cw: antichoice

You're not as "pro-life" as you think you are

If you think it’s okay to force other people to stay pregnant.

If you think it’s okay to control other people’s bodies.

If you give corpses more rights than a pregnant person.

If you use ableist slurs.

If you’re racist.

If you’re homophobic.

If you’re transphobic.

If you’re anti-LGBT+ in general.

If you think rape victims should be forced to give birth.

If you think pregnancy is a punishment for sex.

If you don’t consider disabled pregnant people.

If you’re pro-death penalty.

If you bomb/shoot up abortion clinics.

If you harass clinic patients.

If you force people to look at gory signs.

If you tell people they’re going to hell.

If you emotionally manipulate people.

If you think anyone who gets an abortion is a whore.

If you want to defund a place that provides reproductive healthcare.

If you appropriate movements like BlackLivesMatter.

If you appropriate the Holocaust.

If you treat fetuses better than pregnant people.

You’re not “pro-life” if you don’t care about the lives of people who have already been born. You’re just “pro-birth.”

Ranty Ranty Rant

So there’s this IDEA going around that the Democratic party is struggling and losing constantly and it all represents a refusal to change and the only remedy is to tear the Democratic party down to the bolts and start again and if that doesn’t happen there will be HORRORRRR and a death spiral and stuff.

This is complete bullshit.  Let me lay it out:  

You can only make a rational argument about Democrats not learning from their experience IF IF IF Dems were fighting on the same playing field for the past 30 years.  IF Dems brought knives to a gunfight for 30 years and lost repeatedly than yeah. Fair point. BUT BUT BUT the political playing field has been a constantly shifting thing – Republicans in power gerrymandered districts making them impossible for Dems to win, cut back voting hours so likely Dem voters couldn’t, packed the courts with conservative judges who let these changes stand and spent billions on propganda.  Repubs chipped away slowly and silently at the political system and the media, of course, let them do it without a word.  The boldest Republican move was when the freaking SUPREME COURT make a special law for George W. Bush handing him the presidency 

Thanks to all of the above the Dem party is surrounded by Republicans. The Dems may have brought knives to the fight but the Repubs have AKs, no ethics, are fighting in their own neighborhood and SWAT teams are on the roof. This is what Dems are dealing with. 

The currrently suggested cure for the disease is that the Dems must be willing to treat a womans right to control her own body as a BOUTIQUE ISSUE – something that reasonable men can disagree about but still go forward with other more important issues.  Here’s the thing:  -a womans right to control her body is an inconvenient thing. It would be easier for everybody if we just shut up and went for private abortions or gave our bodies over to birthing babies for nine months and acting like it was a job at McDonalds. However, forcing a woman to have children against her will isn’t just “denying her an abortion” it’s an act of terrorism.  It’s a form of slavery.  And I’m sure many Dem / Ind men would read those comparisons and smirk because they were unrealistic. But they’re not. They’re real. It’s true.  We don’t tell you because we know you’ll smirk.  The bottom line is that a willingness to give away the rights of people is not and never should be a plank of the Democratic Party.

My story: Ashley

My abortion was nine years ago when I was a senior. I had a surgical abortion so I was put under with some anesthesia and laughing gas. I felt no pain, just some soreness afterwards. My mom and boyfriend at the time took me home and made me dinner. We watched some T.V. and I fell asleep. I could return to school the next day. The only thing I couldn’t do was physical activity or sex for another week or two. I had some bleeding for the weeks to follow, but it was nothing I worried about. I had a check-up appointment at my doctors two weeks after my procedure and everything looked fine. I am still doing well to this day. My abortion is something that does not cross my mind until the topic comes up, and then I am not afraid to discuss it. I hope that I can educate people with my personal story. Abortion is not as scary and horrible as Anti-Choicers claim they are.

Since im pretty sure i got blocked ill say it here:
Those who are antichoice and base their arguments on religious morals/religious beliefs have already lost the argument. To argue their position comes from these beliefs requires that these beliefs be proven as true. There is no empirical evidence to support the existence of God, therefore there is no concrete basis to your argument. Pick a better argument tbh

And no, your religious freedom isnt compromised by abortion being legal as far as your personal choice to undergo an abortion or not. You have the right to choose NOT to abort your baby for any reasons YOU see fit FOR YOURSELF, including “my religious faith says I can’t.” The law as it is PROTECTS your religious right to not getting an abortion. Stop crying about others doing it especially when those others dont hold your religious beliefs. They shouldnt be forced to conform to your religious morality: thats violating THEIR freedom of religion.

If I ever became pregnant I would have an abortion. Immediately. Without a second thought.

I do not ever want children. I do not ever want to be pregnant. If I became pregnant I would not hesitate to schedule an abortion the second I found out. If it means traveling over state lines or to another country I will be on the first thing smoking.

I do not ever want to be pregnant. EVER. Having an abortion should I ever decide to is my right. I would make the choice to end the pregnancy. I would not see the the fetus as a “potential cancer curer” or any of the other phrases antichoicers use, because at that moment the pregnancy would be a situation that I would have to take care of immediately.
My nightmare with Texas' "Women's Health" Laws. • /r/Austin
Throwaway for obvious reasons. Me and my wife were expecting our first child. She had been pregnant for over four months. We did all the check...

“However, thanks to Texas’ frankly inhumane and cruel “Women’s Health Laws”, this [inducing too early and ending the non-viable pregnancy] wasn’t an option.He still had a heart beat, which we were forced to listen to.Because of this, and his age, any attempts to induce labor would be considered a late-term abortion.Even though he had no chance of surviving, this was considered an abortion.These laws made my wife feel our child struggle inside her for days. We cried ourselves to sleep every night. We spent four days in and out of the hospital waiting for nature to take it’s course.These laws, in their effect, forced a woman to give birth to a stillborn baby.” 

Pro-Life laws are evil. They are evil.

Flanked by a group in the Oval Office that consisted entirely of men, Trump reinstated the so-called Mexico City policy. The Reagan-era policy bans American assistance to organizations that offer abortion services, including counseling and referrals.

Poor women in sub-Saharan Africa stand to be the biggest losers from Trump’s order, our Kevin Sieff reports from Nairobi: “In practice, experts say, that policy will freeze millions of dollars in funding that has gone to critical health treatment, including HIV testing and neonatal care. The United States does not fund any abortion services overseas, but many health groups receive American assistance to provide other women’s services, while using different funding sources to provide abortion counseling and procedures. Now, those organizations will have to stop providing abortion services if they want to continue to receive U.S. aid for their other programs. The policy is known as the ‘global gag rule’ because it even restricts references to abortion in counseling sessions…

“In Kenya, public health experts raised immediate concerns about the new policy. Women here often resort to dangerous methods to end their pregnancies, including drinking battery acid and using wire coat hangers. In parts of rural Kenya, young women have hired local healers to stomp on their stomachs until the pregnancy is deemed over. ‘Trump’s policy means even fewer services will be offered,’ said Chimaraoke Izugbara, a researcher at the African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) in Nairobi. ‘Some women will not be reached, and providers may not be available to offer services. I think we are headed to a major disaster.’ Nearly 8,000 women in Kenya die every year from complications caused by pregnancy and childbirth. At least a fifth of those deaths are caused by self-induced abortions, according to Izugbara.”

Then, yesterday, House Republicans passed a bill that would prevent the District of Columbia from using local tax dollars to subsidize abortion services for low-income women. Jenna Portnoy and Aaron C. Davis report: “Although the Senate has never passed the bill, the vote was an ominous sign that the District could become an afterthought as Congress considers targeting laws regulating guns, assisted suicide and marijuana in the nation’s capital. The stakes are particularly high for the District this year, as it can no longer rely on a Democratic presidential veto.”

I’m not sure how I feel about abortion. And I pray I never have to. I hope I’m never in a situation where I couldn’t keep, love, and support a child.

But the truth is some people are.

I don’t know them. I don’t know what situation they are in. I don’t know if it will emotionally kill them to give a baby up for adoption. I don’t know if they would rather kill that baby a thousand times than look at it.

Pro Choice can mean you are against abortions and still support everyone’s right to choose. However, no matter any way you spin it, pro life will always be antichoice