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do you know who used to like promos? JASON BLOSSOM used to like promos. if you’re looking for a new jason blossom roleplay blog, if you’re looking for everyone’s favorite redhead (archie who?), then this is the blog for you. like or reblog if you’re interested in interacting with jason blossom. // private & selective. written by katelyn.

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You know what I would like for once? To experience the feeling of not wanting to kick my TV at the end of a season. Tie everything up in a nice happy bow. And then next season, just start out with fun criminal battles. The Rogues are back and they are here to take over Central City. Woo, so much fun~! Oh wait, a we still need a Big Bad? I don’t know…maybe just…the Rogues? Or just one Rogue that goes rogue that everyone hates? In short, I want innocent, non-drama filled, silly, fun Rogue time. Flash writers, use your villains, please?

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Beauty and the Beast


The Vampire Diaries

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Ian Somerhalder

Jared Padalecki

Jensen Ackles

Misha Collins

Paul Wesley

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Kristin Kreuk

Nina Dobrev

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Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles (Supernatural)

Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries)

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Jane The Virgin

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The Flash

Seriously, it’s the best show on TV right now and yet so many people have yet to give it a chance? How does that even make sense?! Answer: it doesn’t. So get watching, people!
—  E! Online’s TV Scoop Team, Our Ultimate TV Wishlist: What We’re Hoping to See in 2015! - That more people watch The 100 on the CW