i’m going to start off slow.

i’m furious.

i’m a young jewish woman, and i deserve to be treated with basic fucking decency. i should be able to relax and enjoy my holiday, say shanah tovah and not have to deal with goyische bullshit.

for those of you who haven’t heard, this years cw superhero supercrossover fuckdome is entitled “crisis on earth x”. earth x is the earth of the CWSeed’s new animated show The Ray, where canonically jewish characters/jewish coded characters such as barry allen, ray palmer, and kara zor el along with multiple other superheroes are nazis. i’m not going to explain why this is gross because you have google right at your fingertips.

comic books are jewish american culture. that’s right, say it with me. COMIC BOOKS ARE JEWISH AMERICAN CULTURE. every classic comic superhero you love was created by jews and tells a jewish story. batman? jewish. superman? jewish. wonderwoman? jewish. every single one of them tells a jewish story.

by making these characters nazis, they turn our own creations against us. we contributed to society, but they’d rather see a world where we’re dead than one where they give us credit for everything we’ve contributed.

so here’s the deal: don’t watch the crossover live. don’t give them the ratings. if you’re really despesrate, but the seasons on amazon or something and watch it right after it airs. watch it illegally online. don’t give them the ratings, let them know that this isn’t ok.

yell on social media. tweet the dctv writers. be vocal about how ugly this is. do something this is so bad please protect ur local jews.

Okay, so here’s a photo that is (apparently) not much talked about.

It’s a backstage photo that was taken by Sean Knight, the stylist who dressed the guys for the EW photo shoot.

And the question is “Why are they holding hands?”.

They could choose any pose for this photo. There are many options for friends who want to take a photo in matching suits. But they chose to hold hands instead.

Seriously, I’ve been thinking about it for some time and didn’t find any good reason for them to pose like that for a photo.

Some people say it’s a joke. I came across some comments on this photo in some update accounts that were like “they are friends, haha, it’s just a joke”.

Okay, but is it a thing to joke about holding hands? Like, is it supposed to be funny when two people hold hands? It may be funny in primary school, but as a grown-up person, I don’t think it’s funny. Do you?

Second, could it be promo/PR thing? Don’t really think so. The photo didn’t get attention, it’s not really talked about, there are not any articles about it. Just IMAGINE how much attention it would get if someone published the same photo but with Lili instead of KJ. It would be taken as a confirmation, no doubt. But if they are two guys holding hands – it’s nothing?

One more thing -  the middle finger. KJ looks a bit angry/annoyed and some people say he did not look like he wanted to be in the photo. But for me (just my honest opinion) it’s kind of a “fuck what you think, I’m with him” type of look. And it (as well as the finger) is directed to whoever is against the fact that they are dating.

 Also, it’s not the first photo of them holding hands. There is another one that was taken in April in Mexico. Take a look.

 Is it going to be a bit weird to say I like how the way they hold hands has changed with time? Like, look at KJ, he looks so shy and barely holds Cole’s hand in the earlier photo, and how confident he looks in the latest one. He just seems to be supercomfortable holding Cole’s hand now.

Well, that’s it. I really want to know what you think about this photo. It’s strange that so many people prefer to ignore it.


Coleneti wearing matching suits and posing like a couple? Well, reminds me of something…

Oh, here it is.

{also, guys, I’m not a native English speaker, and if my grammar makes you want to hit me with an English textbook, please be kind, I’m learning}

from-spookyraypalmer  asked:

i'm too asdkljfhas to send any headcanons but i'd love to hear about jewish snibs

this is for u and the anon who asked for the same thing: jewish snibs

  • len’s mother is jewish, and he doesn’t know about lisa’s but he wants to be able to give her something so 7-year-old len runs with his newborn baby sister in his arms to temple beth shalom and meets non other than sort of rabbi martin stein
  • “how can i make my sister jewish” “um. write her a speech? then we give her a bath.” “ok lets do it”
  • len forces lisa to go to hebrew school when he’s out on heists because he has this mentality of “if she’s doing something wholesome that works out for me, right?”
  • the reason why len is so morally gray and believes that it’s okay to be bad is because judaism is such a beautiful religion where doing bad things doesn’t make you a bad person and being a bad person doesn’t make you bad and there is no hell
  • so lisa is spending all her free time at hebrew school, guess who can speak hebrew fluently? lisa
  • so who gives a fuck how dc comic geography works because gotham is nyc, metropolis is chicago, and central city is philadelphia so they live in center city philadelphia which is a very jewish area
  • len goes to juvie for a year stealing lisa’s tuition to jewish sleep away camp, hoping she’ll decide to be a rabbi or something
  • she gets back and (she’s 11) tells him to stories about all the boys she kissed and how she stole food from the chadar ochel (mess hall) and snuck out of the bunk in the middle of the night with her friends and len is like oh. oh no
  • len gets kosher meals in prison
  • lisa of course needs no man (or woman) but she is a sucker for a nice jewish boy or girl that’s the only time she catches feelings
  • everyone you ship lisa with? jewish
  • len has the same affliction tbh
  • when he’s on the wave rider he, stein, and ray have this really complex system of making sure they can track the moon cycles to celebrate holidays
  • lisa enjoys getting the rogues drunk on manischevitz bc only goys get drunk on manischevitz
  • “it’s sooooo sweet!!!!!” “I KNOW”
  • len gets into a huge altercation with rip about a xmas party because, as it turns out, len dislikes celebrating christmas. he wins by proving a christian minority on the ship (len, stein, and ray are all jewish, after so much time in pakistan and with the league sara mostly follows islam, mick rory is a hard atheist, kendra has been reading up on ancient egyptain gods, so like, she’s doing that) and they have a channukah party
  • ray: leonard channukah isn’t even an important holiday
  • len: it’s the principal of the thing
  • rip: i respect that you’re right mr. snart, i just wanted to celebrate christmas because it was an important time of year for me and my recently departed family
  • len: show me where i asked

my parting thoughts for this evening because after this i will probably just be lurking: to all the leonard stans who are ignoring the antisemitic shitstorm of this crossover in favor of saying “but len will be back111!11!!!! uwu don’t worry it’ll be alright with sweet sweet leonard snart here”

Leonard Snart is Jewish and he would be disappointed in you for this nonsense.

anonymous asked:

a concept: jewish hartley

wow you walked right into my ask box and did that? you did that. 

  • hartley’s real name is hillel because his parents birth parents are old and ashkenzi
  • is hartley adopted?? yeah bc i don’t like his parents and i don’t want to associate them with judaism
  • so his name is hillel rabinowitz and they’re like “well rabinowitz is close enough to rathway but we don’t like his first name” and hartley is like ???
  • so basically his childhood is his parents trying to erase his judaism, but he sneaks off to hebrew school anyway where he meets none other than sort of rabbi martin stein
  • (there are stein head canons coming later don’t worry)
  • and rabbi martin stein gives him a secret bar mitzvah and hartley cries
  • when hartley comes out his parents are angry and they’re like “so now we have to hide this too!!! just like your judaism???” and harltey shows them his bar mitzvah certificate and when he gets kicked out he’s yelling yiddiush curses at them
  • for those of you who don’t know, yiddush curses are notoriously hilarious they’re all some shit like “i hope you get turned into a pancake and dragged out by a cat” so yeah
  • hartley’s first year on his own is great. he’s eighteen so he goes on birthright and he climbs to the top of masada and collapses because he’s gay and jewish he doesn’t know exercise
  • he goes to matzoh ball and hooks up with like three jewish lawyers in the bathroom, and they’re like “you’re so smart where do u go to school” and when he’s like lol i don’t have the money for college they’re like “apply for a jewish scholarship??? there are several” so basically jnf puts hartley through college
  • when he comes to work at star labs, he’s really small and scared and they tell him he’s going to have to be there next wednesday but, oh. no he can’t do that that’s yom kippur so he and eowells get into this HUGE altercation about him taking yom kippur off and eowells stares at him and is like “ok. i respect you.”
  • he keeps asking cisco if can do that thing where the two gay jewish men rode in on horses for their wedding and cisco keeps saying no. someday he’ll say yes

anonymous asked:

wally? or maybe martin and jax?

anon that’s a lot of people. but guess what? they’re all jewish and i deserve all of them

martin stein

  • so martin became a rabbi
  • he immediately drops it because he associates judaism with his family and he does not want to associate with his family
  • so he marries beautiful christian-but-not-religious clarissa and lives his happy agnostic non-religious life
  • he only reconnects to his judaism after a really deep conversation with this five-year-old and he thinks “hmm maybe i should give this another try”
  • when he gets into it for a second time, his judaism isn’t about text study it’s about people
  • he renews his rabbi license, he converts lisa smart, he gives hartley rathway a bar mitzvah
  • when lily is phased into existence he freaks out because oh my god what if she isn’t jewish he doesn’t have memories of any of her jewish milestones
  • he’s never more relieved than he is when he sees her bat mitzvah photos
  • he’s crazyjewishmom on instagram, he frequently calls lily spawn

jax jackson

  • jax doesn’t grow up jewish because his mother wasn’t jewish
  • he’s unpacking his father’s boxes with his mother one day and he finds this long piece of cloth with strings at the end
  • “mom what’s this” “oh it’s your father’s tallis” “?????”
  • jax is like my father is jewish how could you never tell me
  • he’s stressed n concerned because he knows nothing about judaism at all
  • he runs to stein and begs him to teach him about judaism because he feels guilty for not knowing anything
  • “jefferson, technically you’re not jewish because your mother-” “THATH’S NOT THE POINT HERE GRAY”
  • jax like, falls in love with the really modern versions of prayers? like the ones that are poetic that he can sing and they’re in english and he understands them
  • at his wedding (to wally bc atm that’s the way this is gonna play out) he’s so fascinated by all the jewish traditions he can include. like huppa!!! so cute!!! smashing glass??? as long as we’re both safe!!

wally west (@jewishwallywest i felt the need to tag you so i hope you enjoy)

  • wally loves being jewish!! he would scream it to the world
  • his favorite songs are all israeli pop, including “golden boy” and “one day”
  • wally cooks. a lot. like a lot a lot.
  • so depending on how u view the iris/joe half of the west family, holidays are great because they include grandma esther’s egg nog and wally’s latkes or grandma esther’s matzo balls finally have a companion in wally’s latkes
  • wally!!!! loves!!!!! his temple youth group!!!!
  • he was social action vice president for two years and then his senior year he was executive president
  • he also very much enjoys nfty he has so many jewish friends!!! he loves them all so much
  • he and jax enter their wedding like this
  • hartley: if they can do it why can’t i????