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Arrow - Olicity - Comics

Some people say that Olicity can not happen because Arrow is ”based” on the comics. Felicity and Oliver can not end up together in the comics because they don’t fall in love, they don’t know each other, blah, blah, blah… I disagree. My reasons? Oh I don’t know, maybe:

1.-Laurel never was a lawyer in comics (in fact she’s one of the DC Comics characters with more changes. This Laurel is very different from the Comics) then Olicity can happen.
2.-Tommy died in the first season despite the comics, then Olicity can happen.
3.-Dinah Drake was the first Black Canary, but in the show she’s only the mother of Laurel and Sarah, then Olicity can happen.
4.-Sarah Lance does not exist in the comics, but in the show she is Black Canary, then Olicity can happen.
5.-Sarah does not have her super power, then Olicity can happen.
6.-Felicity is very different in the comics, even she’s married to Ed Raymond, then Olicity can happen.
7.-Oliver and Laurel were married in the comics, but then they divorced and the two go away in their different paths, they don’t end up together as many believe, then Olicity can happen.
8.-Nyssa Raatko known as Nyssa al Ghul on Arrow is lesbian and she’s in love with Sarah Lance, and this story is completely invented and has nothing to do with Green Arrow, then Olicity can happen.
9.-On Comics, Slade lost his eye not for Oliver Queen, he lost his eye for her wife, then Olicity can happen.
10.-On Comics, Slade is offered volunteer for a medical experiment and that made him a super soldier. He thought it would help him to avoid the truth serum but he was cheated, then Olicity can happen.
11.-Slade has one boy on Arrow, in the comics he has more than one child, then Olicity can happen.
12.-Oliver and Slade were never friends and they were never in the same island, then Olicity can happen.
13.-Slade had a wife but he never loved Shado then Olicity can happen.
14.-Shado was never on the island with Oliver and she never died in the comics, then Olicity can happen. (In fact Shado rapes Oliver, I don’t know if laugh or cry)
15.-The origins of Roy and his family are very different from the show, then Olicity can happen.
16.-Star City is the city in the comics, but in the show, is called Starling City, then Olicity can happen.
17.-Oliver has a sister named Thea Queen, actually he has no sister, she is invented on Arrow. Although they wanted to base Thea as Speedy (Mia Dearden) the superheroine. Then Olicity can happen.
18.-John Diggle is invented, then Olicity can happen.
19.-Oliver Queen’s parents are dead, but in the show, Moira Queen is still alive, then Olicity can happen.
20.-This Helena Bertinelli is very, very different from the comics as Laurel Lance too, then Olicity can happen.
21.-Black Canary twice her age to Oliver Queen in the comics. (I didn’t know Laurel and Sarah were older than Oliver in the series… I think not.) Then Olicity can happen.

I could add many more examples, but I think that this is enough. TeamLaurel or other fans put as an excuse that Olicity can not happen because Oliver end up with Laurel in the comics, or because Felicity is not the same Felicity in the comics. Well I’m sorry, but Laurel is not the same in the comics that in this show and she NOT ends her days with Oliver, Slade is not the same, Sarah does not exist, Thea Queen does not exist and many more things. It’s very hypocritical how some people liked for example, Shado and Slade when the two never met in the comics, EVER. But they same people hate Olicity because it is happening. Some prefer OliverxSarah even because they believe that Sarah is Black Canary before than Olicity, the hated Olicity. Well, (Sarah & Oliver / Felicity & Oliver) both are invented, my friends. Sure, there’s a minority of fans who hate Oliver and Felicity together, of course. (And it’s not worth to say that they’re doing comics based on the Arrow show right now, because the mythology of this show is based on the old and real comics) If the writers changed so much things, then the Olicity can happen because it is one more thing changed in this TV series. And it’s not worth to say again that Oliver should end up with Laurel or nonsense like those because this show is based on the comics, when Oliver Queen ends single in comics and as producers and writers have the rights of DC Comics and Green Arrow, they can write that the wife of Oliver can end up being Felicity Smoak. Although they don’t need the rights to change what they want. Because absolutely none of the people of this series is completely identical to the comics. Felicity haters or Olicity haters too will have to find a less poor excuse based on the excuse of the comics. Everyone has the right to ship all the couples that they want in this show, but haters, stop calling Felicity a bitch or hate her or the Olicity too without reasons, at least, criticize with base, when Arrow is a new mythology of Green Arrow/Oliver Queen and everything around him in his life. It’s normal that writers change the show for the fans. It happened with Smallville more than ten years ago. Writers can not make everything like in the comics, precisely when in the comics there are so many stories and characters that are twisted. They dying, they live again, there are several versions of a same hero or heroine…That would be crazy to see on TV!!! So Olicity can happen and in fact, is going to happen, because this series needs Olicity, we need a big true love. (Even with Thea and Roy that I love them together, WE NEED Oliver and Felicity.) That’s all.


For me, there will never be two TV actors with more chemistry than Tom Welling and Erica Durance together but Stephen and Emily are the most similar and they have the best screen chemistry since the first season. Both couples make dance my heart when I see them and I want to put a few comparisons:

1) The four uncomfortable and nervous in the elevator:

2) That impression when they see their ladies for first time with these dresses for a party:

3) Showing their chemistry, friendship and love in the office:

4) There was always a Jealous!Clark and now it’s the start of a Jealous!Oliver:

I know there are more comparisons, but I’m tired, so I put a Bonus:
In the end, Lois also wears glasses as Felicity:

I don’t understand why there are people who think that Oliver and Felicity are like Chlark (Clark and Chloe) of Smallville. For me, they’re as Clark and Lois, the best couple that was born and grow up in the CW and probably on TV. So no one can understand the passion that I feel for Olicity, maybe only the fans of the couple. But for me, these two are the next ”Clark & Lois” from a awesome series as Arrow. Olicity is very different of Clois but with the same intensity and romance :’) I need a moment… So many memories, so many feelings…

Why The Flash is Smallville

Fans of Arrow and The Flash on CW have 10 seasons of Smallville to thank for this golden age of superhero television. The WB/CW’s retelling of Clark Kent’s transformation into Superman might have soared closer to mediocrity more often than brilliance but there’s no denying the show’s winning formula. As Clark discovered the full extent of his powers, he battled “meteor freaks” and formed a support network of friends, family members and super-powered colleagues. The Flash and Green Arrow even showed up to form a nascent Justice League.

I was a diehard Smallville fan. I’ll defend the show even to this day, three years after its series finale. That show’s blend of standalone episodes and mythology-heavy hours helped it survive 218 episodes spread across 10 seasons each with 20+ episodes. I thought I’d never see that kind of grind again given the shorter episode orders we see today. The second season of Arrow certainly made 23 episodes seem like a breeze. What’s funny is that as I watch The Flash sprint through a thoroughly entertaining first season, I’m seeing numerous parallels between Barry and Clark’s journeys.

I’ve come to believe The Flash is Smallville reborn. Here’s why:

  • Accidental abilities: Smallville was rocked by a meteor shower that gave the small town’s residents a crazy collection of powers and deposited a new hero in their midst. The particle accelerator designed by Harrison Wells exploded and rained down abilities on Central City’s best (Barry) and worst (pretty much everyone else).
  • One at a time: We’ve watched Barry slowly uncover the extent of his powers this season. We know more are on the way. Reminds me of the big reveal before each season of which super power Clark would be developing that year. (Never flight, sadly.) 
  • Unrequited love interest: Barry loves Iris West, who’s dating Eddie Thawne, the pretty boy detective everyone loves. In Season 1 of Smallville, Clark loved Lana Lang, who was dating Whitney Fordman, the pretty boy quarterback everyone loved.
  • Tugging on the geeky heartstrings: With his true love unavailable, Barry has developed a simmering romantic connection to Felicity Smoak, the adorkable computer whiz from Starling City. Clark tread the same path in Season 1 and beyond with his love for Chloe Sullivan, burgeoning master hacker.
  • The mysterious mentor: Harrison Wells is from the future and might be Reverse Flash, Flash’s greatest enemy. (If not, don’t hurt me. I don’t read the comics.) For now, he’s Barry’s mentor at STAR Labs and a trusted ally. Sounds like Lex Luthor, who transformed over the course of seven seasons from Clark’s best friend into his greatest enemy.
  • A father and a dad: Barry was raised by Joe West after his father went to prison for the murder of Barry’s mom. Barry is working to get his father out of prison, but for the time being, he’s only a voice on the other end of a phone. Clark was also reared by an adoptive dad and stayed in touch with an absent father who was only available via a voice in the arctic (also a cave wall).
  • Episodic similarities: Both shows employ the “freak of the week” pattern that Smallville used exclusively its first season. The Flash has done a nice job setting up a season-long arc that ties together separate episodes into a larger narrative. That said, there are some similarities too obvious to miss. Such as:

There’s something magical about damsels held hostage at school.

All it takes is electricity to lose your powers?

Tornado CGI has come a long way in a decade!

There’s bound to be some similarities between Smallville and The Flash since they both take place in the DC Universe. That doesn’t explain the déjà vu I get sometimes watching Barry Allen’s earliest days unfold. I’ve been here before, many years ago, in a town called Smallville.

When people get pissy about Arrow and are saying that Laurel and Oliver are endgame based on the fact that they are together in the comics, you have to keep in mind that not only have the writers/producers said they were going to go in a different direction, but-

The CW has already had a DC television show. (Smallville).

And on that show, there was an Oliver Queen.

He didn’t end up with Dinah (aka Laurel/Sara, aka Canary).

He married and had a son with Chloe Sullivan.

nerdy blonde with crazy computer skills who works as Oliver’s base of operations.