition, malfunctioning, or you’re in some incredibly specific situation where firing it would be a profoundly bad idea. Otherwise, even in close quarters, you’re better off pumping two or three rounds into someone.

Which leads back to the question about usefulness; not very. Detachable ones can be useful in the sense that you need a knife and just happen to be carrying one, but a well equipped combatant should have a knife or other cutting implement in easy reach regardless. In very rare circumstances, it’s a good augment for your rifle, but that’s more of an, “in theory,” consideration than a practical application.

Sticking a bayonet on a pistol (or revolver) isn’t a great idea. You’ll see these occasionally as novelty items, but you’d be better off simply bringing a separate knife. The one advantage a bayonet has, when it’s mounted on a rifle, is reach. Slapping one on a pistol makes the blade harder to control, without increasing its range.


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